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is my little p metallica in premolt?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Rocky, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Rocky

    Rocky Arachnopeon

    I bought a P metallica from a breeder a little over a week ago and I cant seem to get this little guy to eat. of course the fact its not molted in my care and the fact its my first expensive rare t this brings extra concern. I think its in premolt but I'm not sure its colors are real dark. can anyone help me confirm this. he hasn't ate in my care yet so ive tried prekilled crikets, fruit flies and even live crickets about pinhead sized if not.
  2. Rocky

    Rocky Arachnopeon

    This is a pic of the little guy. 20170617_133157.jpg
  3. Anoplogaster

    Anoplogaster Arachnobaron

    Could be. The abdomen is looking a bit ripe. But it might also just be acclimating. A week is nothing. I wouldn't worry just yet. The main thing is body condition. As long as it's still plump, you're ok:)
  4. Venom1080

    Venom1080 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Can you post a pic of the whole cage? What kind of substrate is that? Is there a water dish at all?
  5. Rocky

    Rocky Arachnopeon

    the substrate is cocofiber, yes there is a bottlecap in there full of water. its in a deli cup with a bark up tall. I keep the substrate fairly dry but keep water in its enclosure. its highly active and seems quite healthy. just doesn't seem to want to eat anything and is quite dark so I figured premolt but wasn't sure. ive had spiders for many years and just really got into ts about a year ago but as far as husbandry goes he should be fine.
  6. Rocky

    Rocky Arachnopeon

    Here's a better pic of enclosure like I said I keep it fairly dry but water one edge time from time. also his abdomen and thorax are dark but its kinda been that way since I got him. hes a sling about an inch or so. hes still quick like a p metallica but for the most part is pretty chill its been about 2 weeks since I got him.

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  7. Anoplogaster

    Anoplogaster Arachnobaron

    Could use some cover to hide in. If the spider doesn't feel secure, it may cause it to refuse food.
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  8. Trenor

    Trenor Arachnoprince

    I wouldn't be worried after a week. Your T has a nice plump abdomen. Keep it fresh water and give it time to settle in. I usually try to add more cover for my arboreal Ts though the poecs usually ignore it for dirt curtains hides.

    Here is what my typical 32oz deli enclosure looks like.
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