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[Warning] Joe Castenada

Discussion in 'Seller/Buyer/Shop Inquiries/Warnings' started by ButhidaeBomb, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. ButhidaeBomb

    ButhidaeBomb Cant Re-Member Arachnosupporter

    this guy is fraud and is attempting multiple chargebacks through his bank and paypal.

    Joe Castaneda

    XXXX Sw 21st St
    Miami, FL 33145


    on oct 12, 2017, joe contacted me via text message from a classified thread on facebook. he inquired about a few scorpions he was interested in, I gave him prices, all was well. he claimed paypal was giving him problems but would send payment when he could. as agreed, I invoiced him via paypal and soon that I canceled the invoice because he made payment on his own ($370). we were all set to ship. just prior to shipping (oct 16,2017), I texted joe and asked if he wanted to add a special group of scorpions to his order for $50. he agreed. I boxed up his original order plus the $50 add on's and told him that he needed to pay the $50 asap but I would go ahead and send them. a few hours later and after a video he texted me showing him stuck in traffic, he paid. all was well. he received his scorps, texted a picture of him holding my business card and we were good to go.

    a few days later, oct 20, 2017, I shipped off his second order of scorpions that he just had to have. this order was $490. shipped them, he received, and sent me a video of him holding one DOA scorpion. I didn't question him at all. I told him that he would receive a $125 credit on his next order (per my terms). he was good with that.

    now suddenly out of the blue on Nov, 29,2017 I get multiple emails from paypal stating:
    "The buyer reported that someone made the order without their permission.Until this case is closed, we've also placed a hold on the transaction amount.
    The buyer has filed a case with their financial institution for a payment of $50.00 you received on Oct 16, 2017."

    there were multiple messages, each with the corresponding amounts to the above mentioned orders.

    Joe knows what he is attempting to do. he is trying to get his money back ($910) and keep the scorpions as well by claiming someone purchased without his consent. with all the texts, pictures, videos, etc....this is, in my opinion, either buyers remorse or fraud.

    just letting everyone know about this guy. id look out for him if I were you.
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  2. ButhidaeBomb

    ButhidaeBomb Cant Re-Member Arachnosupporter

    sorry for the late reply to the thread. paypal has decided in my favor and awarded all 3 transaction back to me. next is legal steps against this person for fraud. i would avoid Joe Castaneda at all cost of i were you.
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