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JC <formerly arachneman> (Jean Carlos Velasquez)

Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by MyNameIsYours, Oct 21, 2009.

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    Just completed a transaction with Mr. Velasquez smoothly. Payment was made promptly and he received package with no delays. Thanks! :clap:
  2. clear

    clear Arachnosquire


    Fast payment, easy to work with on shipping. Cant ask for any better!
  3. Goomba

    Goomba Arachnobaron

    Excellent packaging, product just as described, an absolute pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended. :cool:
  4. Weird_Arachnid

    Weird_Arachnid Arachnoknight Old Timer


    I'm kinda late with a review of recommendation :wall:

    Anyhoo, I've purchased a fat/heathy female golden knee from Arachneman. He also included a freebie pinktoe :)

    I plan on buying from him again.

  5. Smitty78

    Smitty78 Arachnobaron


    I received my two T. apophysis today from Arachneman. Communication was great, packaging was superb, and he even threw in a free P. cambridgei female. I will not hesitate to do business with him again.
  6. DansDragons

    DansDragons Arachnobaron


    just received a beautiful female A. metallica and a 3.5" Female OBT freebie from JC. packing, communication and service was great!

    HIGHLY recommended!
  7. maxxx

    maxxx Arachnopeon

    positive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks this is the second trade I did with him alway a good deal , nice healthy T's all the time and a freebie that I did not even know about. Thanks again
  8. Sr. Chencho

    Sr. Chencho Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Jean C. Velasquez

    We just made a trade with J.C. and it was the most pleasant and trouble free experience we've had. He has great packing experience and strives to make the safety of his Ts a priority. We were surprised on his method of our new A. metallica female enclosed tightly in her transit cocoon. A++ The T was in excellent health and bigger than what we expected. He kept abreast of all our PMs and answered immediately. We are looking forward in doing business with this gentleman in the near future. NO SECOND THOUGHTS!!
    Very pleased and thankful members,
    Fred and Sil Ino.
    Encinal, Texas
  9. hassman789

    hassman789 Arachnobaron

    Great!!!!!!!! A++++++++++++

    i just bought a female curly hair from JC and everything was great! the shipping was as expected and and great packing and everything is what he said it was!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! A+++++++++ 10/5:D:D:D:D
  10. Just recieved 10 obt 2nd instars and 1 H. mac along with 3 freebes from JC. packing was great and shipping was on time. Will buy again.
  11. Spunky

    Spunky Arachnosquire Old Timer


    I received a MM P. irminia today. Packing was perfect and heat pack still warm, great communication. Do not hesitate to do business with JC, you will not be disppointed.
  12. Eminator

    Eminator Arachnopeon

    Fast shipping, super spiders, thanks! Highly recommend!
  13. Jc

    just got my mini p.regalis collony today(5--3")
    package arrived earlier than expected, was packed very well, and the size of the Ts was underestimated(more like 4")....
    im so happy...i will recomend anyone to him and jump on any good deals he has in the future!!!
  14. ArachnidSentinl

    ArachnidSentinl Arachnoknight Arachnosupporter

    Positive! *thumbs up*

    I received a 4.5" adult female OBT from JC today. The packaging was great and she was no worse for wear (despite the frigid, icy weather). I would buy from him again in a heartbeat. :clap:
  15. KenTheBugGuy

    KenTheBugGuy Arachnodemon


    Did a trade with him and everythign came in packed well and alive. He communicated well and gave me a good deal. Would not hesitate to deal with him again.
  16. homedude07

    homedude07 Arachnopeon

    a++++ verry positive

    got my end of a trade yesterday from jc...packing was verry good spiders were are lively almost got tagged by the female p.regalis....will defenetly do more buisness wth him again....highlyrecomended:clap:
  17. EDED

    EDED Arachnobaron Old Timer


    nice packing job, I didnt include a heat pack on my end for our trade but he did with an insulated box!

    fast replies and shipped as promised

    will do biz or trades with him again,

    thanks man,
  18. Jilly1337

    Jilly1337 Arachnoknight


    My 2 A. versicolors were just delivered healthy and happy. They were packaged wonderfully. Communication was excellent and the transaction was as smooth as could be. They are a bit larger than the 1" they were described but that's a good thing!!

    I am super pleased and would definitely purchase from JC again!!
  19. miarachnids

    miarachnids Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I recieved my end of a trade with JC. The spider came in well packed and healthy.
  20. WOW
    100% POSSITIVE!!!!
    just got my beauty!!! perfect packing, great communication. wouldnt hesitate to trade with JC again
    thanx man