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just a question

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by NightCrawler27, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. NightCrawler27

    NightCrawler27 Arachnoknight

    we was told the female kills the male after breeding ...is this true..no worries everyone.we aint about to try breeding anytime soon ..just want to learn everything...
  2. The Misanthrope

    The Misanthrope Arachnopeon

    Not commonly, but it can and does happen.
  3. Zombie

    Zombie Arachnoknight

    In actuality, it rarely happens....in captivity the conditions can be controlled through proper supervision....it is also species specific, so it depends on what you are breeding.
    Attention to posturing, how the female displays body language, can be a tell-tale sign of her receptiveness.
    It's good to keep a piece of cardboard around when breeding, it can be used to block the female and allow the male to escape if she decides that he would make a better meal than suitor.
    Also, if she becomes irritated after they have locked up, and looks as though she has changed her mind, a pair of chopsticks can be employed to seperate them.

    But, no, it is not the norm for the female to eat the male after breeding.

  4. WayneT

    WayneT Arachnoangel Old Timer

    As was mentioned, it isn't common. I have bred on my own so far, A. aviculaira, G. rosea, andA. seemani, and in the later two, both males were eaten, the rose went after 9 or so successful insertions, and the zebra went after one breed, (and the female is HUGE right now, btw!). The pinktoes sontinuw to co-exsist quite peacefully.