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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by Thitzuni, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Thitzuni

    Thitzuni Arachnopeon

    Positive A+

    I received my starter colony of B. Dubia from Jeremy and what a great colony it is. Not one dead in the whole lot. There was about 20 adult females and about 15 adult males and unlike other sellers all the rest of them were pretty big also. I dont think there were any of them under 3/4" out of the 150.

    Im very happy with my purchase from Jeremy and I would not hesitate to do business with him again. In fact when he gets more roaches Im getting a few more lots from him.
  2. mikem

    mikem Arachnopeon


    Received my starter colony of b dubias from jeremy with no deaths. great packing. good mix of adults and nymphs. really appreciate it! :worship:
  3. adam32

    adam32 Arachnopeon

    Just received my starter colony of B. Dubias from Jeremy (Great Guy)! He shipped as promise, likewise with the size of the Dubias. Will refer this guy to all my friend.
  4. endoflove

    endoflove Arachnoknight Old Timer

    grat shipping and great dubia nice size and quanity great coustomer service highly recomend
  5. BakerTs

    BakerTs Arachnopeon


    Just got some dubias from Jerm357 and I am very pleased. He sent what he described and more. Hope he gets some more in soon so I can order more. Thank you Jeremy
  6. Precarious

    Precarious Arachnopeon

    Holy crap! That's a lot of roaches!

    Plenty of adults of both sexes and lots of sub-adult and nymphs. Overall, larger than I had expected. Very few small babies. All look very well fed and healthy. And, believe it or not, not a single D.O.A.!

    A word of warning: I did not expect them to be loose in the Priority box so be prepared!

    This was a great deal. I highly recommend this breeder. Glad I chose him to buy from.

  7. johnnysocks

    johnnysocks Arachnopeon


    I Ordered Some Dubias from Jerm357. was very pleased. all the dubias were alive, and none of them were under 3/4. all were nice and big even looked like some were pregnant. would definitely do buisness with him again. -John
  8. MichiganReptiles

    MichiganReptiles Arachnobaron

    Positive A+++


    Just received a colony of Dubias from Jeremy. Very impressed with packaging, communication, shipping, and the roaches. Lots of adult pairs. More than I expected! Definitely recommend doing business with him!!

    Michigan Reptiles
  9. Marleysbeard

    Marleysbeard Arachnopeon

    Very Nice

    Just got my roaches today and not one DOA. Shipping was fast and the roaches are healthy and active. Pretty sure got some prego females too.

    Good deal, don't hesitate to buy from.
  10. Faing

    Faing Arachnoknight



    I was getting low on dubias for using them so frequently and I couldn't beat his deal. I'll get them to breed before using so many again.

    I had a lot of TROUBLE with the people who shipped however. Explain to me WHY when he shipped out Monday I didn't get them until today (Saturday)? And then apparently when they arrived (I wasn't here but someone else was) the guy wasn't so happy that the box was 'moving' (I wonder why ??? :evil:). I believe it was a GOOD thing I wasn't here...

    I can say this: I HAD NOT A SINGLE FATALITY. That was, for me, completely awesome and surprising. Thanks Jeremy, his dubias are good and healthy.
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  11. wahjeh

    wahjeh Arachnopeon

    Great Seller!

    Jeremy replied quickly to my inquiry. He shipped immediately. He sent big healthy roaches, including a large over count. In short, he did everything right. I can't suggest a single thing he could improve on. I don't do much online purchasing, so I relied on Jeremy's previous reviews and I wasn't disappointed. Thanks very much for my new pets!
  12. MichiganReptiles

    MichiganReptiles Arachnobaron


    2nd transaction: Bought another 150 large Dubia from Jeremy - we have a lot of reptiles that eat frequently so we needed to get these larger roaches to use as feeders while our colony continues to grow. Again, very positive experience! Prompt shipping, great packaging, big healthy roaches.

    Thanks again, Jeremy!!
  13. J.huff23

    J.huff23 Arachnoking Old Timer


    I just recieved a beautiful T from Jeremy. He was a very nice guy to deal with and his communication was excellent. It was definitly one of the smoothest deals I have had.

    Thanks again Jeremy.
  14. BQC123

    BQC123 Arachnobaron


    I just got my B. dubias fron Jeremy.

    Good looking batch, no DOA's.

    Fast shipping, and excellent communication.

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  15. RichRollin

    RichRollin Arachnopeon


    Jeremy hooked me up with a great price on some dubias, no small ones either they were all close to an inch or bigger.

    Everything arrived alive and kicking, and he kept in touch the whole time.

    Highly recommended, and a good guy to do business with.
  16. Julia

    Julia Arachnobaron



    He contacted me within a couple hours of my PM, had the transaction complete very soon after, and shipped the next day. All roaches in the breeding colony starter pack (100 roaches) arrived alive and looked very healthy. One had apparently even molted in transit!

    Certainly will do business again.
  17. mike w

    mike w Arachnopeon

    Dubia Order

    Received my Dubia starter colony yesterday from Jerm 357. I have to say I am very happy with the purchase!! Great packaging and awesome communication!!! You can't go wrong with any purchase from Jerm357! Thanks Mike
  18. Positive

    Got some roaches from Jeremy today. He replied fast to all of my pms and got the roaches in the mail just as fast, not to mention at an awesome price. Not one dead one in the box when it arrived. Will do business again, thanks.
  19. Armstrong5

    Armstrong5 Arachnosquire


    dubia colony arrived good, comm. good, overall a good guy to do business with. would recommend to all!

  20. mma316

    mma316 Arachnosquire

    Jeremy is the man!

    I just received my end of my trade with him. The T was packaged so good she survived for 4 days in transit. He shipped as promised with no problem, except I wasn't here to retrieve her on the 1st attempt....that had nothing to do with Jeremy. He's a very stand-up fellow that's concerned about what he sends your way. Great job on the transaction as a whole. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again!!!:clap::clap::clap: