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JenniferinNY's Photo thread...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Pictures' started by jenniferinny, Aug 18, 2007.

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    Not many yet, but, I'm sure I'll be adding more.
    A. Avicularia

    A.braunshauseni .5"

    B. smithi 3"
  2. james41777

    james41777 Arachnobaron

    aw.. very cute A.braunshauseni :)
  3. beetleman

    beetleman Arachnoking Old Timer

    :clap: yeah, very nice ts!
  4. ChrisNCT

    ChrisNCT ChrisinTennessee Arachnosupporter

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

    Pretty soon, your wish list will be for real in this hobby!

    ANTHONY.T Arachnoknight

  6. Thanks guys! I'm almost embarrassed to post these pics cause they aren't as good as my camera used to take. Something seems to be seriously wrong with the focus, but, oh well. I'm already shopping for more slings and we just got some last week. {D

    Here's a couple more sling pics.

    Little .75" Grammastola aureostriata

    Little, 1.24" but grossly fat Lasiodora parahybana. At least, I hope that's what it is, but I'm starting to have some doubts.
  7. P. Novak

    P. Novak ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Great little T collection! I think your L.parahybana is in fact a Nhandu spp. of some sort, possibly Nhandu chromatus. Can you get other pictures of it?
  8. Here he is again, not a very good one though. He's acting premolt and holed up right now.
  9. P. Novak

    P. Novak ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Yup I'm definately going with Nhandu chromatus. Oh well, much better IMO :)
  10. 'Mystery Spider' finally molted!
    He's now a sturdier looking 2".
  11. 100% Nhandu chromatus lol
  12. Moltar

    Moltar ArachnoGod

    Looks like N chromatus to me too. In my opinion a more interesting t than parahybana. Not as big but still pretty large and active. Not to mention one of the coolest looking new world t's out there.
  13. Thanks guys! I'm glad to hear I've got something a bit more interesting then just a l. parahybana. He's certainly a lot nicer looking.

    Here's another pet store T I picked up on my way home from work today. I swore I'd never buy another one at a pet shop, but, he was cheap. It's full grown, so I'm assuming it's male as the other two T's they had were males.
    Here's my new little 4.5" A. avicularia .
  14. P. Novak

    P. Novak ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I think you may have actually picked up A.metallica. Sorry again, but can you get some other pics of it?:)
  15. Haha, oh no, not again. Ah well, I don't really care what it is so long as it's not an A. Braunsheii as I already have one of those.
  16. P. Novak

    P. Novak ArachnoGod Old Timer

  17. Finally, a decent mug shot of the new Avic.