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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

  1. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    There is a classified section here on AB. Its full of dealers and breeders. All sellers here must have a review page, so its easy to buy with confidence. We have a lot of great sellers here.

    Welcome to the boards.
  2. velvetunderground

    velvetunderground Lobopro Arachnosupporter

    Already made a few posts but I'd better do one of these...

    Kept a couple of species of arachnids, insects and other inverts the past, as well as brackish-water fish and some lizards.
    Getting back into invert keeping after almost a decade with only a single tortoise and a couple of onycophorans.

    I'm hoping to keep a small number of species of arachnid, myriapods and other inverts in naturalistic setups and hopefully breed them successfully :)

    I'm currently keeping:
    Heterometrus sp. (Forest Scorpion)
    Damon medius (Whipspider)

    I'm currently awaiting:
    Epiperipatus barbadensis (Velvet Worm)
    Peripatoides novaezealandiae (Velvet Worm)
    Grammastola rosea

    I'm currently setting up for:
    Carcinoscorpius rotundicaudata (Mangrove Horseshoe Crab)

    I'll be sure to post updates on any projects I'm working on whenever I can! Look forward to being a part of Arachnoboards :)
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  3. brian petersen

    brian petersen Arachnopeon

    Hi All. I used to have a couple of Grammostola rosea and an undetermined species of scorpion found in utah. I have been missing keeping Arachnids and am going to get back into it. I have not determined yet what species of T to get. I figure I will check out some of the threads and maybe get a better idea.
  4. Kasey412

    Kasey412 Arachnopeon

    Hi everyone, I'm Kasey. I've been reading the boards for a while now, decided to register a week or so ago. I'm a total noob, trying to prepare as best I can for my first T (technically second, if you count the unfortunate incident when I was 7 years old and my mother let me walk out of a pet store with a A. Avicularia. )

    I pride myself in being a loyal reptile girl, but... I've wanted a tarantula for a years, and I think the time is right. I have the proper space, my kids are now teenagers, doing their own thing, and I'm able to have something for myself.

    Not looking to acquire a collection, I'd just like one, maybe someday two, to enjoy and provide with a long healthy life ... so that's me! Here for the education, and hopefully soon I will be able to join the discussion as a proud Tarantula mom
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  5. Milkofcow

    Milkofcow Arachnopeon

    Hey all, newb here. Was looking for imput on a T that's acting strange. I'll find the right area to post but was looking for help.

    Nice to meet you all!
  6. RikkiStar

    RikkiStar Arachnopeon

    Hiya! My name is Shellene (but Rikki is my online tag).

    I’m a 28 year old senior pharmacy technician who has thought I was afraid of spiders for the longest but here I am lurking on your forum and, as of the last couple weeks, doting on my baby Brachypelma albopilosum like a proud mother.

    Needless to say I am very green to the hobby but I have fallen hopelessly in love with these beautiful creatures.

    Aside from working I play a lot of video games and draw lewd and terrible anime/fur art.

    I’m honestly here to learn as much as I possibly can.

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  7. VVSolomon

    VVSolomon Arachnopeon

    Hey all,

    I am a 23yo physical anthropology major and work for a pest control company that participates in Roach Races with Madagascar Hissing Roaches. I'm hoping to find advice and discussion points that I can use during out outreaches and maintaining the roaches at our office.

    I also have my own saltwater tank at home with some inverts, although this probably isn't the site for that.
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  8. ::waves::

    Names Victoria, I'm almost 29. Originally from Dallas, Texas, currently residing in Northridge, California. I work at a drug rehabilitation center. After 10 years in the food industry I decided to change fields. Anyways.. I'm new to the hobby. My brother had two Caribena Versicolors years ago and recently inspired me to get some tarantulas.

    I'm here to learn as much as I can as I've fallen in love with caring for these fascinating creatures. :happy:
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  9. Liganna

    Liganna Lurker Arachnosupporter

    Hey everyone,

    This account is about a decade old and I am amazed I even got into it.

    M name is Jessica from San Antonio, TX. I used to be an avid hobbyist and then children happened and I had sold all my little buddies due to time, but now , after 10 years, I'd love to get back into it.
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  10. Astatine

    Astatine Arachnopeon

    Hi all. My name is Aidan, I'm 22 and from Devon in England. I work in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Recently, out of interest, I've been watching YouTube videos about tarantulas and have decided that they would make the perfect pet for me (obviously, a good starter such as a Grammostola species). They're truly fascinating.

    Hopefully I'll be part of the circuit soon enough!
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  11. spoggy298

    spoggy298 Arachnopeon

    Just wanted to say hello. My name is Steve, and I'm just getting back into the hobby after a 25-30 year absence. I'm in Ohio, and I'll let everyone know what I start back with when I get it, still looking ATM.
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  12. SmolBat

    SmolBat Arachnopeon

    Hi! I'm Sara, will answer to that or "Smol", "Smolson", or "Batty". I've been wanting to get into exotics for a long time (since I was 12, now 29 and finally living the dream!) and ended up starting with Tarantulas because they were the easiest to care for. What started as a plan to get "just one or two" turned into 10 slings now sitting pretty on my desk where I can keep an eye on them.

    I currently have:
    Acanthoscurria geniculata
    Aphonopelma chalcodes
    Brachypelma hamorii
    Brachypelma vagans
    Caribena versicolor x2
    Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
    Grammostola pulchripes
    Homoeomma chilensis
    Ybyrapora diversipes

    I signed up for this account a little over a month ago in hopes of gleaning good tips for husbandry and just being part of an overall neat community. I'm a "housewife" sort of person with a fondness for spooky witchy aesthetics in general, a love for doodling and tabletop gaming, a zeal for Magic: The Gathering, and a sporadic interest in various video games and MMOs. Do want to eventually branch out from tarantulas into other exotics but this wouldn't be the forum for those! I adore my Ts and am grateful a forum like this exists so I can make sure to take the best care of them possible. Thanks for reading <3
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  13. Hello, I am new to tarantulas and doing research into buying my first one soon -- I'm waiting until after my trip in June though. I have narrowed my choices down to either a Brachypelma albopilosum or smithi. I've always been interested in animals and nature, and I had always assumed that tarantulas were difficult to care for. When I found out that they aren't at all, I started learning more about them and now I am excited to have a spider around :D

    I'm a step-mom to two teenagers, in addition I write, draw and sew as a hobby, eventually I'd like to make money from it. I love musicals, horror movies, video games, tabletop gaming, and collecting dolls and plush as well. Our current non-arachnid pets are a dog that we are guessing is an Australian Cattle Dog mix (but we aren't sure), and two cats. I also love birds, we don't have any now but I plan to get some in a few years when we have more space.

    Currently we live in beautiful upstate New York, but Mr Hare is in the Navy so we've moved around a lot.
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  14. etxkeeper

    etxkeeper Arachnopeon

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the hobby, and after lurking and reading here for a while I thought I would create an account and be more involved. My husband and I are currently in the East Texas area and have made the drive to Dallas for a few expos.

    I have really enjoyed learning about different species and finding the large variety of tarantulas available. I really hope to continue advancing as a keeper and purchase species I'm comfortable with as I go. Currently we have two 3/4" B. Vagans slings and a 3/4" B. Albopilosum sling, which I can't wait to see grow.
  15. Yoklan

    Yoklan Arachnopeon

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Yoklan. I’m a 21 year old medical student from the Netherlands. I enjoy snowboarding, surfing, rowing, going out with friends, traveling, going to concerts and just watching a good series on Netflix.
    After wanting one eversince I was a little girl, I have just bought my first T! A juvenile B. Hamorii called Morticia.

    While I was watching a lot of youtube video’s about T’s, I finally decided to get one since they really seemed like the perfect pet! I really enjoyed learning about them and all the differences between the species. I wish I studied medicine as easily:p
    After lurking around on this site for advice on how to take care of my new roommate, I made an account to be more involved and learn more about these fascinating pets from all of you!

    Greetings from Rotterdam and have a nice day!:)
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