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is this correct...?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by jellybean, Dec 7, 2008.

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    i read online the other day,that in between moults you should clean your spider with a soft paintbrush or a damp cottonbud on their rumps.
    is this true? i dont want to go doing it unless i check with you guys on here as i have only ever seen it on that site and never read about doing it anywhere else, i cant remember what site it was either to give you the link
  2. PsychoSpider

    PsychoSpider Arachnoknight

    No that is not correct.Do not do that.It could hurt the tarantula and it would stress it.
  3. ReMoVeR

    ReMoVeR Arachnodemon

    wow where did u read that ? o_O
  4. Kacey Jennings

    Kacey Jennings Arachnosquire

    Agree with chicken

    For one you wi9ll add undue stress to your T. A T is perfectly capable of cleaning its self if needed. The T will slip out of its cuticle when it molts, so i do not know how something on it (dirt for example) would effect it, unless what ever is on it is noticeably irritating the T, which I have never seen.
  5. NixHexDude

    NixHexDude Arachnoknight

    Yeah I'd be curious as to where you read that. If you do that to a NW T you're likely to end up with lots of hairs getting kicked in your general direction. Probably just really piss off an OW T. But yeah uneccessary stress and possible injury to the animal.
  6. cool. thanks guys. i havnt done it, but was worried that i wasnt looking after her properly by not doing it. ive seen ehr clean herself so when i read that i was really surprised. thought it best to check on here before i did anything.
    thanks again