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Is this enclosure ok?

Discussion in 'Vivariums and Terrariums' started by Jxsph, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Jxsph

    Jxsph Arachnopeon

    So this is my second enclosure :happy: pretty happy about but kinda worried o_O
    It houses my 6cm G.Pulchripes! Size and all are ok I use coco peat (or pheat I dunno sorry)
    Created a man-made cave/hide.
    He/She likes it and all but Im kinda worried about the humidity and moisture :(
    Since Im not experienced on terrarium making I just want some suggestions or corrections.
    Btw I do a little misting or watering in the plant every 2 days or so :)
    All inside are natural including the clean and dried up branch :):)
    Please end help :drowning::dead::(

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  2. WeightedAbyss75

    WeightedAbyss75 Arachnoangel

    Do you have a terrestrial hide? Since it's a G. pulchripes, you may want to lean one of those pieces of bark on the ground so that it can burrow under the bark. Setup now looks my P. cam's :D Other than that, I love the look of it. The plant to to the right looks great, just make sure it doesn't get too moist. Grammostola for the most part don't like a lot of humidity :)
  3. Rob1985

    Rob1985 This user has no status. Old Timer

    I'd ditch the real plants. G. pulchripes like it dryer and the plants might die because of the need for frequent watering and your T will not care for the humfity and wet substrate. Just go with a piece of a cork bark or a smaller clay flower pot as a hide, fake plants, water dish and you'll have a happy T.
  4. Jxsph

    Jxsph Arachnopeon

    I have! Its just that she blocked it o_O
    Pre-molt I guess :happy: I just made a round cardboard then woodglued substrate in it :happy:
  5. Jxsph

    Jxsph Arachnopeon

    I dont water them in a daily routine :happy: my grandma said I could mist it once or twice a week :)
    And since I live in warm climate (Philippines) water gets try a little fast:nailbiting: so I think that misting or watering it once or twice a week is good and all :headphone:
    But still! Thank you so much! ;):happy:
  6. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer


    I wouldn't be surprised if you developed mold pretty soon. G pulchripes don't require such levels of "rain", clearly your plants do, which end up being a pain as Ts end up digging them up etc. Visually the setup looks nice.