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J & T Reptiles and Exotics AKA Snakecollector (John Anderson) (www.reptilesandexotic.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by paulatpetshop, May 21, 2009.

  1. ezberserk

    ezberserk Arachnopeon


    This is my first transaction with John and i'm very impressed! Gave me a heck of a deal, communication was quick, and packaging was excellent. Will do business with again. Thanks!
  2. sfpearl300z

    sfpearl300z Arachnoknight

    100% positive

    I picked up some T's and scorp's from John and Tracy this weekend at the Orlando Repticon and I couldn't be more happy. I picked up 2 versicolor slings, a A. urticans juvi, and a desert hairy and emperor for a friend who is new to the hobby... got a great deal on all! T's are all webbing their new homes, and the scorps are doing their thing. Very healthy animals.

    Only regret I have was not budgeting myself to include the blue fang they had!


  3. axbrown

    axbrown Arachnopeon

    Recieved an immature female OBT the other day, she showed up just fine even with 2 day shipping :) She's beautiful, fast, and mean as hell lol. I was even lucky enough to get her a week after her last molt :D

    POSITIVE +++++++++++++
  4. BakerTs

    BakerTs Arachnopeon


    Just completed a trade and a purchase with Snakecollector (John). Everything went smoothly. The Ts where packed perfectly and the Emperors I purchased where monsters. Thank you John.
  5. ranchulas

    ranchulas Arachnobaron

    Got my new GBB slings today!! All were great and ate within hours of unpacking. Thanks John! Even threw in a freebie P. Ornata...:razz:
  6. BlueFang

    BlueFang Arachnopeon

    VERY positive!

    Bought a few spiders from John and unfortunately one arrived DOA despite a fabulous packaging job. It does happen, no matter how hard we try to avoid this during shipping.
    John didn't hesitate a second to replace the deceased spider with a replacement from his own private collection. That alone speaks volumes.
    The replacement spider arrived today, within the same week of the initial package, in great shape and very healthy.
    Thanks, John!
  7. kanito107

    kanito107 Arachnosquire

    just got a package from john, the packing job was exelent, i do thave to wonder how he got that trapdoor spider there, he packed so i was able to see it on the vial, idk if it was done for that purpose since you dont see these spider their whole lives! but it was exelent job, the obt was alive and healthy ,
    good job, i will definately order from him again! 100%
  8. Redfield

    Redfield Arachnopeon

    Just got my package today containing a cobalt blue sling. Great packing, great little tarantula. 100%

  9. kiffnie

    kiffnie Arachnosquire Old Timer

    great experience

    Just completed another great transaction with John and Tracy. Centipedes we received were big, fast, and FAT. Will be doing more business with them in the future!
  10. snakecollecter

    I recieved my order today and everything was perfect. packaging was great, the products were great and best of all the communication was great. I would do buisness again and again. Thanks alot
  11. snakecollecter

    I did another trade and once again I am happy with the order. Everything arrived nice and healthy and the communication and packing was great. Thanks Again
  12. praetorian2150

    praetorian2150 Arachnoknight

    I just received my package(desert hairy, plus 2 C.gracillis) and everything went perfect. great communication, order process, shipping and receiving.......all spotless. I'm also enjoying my freebie :) Will do business again
  13. Positive

    Just bought some scorps from John, and I would definatly do buisness with him again. Everything went smothly with great communication from John, sent great notifications and pics on request. when the scorps showed up, they were all healty, nicely packaged, and he even added a extra just in case of a DOA.
    Great guy and I would buy or trade again with him in the future.
  14. Terreant

    Terreant Arachnopeon


    Just got my female b. smithi and a free Albopilosum sling (tiny and quick!) The Smithi I have named Gigabyte and she is beautiful. Within 10 mins of checkin her new home she had found her hide and is resting well. A+ :D

    A+ for answering a ton of newb questions quite late at night before I bought them too. Thank you very much!
  15. Ralph_moore84

    Ralph_moore84 Arachnobaron


    I recieved my end of a trade today.Everything arrived alive and well.He was very generous at what all he sent me.I have to say I am very pleased with everything.Packing and communication was excellent.I would highly recomend him to anyone.Thanks again
  16. BakerTs

    BakerTs Arachnopeon

    Another great transaction!

    Just received my purchase of two albino boas with a free versi and couldn't be happier. The packing was second to none and the boas were as healthy as can be. Thanks again!
  17. Hellion299

    Hellion299 Arachnosquire


    I purchased a HUGE Female P. metallica from John and I couldn't be more happy! He gave me an amazing deal and even tossed in a free Irminia sling. Both her already fed and are as stunning as can be. Packing was the best I have seen a long time. If you are buying Ts, but them from John..........So John what kind of deal are you going to make me on that Female Balfouri? Lol.

    Frank IV
  18. Positive!

    Just completed a trade with John and everything went perfect. He has great communication and he ships when he says he's going to. I'm still sitting here totally amazed at what I have in front of me thanks to John. Overall, I'm very happy with the transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with John again. In fact, I'm already wondering when he's going to put his next ad up with awesome spiders! Thanks again, John. It was a pleasure.

  19. Bugs In Cyberspace

    Bugs In Cyberspace Arachnodemon Old Timer

    John gave me a great deal last time on a bulk purchase, so I went back for another round. I ordered two species totaling 40 bugs. Wow, 50 perfectly healthy ones have just arrived! He answers my PM's immediately and stayed in touch about the weather conditions as we selected the best time to ship over the course of a couple of weeks. Thanks again, John!
  20. JayMadison

    JayMadison Arachnosquire


    Great guy to work with, very responsive. I would totally do business again. Got a really great T and he included a free sling :)