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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

  1. Grekel

    Grekel Arachnopeon

    Green Bottle Blue
    Mexican Redknee
    Curly Hair
    Socotra Island Blue Baboon

    Mexican Redknee is bigger, the rest all smaller in Exo Terra Medium containers
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  2. RobertJ1

    RobertJ1 Arachnopeon Classifieds User

    Hey all,

    Definitely not new to the hobby nor am I new to this forum. I'm just coming back after a long hiatus due to family losses.
  3. Androxian

    Androxian Arachnopeon

    Tampa, FL
    Hello all. I’ve been infatuated with tarantulas for about two years now and finally took the plunge into the hobby about a week and a half ago. I started with a B. albopilosum then three days later, managed to snag an A. seemanni for a really great price. So I now have two T’s, both of which are on my profile should you care to look at them. I’m absolutely enjoying caring for them and hope to get more when I get more space!
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  4. Aeternum

    Aeternum Arachnopeon

    Hi fellow keepers!

    My name is Arwin, I'm 24 years old from the Philippines. I started keeping inverts earlier this year(mostly TS).

    I started out with 3 new world spa, and now I've got 14(4 ow and 10 nw) plus 6 scorpions (level 3 venom below).

    I'm planning on expanding my scorpion collection so I'll need some advice from you guys :)

    Also, it's hard to find scorpion sellers here in the Philippines, so if you know someone, I'd like it of you can help me out ;)

    Happy keeping everyone!
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  5. Jason La Porta

    Jason La Porta Arachnopeon

    Hey Guys!

    My Name is Jason, im 30 from the gold coast Australia. I started keeping Ts only recently but since i started i cant stop and have absorbed so much information and studied up on all the species, i find them so fascinating!!!

    My First T was a Selenotholus SP Kotzman Sling. Since that i have added.

    1 x Phlogius sp Kuranda sling
    2 x Phlogius sp Proserpine slings
    1 x Phlogius sp Stent sling
    1 x Female Adult Selenotypus
    1 x Selenotypus SP2 sling
    1 x Selenotypus SP Apis Creek sling
    1 x selenotypus SP Champagne Robustus sling

    I absolutely love my Ts and put a lot of care and effort into making sure i am doing everything correct! i cant wait to get more!
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  6. Rio Ferdinanto

    Rio Ferdinanto Arachnopeon

    Hi all! greetings from Indonesia..

    my name is Rio and i'm looking for some information about this Tarantula hobby.
    hope that i will learning a lot from this forum.

    and is there any information about seller that can ship T worldwide to jakarta INDONESIA?

    thankyou before.

  7. Kosal

    Kosal Arachnopeon

    Hello everybody!

    I'm new to the hobby and I started with a H. Petersii, I hope to learn many new things here on how to care for these magnificent animals

    Ciao! :D
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  8. Omacwilliams

    Omacwilliams Arachnopeon

    Hi, my name’s Elliott and I am new to the hobby. I am in the process of transforming a 16x20 building in my back yard into my animal kingdom. I have my mind made up about several species I want and have done a lot of research. Looking to connect with others in the hobby.
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  9. Arachnathulu

    Arachnathulu Arachnopeon Active Member

    Hey everyone, been in the hobby for about 4 months. Breeder near me said this was a good forum, so I decided to join. Thanks for having me.
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  10. Hi folks. Looking for Brachypelma in Northern Ontario. Got my 1st B. smithi in 1983. Kept a number of common species over the years. Re-located and would like to get back into the hobby. Leaning towards getting five slings of the same species with the hope of getting at least one nice female. Thought I'd join the Canada sub-forum and see what's out there.
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  11. CreepinItReal

    CreepinItReal Arachnopeon

    Hey y'all,

    My name is Joanna and I've owned Ts off and on since I was a kid. Just got back into the hobby recently - bought a P. Sazimai sling in March of 2019. Excited to acquire more Ts in the near future and give them good lives. I'm here to network, learn, and just to have a reliable resource to tap into whenever I have questions, concerns, thoughts, or curiosities about my Brazilian Blue (and future Ts I own) or Ts in general.

    I'm excited to be a part of this community of fellow Tarantula connoisseurs! Spiders in general are underappreciated and irrationally feared by most in our society. The spiders can't help the way they look! ;) Plus, they really do help us by eating the dangerous insects and controlling bug populations. I'm always happy and relieved to meet people who respect and appreciate our 8 legged friends, so that's also a big reason as to why I am here. Thanks for having me and I look forward to everything Arachnoboards has to offer! :happy: Oh, I've also included a picture of my P. Sazimai here too. Her name is Freya (I name all my Ts after either fictional/non-fictional kings/queens or gods/goddesses.

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  12. satinangora

    satinangora Arachnopeon

    Just recently got into the hobby!

    1x Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens sling
    1x Brachypelma Albopilosum sling
    1x Grammostola Porteri sling
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  13. OgreFace

    OgreFace Arachnopeon

    Hi, my name's Tanya and I'm new to the forum but been keeping true spiders for a few years now. I mainly keep Salticids and Deinopis with the odd orb and wolf thrown in. Looking forward to participating in this forum :happy:
  14. disentomb

    disentomb c u r s e d Arachnosupporter

    LI, NY
    Hi all! Been lurking on the boards for a while now and finally decided to make an account; I'm still pretty new to the hobby and have a small (but amazing) collection of tarantulas but have been fascinated by the creatures since I was a kid. My first tarantula was my adult female Davus pentaloris who is an absolute sweetheart as long as you're not her food! Looking forward to continuing to learn and collect these breathtaking creatures with all of you.