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Krazy 8's Invertebrates (www.krazy8sinvertebrates.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by alidpayne, May 1, 2003.

  1. CCC

    CCC Arachnopeon


    Today I met Chris at a small bug show, got a Hong Kong Giant Centipede, Androctonus australis, and a Buthacus leptochelys nitzani (a very nice greenish scorpion!!) from Chris. I had a great scorpion talk with Chris and gained some knowledge about importing scorpion, very interesting stuff to know!! anyway Chris was very nice and friendly as usual and willing to spend time to chat with people. Remember, when you want some invert and stuff, Krazy 8's Invertebrates is the place you must visit!! Thank you Chris and keep up the excellent work!!!!!!!!!! :clap:
  2. demicheru

    demicheru Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Very nice people, very nice Ts

    I just got an A. seemani on Saturday from Krazy 8's at my school's insect fair. Chris wasn't there, but his wife was very helpful in helping me pick out some T's. She had some really beautiful juvenile C. pubescens and B. auratum, but they were a little too expensive for me. I hesitated when I was deciding, and someone else bought the one A. seemani on display, so I asked if she had any more, and she brought out two from under the table. One was this really nice looking blue/black color so I picked that one.

    It has a really nice temperament and looks amazing under normal light. It wasn't quite the C. pubescens, but it will definitely hold me over until I can get one.

    I will definitely be buying more from Krazy 8's in the future.
  3. cacoseraph

    cacoseraph ArachnoGod Old Timer


    i got a male (er, i think... you know how it goes) Tanzanian Blue Ring Centipede, among other things at the Insect Fair attached to the Cal Poly Pumpkin Festival. The Krazy Lady was very nice. I don't know how she can deal with all those ppl letting their dang little kids grab the bug containers... i would have bitten someone's head off!

    awesome animals, good health and well fed :clap:

    thanks again Krazy 8's
  4. swatc1h

    swatc1h Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Ordered 3 Tanzanian Feather-Tail (Alipes species). Came within 2-3 days (TODAY). And im more than happy cause my shippment came with added bonuss baby tarantula : ) I would highly recommend this service. woOT

    GATORGAR56K Arachnosquire Old Timer


    Chris Young is a great person to deal with. he responds to E-mails quickly and is willing to answer all your questions. i ordered 3 scorpions from him and asked for them to arrive on a specific day and he made sure they came on that day. they all came very healthy and one was even bigger than i expected, which depending on who you are, it could be a plus or minus, bit for me it was a plus. Id reccomend anyone looking to buy inverts online to buy from Chris Young

    REDRUM Arachnopeon

    Talk about customer service!


    I went on a family vacation to Disneyland in CA. and took a cab to some local pet shops around Anihiem to check out some T's and after speaking to the owners at the shops they all told me their T's were supplied by Chris Young from Krazy 8's and the last shop I was at gave me one of his cards. I called (and remember he never met me before)Chris up to see what he had on hand and told him what I was looking for and Chris agrees to come to my hotel (a half hour ride for him) and bring some T's for me to check out. Well bring some T's they did! Chris and Jeane showed up with about 30 T's and both of them were very cool and they were cracking open deli cups and showing me some of the best T's I had ever seen in real life! I ended up grabbing 5 T's from them and really learned alot from them in the half hour I got to spend with them. I asked Chris if he had any smaller deli cups for transporting the T's back home to NH in and he said he should have time to hook up with me to give me some deli cups before my vacation was over. Sure enough Chris gave me a ring the day before I had to leave and said he would drop off the deli cups to me (another half hour drive for him)and he had a few more new T's for me to check out and he and Jeane
    showed up with another load of great T's and I bought 2 more. Not only did they bring me containers to travel with...they packaged all the T's I bought from them (and a few I bought elsewhere) for me so I was ready to travel.


    And remember if your ever at Disney give Chris a call...he does deliver ;)
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2006
  7. tima

    tima Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I recently purchased 2 subadult Avic avics (approx. 3") from Chris. He threw in a Chaco sling freebie (about 1/2").
    Spiders were well-packed; and there were no problems as far as delivery went. When the package arrived, the heat pack was still warm, and the Ts were healthy and active. One of the Avics jumped right out of its vial, and halfway across the room. I'm very pleased with them.
    Communications with Chris, however, were somewhat slower than what I have become accustomed to with other dealers.
    Overall, I was quite pleased with this transaction; and may purchase from Chris again.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2006
  8. darrelldlc

    darrelldlc Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I just bought some scorpions and Tarantulas from Chris here at a local reptile show. This guy is great, I showed up at his table he shook my hand and proceeded to show me some neat scorpions. I asked if he had any more leiurus and he gave me a huge tupperware container and some tongs and said I could look through the box at all the neat scorpions inside. I bought one of the largest deatstalkers I had ever seen that day, as well as two beautiful P. rufilata. Chris had an impressive spread with many neat inverts. When I paid he also honored the "arachnoboards discount". I cannot wait to see what he brings to the ATS meeting this year. Thanks Chris I look forward to dealing with you again.
  9. swatc1h

    swatc1h Arachnobaron Old Timer


    Bought four more CENTS. Overall everything went smooth. Theirs nothing negative from this guy just look at his rep. I'm def gonna make my next purchase again. THANKS MAN
  10. Beardo

    Beardo Arachnoprince Old Timer


    I completed a trade with Chris earlier this month. The box was packed excellently and all of the animals arrived just fine, however both of the scorpions I received from him have died not long after getting them...I have no doubt that the deaths were not husbandry related and that something was wrong with these animals prior to me receiving them. I contacted Chris last week regarding the dead scorpions and I have not heard anything from him yet....on another note, both of the tarantula slings I got from him are doing wonderful.....I would not get scorpions from him again in the future though. Perhaps my experience was a fluke, but I am now out $50 worth of scorpions.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2006
  11. Nich

    Nich Curator of glass boxes Arachnosupporter

    A. amoreuxi

    Just got this beutiful lil gal and am very pleased. He indluded one of my favorite sp. of T (.5") for a freebie and it literally took a baby cricket outta my hand! Very pleased with the transaction. Thanks for the great specimens!:worship:
  12. Scorpiove

    Scorpiove Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Super positive

    I received an order yesterday from Chris. Ordering from the website was very nice and easy, and Chris got my order out fast! When the order came it was very nicely packed with a heat pack to help keep the spider warm. The spider I recieved was a half inch bigger than expected, always a plus when your ordering small ts :D. But the coolest thing, and totally unexpected was the free G. rosea sling! You can never go wrong with a freebie! You can't go wrong ordering from Krazy 8's Invertebrates :D. I will deffinately continue to do business with them! :D
  13. azatrox

    azatrox Arachnosquire

    My order from Krazy 8s

    Just received my order from Krazy 8s (A. australis and L. quinquestriatus) and couldn't be more pleased! I requested young females, and young females is what I received! The bugs arrived extremely well packed and in pristine condition! If you're looking for a bug, then check Chris out! You will NOT be disappointed! Thanks so much Chris!!! {D
  14. Tarantulasse

    Tarantulasse Arachnosquire Old Timer


    Just saw Chris again at the IRBA show in Delmar. Bought a Columbian Giant, Avic avic, and a Rio Grande Gold. Business was great as usual. He is by far the best person to get tarantulas from. My boyfriend and I have been getting T's from him for a couple of years now, probably purchased over 25 species from him, and so far have absolutly no complaints. He has the best variety and some of the best deals. Very honest and likeable person, not hard to walk away after a purchase with Chris with a smile on your face.
  15. Beardo

    Beardo Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Apparently communication is not a strong point for Chris.....I have not heard from him in a couple weeks regarding the dead scorpions I received mentioned in my post aboce. He said he would replace them and give me credit but after sending him PMs and e-mails through this site, I am done waiting to hear from him. I will not do business with him in the future and I will not recommend him to anyone either. Until he can get a better grasp on customer communcation and tying up loose ends, he will not get any support from me. I sent him a perfectly healthy, thriving animal and I got subpar animals and subpar post-transaction service.

    *edit: Chris did refund me the value of the scorpions via PayPal, but it only took a couple of weeks of ignored PMs and e-mails and me posting on here for him to take care of the problem....I doubt it would've been fixed had I not made this public post. Oh well, I'm just glad this ordeal is finished.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2006
  16. senor ocho

    senor ocho Arachnosquire

    I sent a PayPal in the amount of $50.00 to David to cover the losses, despite in his previous email to me stating that I didn't have to replace them; rather he was just bummed that he ran into a bad patch of animals dying.
    Can't win em all.
  17. GQ.

    GQ. Arachnodemon Old Timer

    I picked up a healthy little Avicularia minatrix from Chris at IRBA this weekend. I always look forward to checking out his table. He has a very large selection and often times has multiple sizes of the same species. Somehow my wallet is always lighter when I'm finished visiting. :) Thanks a million for the hookup Chris! See you at the next show.
  18. McBrachy

    McBrachy Arachnopeon


    I picked up some new additions from Chris at the IRBA last weekend. I bought a Columbian Giant and a Rio Grande Gold. Plus my girlfriend picked up a male Avic. We have roughly bought about 25 spiders from Chris. There was only one death and that was my doing. That was a veriscolor sling which I had for a month. It died during a heat wave in which I didn't give it enough ventilation. Of course Chris being the nice guy that he is, gave me half price on a green bottle blue. He didn't need to do that but he did. I enjoy dealing with Chris. He knows his tarantulas and he is very friendly. Plus he has many species to choose from. I will continue to buy T's from Chris and I know I will continue to get great spiders, as well as great service.
  19. WSCJonathan

    WSCJonathan Arachnopeon

    Pretty Good


    I ordered a 2” L. parahybana from Krazy 8’s about three weeks ago and was very happy with my order. The package was well packed and the T’s were in great shape. He even threw in a G. rosea sling as a freebie. I’d recommend Krazy 8’s without and reservations.
  20. ErikH

    ErikH Arachnoangel


    I just got my 1" a. geniculata sling from Chris this morning. Everything was well packed,the spider looks very healthy, and the turnaround time between my order and arrival was less than 36 hours. He even threw in a g. rosea sling as a freebie. He e-mailed my on the status of my order, and told me when to expect delivery. I would not hesitate to do business with him again, and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.