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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by Thitzuni, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Dizzle

    Dizzle Arachnoknight

    A+, POSITIVE. Just received my starter colony of 115 Blaptica Dubia and they look great! Very healthy and active, no deaths. Will definitely do business again and recommend this seller.
  2. krkspds

    krkspds Arachnopeon

    Positve Dubia Starter Colony

    Great communication. Jeremy customized my order exactly how as I requested. All arrived alive and well. Will definitely do business with him again.

  3. 8Legs8Eyes

    8Legs8Eyes Arachnosquire

    Positive =)

    Jeremy was very quick to reply when I inquired about purchasing a roach colony, and was very friendly and professional as we messaged back and forth. I got into tarantulas about a month ago and realized very quickly I hate crickets and would rather grow my own food. I have five tarantulas, and four of them are 1.5" inches or smaller, so in addition to the 115 count starter colony I also purchased a pack of 50 1/4+ nymphs for an additional $5 to feed them until the colony starts reproducing.

    The shipping came in two days and arrived as a box cushioned inside of another box. I could tell right away from the sound of scratching that the smaller box had them free-roaming, so I opened it up over the container I was using to sort them and shook them out of the box and their climbing material. I sorted them out by hand into the three containers I made for size ranges, and noted sizes as I took them out. Here's what I received so you can get an idea of what to expect:

    From the main box: (5) adult females, (6) adult males, (20) over 1.25 inches, (90) over 3/4 inch, (5) over 1/2 inch, and (5) 1/2 inch or smaller. So that is 20 big ones almost as big as the adults, of which I got an extra male. Out of the 90, most of those were at least one inch. In total, there were 131, which means 16 were thrown in on top of the expected amount, and all but 10 of them were over 3/4 inch.

    From the vial of nymphs: (45) over 1/4 inch and (13) 1/4 inch or smaller. For the vial, there was an extra 8. Total freebies for both sets: 24.

    I thought the price of the colony was already fair, so the freebies in addition to the sizes was very nice. There was also 0 DOA and they all look very healthy. None looked nibbled on or tattered and were all rather fat and juicy. Thank you!
  4. TarantulasWorld

    TarantulasWorld Arachnosquire Arachnosupporter

    Great service, loved my roaches. all around great experience! Keep up the good work Jeremy
  5. Tomoran

    Tomoran Arachnoknight


    This review is long overdue. I purchased a started colony from Jeremy a couple months ago, and it was a perfect transaction. His communication was great, and my roach colony was shipped immediately. When the roaches arrived, they were very well packed and every single one was alive and kicking. They were also quite plump, so you could tell that they were well cared for. Last month, we had our first batch of nymphs, so they are still doing great. I will definitely be buying from Jeremy again. Highly recommended!
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  6. June Jupiter

    June Jupiter Arachnosquire

    Just scored a package of fat juicy 100% alive dubias for my clan. I definitely recommend Jeremy for roaches !
  7. ratluvr76

    ratluvr76 Arachnodemon

    Jerm357 - POSITIVE

    My starter colony of dubias arrived 100 percent alive and healthy. I also ordered an additional 100 1/4 -1/2 inch nymphs. Packaging was awesome. Communication was stellar throughout, from first contact to final delivery confirmation. Jeremy even checked my shipment and noticed they had been registered as delivered and messaged me to check on them.

    I absolutely WILL order from Jeremy in the future and will recommend him to anyone who will listen.
    Thank you for making my first roach purchase a pleasure, Jeremy.

    Till next time,

  8. G. pulchra

    G. pulchra ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Just received a very nice package of dubia's from Jeremy today. All very healthy and ready to go. Quick shipping with great communication.
  9. MagicalLobster

    MagicalLobster Arachnosquire

    Jeremy answered multiple e-mails of mine and shipped the roaches out quickly. There was not a dead roach in the bunch and all are extremely fat. One of the biggest nymphs was almost as wide top to bottom as it was side to side. I'd highly recommend ordering your roaches from him!
  10. gottarantulas

    gottarantulas Arachnoknight Old Timer


    This review is days over due. In short, this was a great transaction! Going down the checklist: 1) Great communication, 2) Great price, 3) Prompt shipping, 4) Great packing and 5) All roaches arrived alive and well.
  11. Dizzle

    Dizzle Arachnoknight

    POSITIVE! Ordered more dubias and came quick and with extras! Big roaches too, honestly one of the best sources for Dubias you can find IMO
    I recently received a starter colony of dubia from Jeremy and they arrived 100% alive and active. Great communication and fantastic packing, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again and would certainly recommend him to anyone. Thanks!
  13. Hapalopi

    Hapalopi Arachnopeon


    Flawless transaction. Received 40 adult dubia, all were alive and healthy. Got a great deal on them and they arrived a day earlier than expected, which was great. I would absolutely buy from Jeremy again!
  14. Beary Strange

    Beary Strange Arachnodemon

    Model Transaction


    Great communication, fast shipping and all roaches arrived safe and sound (and as his ad says, very fat XD ). :coffee:
  15. scott99

    scott99 Arachnoknight


    Fast shipping , great service and all of the roaches were alive and healthy.{D
  16. Acecurls11

    Acecurls11 Arachnopeon

    I received my July 4th celebration breeder starter colony .... they came well packaged, on time, and all alive and fat as represented! I divided the colony up and tested a few with my younger T's ... they were a big hit! Thanks Jeremy for a healthy and fat colony to keep things rolling for the T's and herps :) Great product .. Great communication ... Great customer service ... Highly recommend if you need Dubias!!
  17. gromgrom

    gromgrom Arachnoprince

    Ordered a bunch of dubia and couldnt be happier. Amazing prices, great packing! (So hard to find with people who ship roaches nowdays!) and timely service. I wouldnt hesitate to do business again with Jeremy. (In fact, I did it twice within two weeks!)
  18. Scorpionluva

    Scorpionluva Arachnoangel Arachnosupporter

    I ordered a starter colony of dubias and every aspect of this transaction was Great !!!!!
    0 DOA's , shipped fast + securely all were healthy + lively
    Will definitely be ordering again !!!!!
    Thanks Jeremy :)
  19. EDED

    EDED Arachnobaron Old Timer


    fast replies and turn around time.

    Animals were healthy and arrived alive and well on time

    easy transaction and great service, thank you!
  20. Thistles

    Thistles Arachnobroad


    Roaches got here on time and all kicking - not a single DOA! My tarantulas approve, so I approve. Thanks for keeping my kids fed!