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Discussion in 'Seller/Buyer/Shop Inquiries/Warnings' started by AF Exotics, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. AF Exotics

    AF Exotics Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Jason Sobek has received over 4600.00 worth of Malaysian Inverts from me,and has failed to pay me within the agreed timeframe.He is now approaching 60 days on the first invoice,and the second is ending the 30 day due date this week.Jason,you have visited this site multiple times this weekend and yet you have failed to respond to my email or voicemail left to you.The next few steps I will employ will have legal ramifications.You have this week to make things right.I expect to be paid,and advise you to do whatever you can to get the funds to me,short of breaking the law.Borrow from family members or whatever you need to do to make this happen .

    I also want to state that I really regret being left no alternative but to place this post here because he will not respond to me.I trusted Jason,and thought he was a good guy.This could've been avoided with any means of communication.

    I want to update this post,as Jason has contacted me.He has offered to work out a reasonable payment plan.I will update this post as things progress,but will not pull this post down,because the event has taken place,and is no longer a matter open for resolution,other than complete payment.I would advise all those reading and watching this thread that we all make mistakes,and it is what we do to correct them,that matters most.Jason it is in your hands now.
  2. Arachnoporium

    Arachnoporium Arachnosquire

    Non-Payment for Shipment which I did not Import Myself

    I will not get into and specifics on this transaction, as this, in my opinion is not a matter for a public forum. I have contacted the seller and informed him that my PC has been down for quite sometime - just as I thought it was back up, something else went wrong. Now that the motherboard, power supply and primary hard drive have been replaced - there should be no lapse in email responses.

    There are many extenuating circumstances - but I choose not to air all details in this forum. This does not apply to all of the Egyptian and African Imports I have just brought in. All other suppliers and foreign exporters I have brought shipments from are aware this is not the case. I assure you this situation will be resolved in an appropriate manner.
  3. AF Exotics

    AF Exotics Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Jason,I was going to let you resolve this without any other response,but this post seems to be inferring that I am at fault or I am suspect in my dealings with you .You make references to single me out,compared to all the other exporters,"that this is not the case".I am probably experiencing something different than them,it's called "non-payment".Do you really want to go this route??I gave you an out,noting and acknowledging that "we" all make mistakes in life.

    I would suggest you stick to your aforementioned plan and not "air" this in public.Your inferences are really quite obvious,and seem to cast doubt towards me.I would think again as to what you are doing.I waited patiently,and I still am.Your lack of response,both over the phone and the computer cannot be excused away,because I watched your activity here over the weekend on this very forum,and that would suggest you had access to a computer.This was the breaking point for me.I even awaited a phone call from a mutual friend we share,and I didn't make any move until hearing back from him today.Now I will step back and allow you the freedom to handle this correctly,and be smart and refrain from the subtle,yet apparent inferences.Respectfully,Marcus Quesada .
  4. Arachnoporium

    Arachnoporium Arachnosquire

    End Of Public Discussion

    I will not respond on this forum, as they may "presumed" inferences. I will contact you and spare any details, as they may be misinterpreted as inferences. I do not feel this is the place - albeit an attention grabber, however I felt I had no choice but to reply to a thread containing my name. I hope there will be no further discussions and the last thing I seek is a public argument citing details as I see them. I hope we can put this to bed publicly and work this out in in a mature fashion.
  5. Botar

    Botar Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Had you maintained contact, or even returned calls/emails, you would not be in this situation. I'm still patiently waiting for some explanation from you as well in regards to our business dealings. I fail to see how you can blame Marcus for bringing the problem here, when that seems to be the only way to get you to respond. I feel partially to blame here as I vouched for you with Marcus. A little communication goes a long way. If you would have liked for Marcus to handle this outside of a public forum, then you need to open the lines of communication. My patience is wearing thin at the moment, so a phone call to me would most likely avoid a similar situation as you are trying to correct here. Now you have advanced notification on top of unanswered emails and phone messages.

    Last edited: Oct 16, 2007
  6. Botar

    Botar Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I feel a need to clarify a bit

    Seeing as most people do not really know my involvement in this situation, I feel I should clarify a bit. Both Jason and Marcus are good friends of mine and I would trust either of them with the keys to my house. In fact, Jason has even spent a week with me on two separate occasions here helping me unpack shipments. So when this all came about, I felt a little personal obligation to try to set things right. I was unable to reach Jason and he had not responded to my attempts to reach him. Marcus, knowing my friendship with Jason, had held off on making any posts until after the weekend to give me an opportunity to work things out. Once the weekend had passed, he made his post.

    I have since spoken with Jason and there are extinuating circumstances that do not involve Marcus or their business dealings. I've told Marcus that I had every confidence that he would be paid and I still do. I cannot clear Jason from blame in the communication breakdown, but I will say I'm confident Jason is not a scammer. He got himself behind the eightball and now he's going to pull it together and rectify the situation. People make mistakes. It's how they correct the mistakes that matter.

    Jason is an extremely knowledgeable and genuinely nice person. I've worked closely with him in starting his business. I wouldn't expect anything other than professional results in dealing with him and I'd hate to see this effect his business. If I felt he weren't someone to be trusted, I would say so here and now. I hope he takes this experience and turns it around as a positive.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2007
  7. Arachnoporium

    Arachnoporium Arachnosquire

    Just a word of thanks ...

    Thanks for those words ...
  8. AF Exotics

    AF Exotics Arachnosquire Old Timer


    JASON HAS STILL NOT SENT ANY PAYMENT.He has promised multiple times and yet to deliver .I have offered him a reasonable payment plan instead of asking for the full amount due,and he has failed to send the first 460.00 .JASON was referred to me as a good guy to deal with .He is not .At this point he has failed to be honest and responsible .He is a THIEF and a LIAR until he proves otherwise .I will be now forced to contact his local authorities ,among other entities that will be notified .Thanks alot Jason .
  9. Arachnoporium

    Arachnoporium Arachnosquire

    Gloves off Marcus. Perhaps you should take Arachnida 101 before importing Theraphosids under false or unknown ID's for astronomical prices. What is your return policy as I will not sell anything under a false or improper ID. You send me 15 Ornithoctonus aureotibialis hooked out, bulbous palp and near/long dead males labeled as Lampropelma violaceopes and then ask $60 each. I also did not get these prices until weeks later - you are a reptile guy - not an arachnid guy, you are afraid of spiders and 4" Theraphosids came in 2oz plastic ramekins with fly larvae as you are an arachnophobe and are unable to properly ship them - nor ID them. However you are quick to demand a ridiculous price. I will not sell anything until I can receive a proper ID - I don't think anyone on this forum would buy a nearly dead male Ornithoctonus aureotibialis for $60. Stick with your reptiles - at least you know what you are selling and you are not afraid of them.

    Analogy: Expecting an albino ball python morph and getting the Petco variety - only worse.

    Last edited: Oct 30, 2007
  10. AF Exotics

    AF Exotics Arachnosquire Old Timer

    If The Stock Was So Terrible,send It Back,or Why Would You Even Take A Second Shipment,and Also Be Hounding Me For A Third Shipment Until I Decided Against Sending You A Third Shipment .you Have Proven Yourself Openly,who,and What You Are....a Thief And A Liar .you Are Looking For Excuses.you Owe Me Money.plain And Simple.you Can Send Me The Stock Back,i Have No Problem Taking It Back.put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

    Two Questions....why Want More If You Were Unhappy,why Is This The First Place And Time That You Now Mention This??????

    I Have Nothing To Hide,i Haven't Stolen From Anyone.it Was Good Enough For Botar To Sell,wasn't It.you Simply Made Some Bad Decisions And Gambled On Getting A Loan,that Fell Through.bad Business Practices.plain And Simple.you Know I Have Received Several Pm's That Are Less Than Flattering Of You,from Members Of This Board,who Are Complete Strangers To Me.i Have Also Received Several Solicitations For Business Too.i Will Not Betray Those Persons Confidence,as They Do Not Want To Get Mixed Up In This.i Am A Man Of My Word.

    Jason,you Are At Wrong Here,but Your Feeble Attempt To Come Here And Discredit Me Is Simply The Act Of A Desperate Man.good Luck Jason .i Will Recover My Funds Legally,as They Are Legally Owed To Me .
  11. AF Exotics

    AF Exotics Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Sorry for the caps,I tried to type in caps to get a point across .
  12. AF Exotics

    AF Exotics Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Jason,you also forgot to mention my 5 days of health I offer for my shipments .I have your emails of DOA counts which were typically under 5% .?????, any comment in those emails would've been clearly stated if you were unhappy .You know there isn't though .Complain all you want,this is simply a smokescreen for you.You owe me money,that's all there is here .
  13. senor ocho

    senor ocho Arachnosquire

    I have received 3 different shipments from Marcus, the last being a 300 piece shipment that was given to me at the Sacramento Reptile Show. All have been the cleanest wild caught specimens that I have encountered.
    I have been in the "game" professionally since 1999. I have seen more flakes, cheats, scam artists, and boneheads that call themselves importers than I can even squeeze out of my melon's memory tanks. Upon personally meeting Marcus at Sacramento, I knew he was not one of these. It went so well that I have another 250+ shipment from him waiting for me in San Jose this weekend, and another a week or two later.
    He is straightforward, honest, and stresses communication. Which, I appreciate, as in this manner there can exist no ambiguity. Herman Melville he ain't.
    His guarantee policy is unheard of in the realm of importers. I mean, 5 days after receipt? Most importers give you one day upon receiving the box, if you're lucky. His prices are fair, his stock clean, and he has told me repeatedly that if I have been less than satisfied with ANYTHING, that he would make it right. His payment terms are equally fair, and are well-defined.
    I have received a few species with questionable ID, but that's partly why I do this. I want new species, and I like the challenge of species ID. As far as deliberately being sent the wrong species, for me, it hasn't happened. And if it were to occur, Marcus would make it right.
    I trust Marcus, he is a business asset, but mostly, he has become a friend.
  14. KenTheBugGuy

    KenTheBugGuy Arachnodemon


    Jason I have no beef with you but I know how webstrucks stock is. There are times, like with any wild caught animals, that an animal will die. I have purchased many inverts from Marcus and have never had any problems. Not too say that I have not lost anything but he was always glad to replace it if I informed him within the 5 days. 5 days is usually plenty of time to know if an invert has problems. His animals are actually very healthy from what I have seen of wild caughts before from other importers and my own imports that I do.

    If you talk to Marcus and something is mislabled and let him know right away he is happy to exchange, replace or refund the money for the animal. He is easy to work with but you have to talk to him and be up front from the get go with him. He has never cheated, argued or given me any other problems with anything I have purchased from him.

    Some of his stuff is rare and does not come in often so you will have to pay higher prices but you usually can get your money back and much more when you sell that animal.

    As to fly larva if the animal dies and sits out for any length of time flies will find thier way in and infest the already dead animal but I have never had any inverts from him die because of them being infested to begin with. Like I said I have no beef with you but I do work with Marcus and know that he is a good, legitimate dealer. My dealings with him have always been excellent. I know others that deal with him and have always said good things about his imports.

    Marcus is a good dealer and I am happy to have the chance to buy his imports.
  15. Botar

    Botar Arachnoprince Old Timer

    When dealing with WC imports there are always possibilities of misidentifications and parasites. That is the nature of dealing with WC imports and that is exactly what I told Jason when he began talking of importing WC stock himself. Marcus runs a clean business and has never misrepresented himself or his stock in the previous year and a half to two years I've been dealing with him.

    However, for the sake of argument, it really is of little importance here. The issue at hand is not the value of the stock Marcus supplies, but the fact that Jason owes Marcus money for stock that has been supplied. That has never been denied by Jason as it can't be denied... it's a simple fact. Complaining now is somewhat like buying a car, driving it for 3 months while not making a payment, and then arguing about the quality of the car when you get in trouble for not making your payments. The time to complain about quality was at the time you received the stock. Not at the time the supplier "outs" you for not making payment.

    I was assured on many occasions over the last few weeks that Jason was going to handle this. I've been told on many occasions that Jason intended on making good on our business arrangement which included a good amount of stock forwarded without payment. I've defended Jason on this situation and given him advice on how he should handle it, but it seems he takes my advice and does the exact opposite. The response above was unjustified. Although I'm not one to believe in removing posts, I hope Jason comes to his senses, removes the post, and pays Marcus the money he owes. Put the gloves back on Jason... you are wrong on this one and you know it.

  16. No Issues~EXCEPT...

    I honestly dont have a problem with Jason Either...EXCEPT for a minor one...
    I Ordered a "Camel Spider" From him a while back, The thing Died within a few days of keeping it....Now According to Jason, He was going to replace it with one that he got on his "New shipment" and that never happened...Still hasnt and I've seen nor heard any word from him since...

    Your Buisness dealings are your issue Id agree...But if ya can't Dance when you play the music, Then Sorry...Take Lessons~

  17. Steven Busch

    Steven Busch Arachnopeon


    We don't know Jason but we do know Marcus. We receive the amphibians that he imports. He cares about the animals that he brings in. He is always open to suggestions that make the importation process less stressful. He brings in quality animals and stands behind his products. He has shown himself to be extremely honest and fair in his business dealings. His business policies and practices go beyond industry norms.

    Steven Busch
    Janet Emery
    Yoncalla Frog
  18. Arachnoporium

    Arachnoporium Arachnosquire

    Gloves on ...

    Let's stop this "Jerry Springer" crap. I am not speaking out of anger, but out of sophistication. I have imported plenty of Arachnids, and the most recent import has taught me much about importing. I will now import captive bred and Egyptian species only (not a stab at Marcus - just a fact) - as I have dealt with two true professionals - one in Egypt and another in South East Asia.

    I will always stick to my ... as you call it (Charlie) "purist" morals and place my livestock and species preservation above my profits. I will just be more wary of where my stock is coming from and by what means it was collected (responsible or irresponsible) - does one really care for the species they are importing/exporting or passing off. I use no cerated edge knife in my words, Charlie knows where I stand on this - and why I got into this business.

    Charlie - I still consider you a dear friend and I have a place in my heart for you, Emma and Misty - I always will - we had some great times together. The situation will be mended, and my words will not be harsh. I apologize for the previous words spoken in anger - but I will not remove them - that was where I was in that place in time. I have seen you (Charlie) in bad places with much anger and yes, you may have held it back from the key board better than I did. "G*ddmn*t"!!! =) Sorry, but I still must laugh - as I still use that word too much. All will be well and good.
  19. Arachnoboards

    Arachnoboards Arachnoboards Team Staff Member

    This is NOT the review forum. And it most certainly is NOT a discussion forum. It is the Inquiry/Warning forum. If anyone has a review to post, then post it in the proper place or it WILL be removed.

  20. AF Exotics

    AF Exotics Arachnosquire Old Timer

    No payment,no contact,no correspondence whatsoever.Jason you can take all the little subtle digs at me you want.Means nothing to me when you're not man enough to talk over the phone or respond to an email.You're real brave here though.Since this is where you manage to have courage,answer a question for me...Where is my money??????????????
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2007
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