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Is this a good price?

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by scolex, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. scolex

    scolex Arachnoknight

    I just picked up a S. heros at the Sac show in CA. I paid $30 is this a good deal?

    This setup should be fine too right? There is more open space, just dirt in the front just can't see from the angle..

    here are the pics...

  2. PoPpiLLs

    PoPpiLLs Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I would have paid that much i seen for sale for $40-$70 and you setup is looks good to.
  3. KyuZo

    KyuZo Arachnoprince Old Timer

    that sounds about right. that's usually the least that they'll go for, most of the time a little more.
  4. ranchulas

    ranchulas Arachnobaron

    Yeah the cheapest I have ever bought them for was $19 each. Some dealers ask $25-70 depending on size! Not a bad price. These are my favorite pede's. Nice setup.
  5. german shepard

    german shepard Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Good price

    Thats a pretty decent price for Heros Castinecips. It all depends on the timing, believe me I have been lucky a couple of times and missed out as well. At a show in Arlington, Texas a year or so ago I walked in the door right after it opened and the first table to my left I saw and bought a 8" Heros Castinecips for $25.00. That was a fantastic deal!!!!! The next day I went back and found a 10" Vietnamese Giant for the same price. LUCKY< LUCY< LUCKY. So there's alot of luck involved......Still waiting to walk in on the next show and find the following all for $25.00 as well LOL
    Hardwicki, Mirabilis, Isreal, Maxima, Gigantea etc.....Good Luck and keep plugging away
  6. german shepard

    german shepard Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Got carried away and forgot

    I got carried away with the deals, I honestly forgot why I was gonna post a reply to your thread! WHERE'S THE WATER DISH? Please don't forget to include a water bowl/dish for that great looking Pede! Besides the correct type of bedding, the most important thing to have in there. Good Luck Again, Martin
  7. scolex

    scolex Arachnoknight

    Thanks all

    Thanks all, the water dish is real shallow and you can see it on the bottom left . Good old Exo terra cage, and dish... For the bedding all organic clean/pest free!
  8. peterbourbon

    peterbourbon Arachnolord

    What's that? Do you mean Heteropoda maxima? :)

  9. scolex

    scolex Arachnoknight

    peterbourbon I think he is talking about two diffrent species.. an Isreal, and the Maxima, maybe Heteropoda maxima?.... I don't know Myriapods enough yet...
  10. peterbourbon

    peterbourbon Arachnolord


    Heteropoda maxima is a huntsman spider, that's why I am confused.

  11. german shepard

    german shepard Arachnosquire Old Timer


    They are 2 different Centipede species, I was conducting a "Google search" and found under: India Nature Watch, what appears or looks to be a Hardwicki, named Scolopendra Maxima. Noted colors are red & blue. Also searching under the AB pics section found a Scolopendra Israel, with the beautiful blue's and red's in colloration. Both extremely attractive species. Would love to locate some of the formentioned in my previous thread here in the USA. They seem to be difficult to locate and I am not sure if they have ever been avaliable.....Probably something to look forward to in the future. I hope that cleared that up and thanks, Martin
  12. peterbourbon

    peterbourbon Arachnolord


    "Scolopendra maxima" and "Scolopendra Israel" are invalid species names.

    You can look up the first one here:
    It's just a Scolopendra hardwickei.

    And the one from Israel you mean could be this:

    It's a juvenile speciman of Scolopendra cingulata var. obscuriceps.
    It looks like that when it's adult:

    I keep both - would say that the obscuriceps is even more difficult to purchase - especially in USA.

  13. german shepard

    german shepard Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Greetings back to you from Texas

    Looks like you hit the nail on the head (sorta speak). Those are indeed both of the species I was talking about. I had an idea the Maxima was a misinformed Hardwicki, and the Israel looks the same only a little lighter in the blues. Probably because thats a younger pede. Thanks for clearing that up!
    By the way what parts of Germany are you located? Many years ago my father was in the Air Force and we were stationed in Germany. Bitburg, Ramstein and Sembach. I attended High School at Baumholder. have fond memiories of your country and especially the trips down the Rhine river.... LETS NOT FORGET THE GREAT WINE!!!!!Pomfrits, Bratswurst, Brochen etc...probably misspelled a word or 2 sorry!
    Take Care and have a great day, Martin
  14. I would just like to point out that IME exoterra is not worth a plug nickel for centipedes.
    Small peeds like your can probably get out thru the vent holes in the front or thru the slots in the top where hoses are supposed to go.
    Just an escape waiting to happen if you ask me ...
    ANYWAY your peed looks to be around 4-5" maybe???
    pretty thin looking yet. SO i would get it in a rubber maid container or something. you wont even need a lid to keep it in there. just be sure the sides are not too low. and don't build it up so high for it to get out.
    ALSO I find these in the wild under rocks, and in cracks in bedrock. HINT HINT.
    If you keep them too moist they get foot rot. to dry they dehydrate. I generally keep them dry except for a water dish and a little dampness under the rock.
  15. SAn

    SAn Arachnobaron

    Only a pede the size of an otostigmus pedeling could go out of the vent holes and that would have to happen if you put 10 cm of soil to even reach it.
    Plus the cable holes do close.

  16. they close but leave an opening. also the vent holes are plenty large enough for a castaniceps to escape from just ask my 4" one if you can find it lol not only that the doors do not always meet tightly and another place for it to escape.
  17. SAn

    SAn Arachnobaron

    Maybe your cage has a flaw? I got 8 and i consider them the safest cages.
    And seriously vent holes are like 1mm wide from inner side. Maybe you have a few broken?
  18. i consider them to be useless for pedes. not to mention they are not shaped properly for them either. BUT then again I do try to put them as close as to how i found them as possible. Like under a rock lol
    but hey. No there isn't a flaw in it just that they are not made for things like centipedes lol