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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

  1. Lola Petrovic

    Lola Petrovic Arachnopeon

    Hi, I’m Lola and I’m 19 years old and I live in Toronto, Canada. I’m pretty new to Tarantulas but I’m exited to learn more from all of you awesome people on this site!
  2. Major 78

    Major 78 Arachnosquire

    Greetings! I am a young bug keeper, who started keeping bugs at an even younger age! I have kept many animals and bugs including mantids, ants, termites, beetles, mealworms, fish, cat, dubia roaches, and more! (I have four different bug forums open right now haha) Notice something missing on the list? Arachnids! I've been terrified since I was very little of all sorts of Arachnids. The one time I manned up and touched a tarantula, I was proud! I couldn't understand why I had arachnophobia, and never bothered to get over it. Well, untill now. I recently saw a jumping spider in my little apartment, and realized I thought it was adorable! I did some research and I knew what I had to do. Sometime soon, I will order some Phiddipus Regius Slings! I'm not ready to start keeping larger tarantulas yet, not completely over my fear. But as they say, time can fix almost anything! I do not know much about Phiddipus Regius (Regal Jumping Spider) and would like to know a bit their care. Also a quick question, what other tarantula species is there for beginners that has a very safe bite?
  3. Not sure what te say ...
    I'm Marc. 49 of age, no kids and a bit crazy.
    I have many snakes ..... different species .... All in the living room ...

    started with a spider 6 years ago.
    Turned out to be male ...... after it died of age I got a Acanthoscurria geniculata female.
    After 6 months I rehoused it to a bigger tank (50cm*35cm*35cm). It also got one off my non eating small snakies ..... It took her 2 days :D
    After that she stoped eating .... got those weird uncontroled movements and stoped eating.
    Brought it to the vet but he said nothing you can do. Can be anything that triggered it. ... even stress from the rehoming, or eating snake.

    Then I didn't keep spiders for a while ..... this year I started with some slings instead off just one :D
  4. Sam Farris

    Sam Farris Arachnopeon

    hello, um.. my name is Sam. i just got here but i love spiders (all spiders). im still looking for my first tarantula. ihave a few species in mind but theyve proven pretty hard to find, which is what led me here. im really looking for a Euathlus sp red and i think everyone understands why. also really like the phrixotrichus scofra. i love the dwarf species probably because im pretty small myself. im pretty new to online forums in general so i dont really know how to post threads.
  5. Greasylake

    Greasylake Arachnoprince Active Member

    E. sp. Red was renamed to Homoeomma chilensis, hopefully that helps you in your search. P. scrofa is pretty hard to find in the states, so all I can say is good luck.
  6. Hey, y'all! I'm Eli, 23, non-binary (they/them please!), and happily engaged to my lovely partner of more than a decade. We're both freelance artists, and we're both fascinated with nature.

    Within the past couple years, I've taken to studying invertebrates, but especially arachnids, to help alleviate a nasty phobia, and well. I've fallen in love with the little critters! The more I read and watch and learn about them, the more charmed I become. This site has been invaluable in helping me get my bearings keeping spiders, and I figured it was time to join instead of just lurking. My all time favorite spiders are Pamphobeteus sp. 'machalla', Phidippus regius, and Bagheera kiplingi, though I expect my list of faves to keep right on growing haha!

    It's nice to meet you, everyone!
  7. AMickscorpion

    AMickscorpion Arachnopeon

    Hello, name's Andy. I love entomology; however, I used to be severely arachnophobic. I decided to start learning more about spiders and started watching videos from The Dark Den, Exotic Lairs, and Tarantula Dan. I soon became fascinated with arachnids and the hobby. Shortly after that, I started keeping scorpions and tarantulas. I truly enjoy this hobby I find it very therapeutic and fulfilling. I hope to increase my collection, and I want to learn anything and everything about keeping these fascinating specimens. My current species are Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens, Avicularia avicularia, and Pandinus imperator.

    A pleasure to be here and meet you all.
  8. Roxy machado

    Roxy machado Arachnopeon

    Noob to the hobby
    So my name is Roxanne, and i am a care taker for 2 small dogs, 8 rats, and now 7 slings. I am afraid of spiders but after stumbling on a few Tarantula YouTubers, i love in love. Im still afraid of spiders, but i now dont see T's in the same category. It may sound crazy but i am not done or satisfied yet with what i have. I like the idea of getting small T's and watching them grow. None of my T's are over 2 inches.
    T'S I HAVE:
    A. Geniculata
    B. Albopilosum
    N. Chromatus
    M. Robustum
    C. Marshalli
    C. Versicolor
    C. Cyaneopubescens

    All of them
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  9. Ablake99

    Ablake99 Arachnopeon

    Hi guys! My name is Ashton and I am form Mississppi, United States. I am here because I began watching The Dark Den on youtube and soon after got my first tarantula! I decided on the Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens becasue of it's unique color and personality I'm loving it! It is in pre-molt so I'm pretty excited to experience this. This hobby is great so far! Nice to meet all of you.
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  10. AMickscorpion

    AMickscorpion Arachnopeon

    That's AWESOME! I did the exact same thing, I started watching Dark Den then got a Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens. Hope the molt goes well =)
  11. Steven Caribena

    Steven Caribena Arachnopeon

    Hello, Steven here, age 44, from Belgium.
    I have 7 cats (all kinda rescued) and 21 T's. I have been into Tarantula's about 20 years ago but had to quit because my wife. Now I am finally free to do what I want! I just picked up my old hobby last week, but have been reading here on the forums now and then for quite some time.
    As last post, also The Dark Den on youtube gave me the push to pickup my old hobby again!
    Much has changed in the hobby, especially al those new species, like P. Metallica. Also prices in my country were alot higher back then!

    I hope to learn more and help the community!
  12. Roxy machado

    Roxy machado Arachnopeon

    Yep me too! But along with my gbb i got 6 more
  13. Dobe

    Dobe Arachnopeon

    Hi my name is Dorian(aka Dobe) All my life I've had a special special love for spiders.(Especially T's) In elementary a teacher introduced me to them and I've been fascinated ever since! Growing up my mom and my sister were afraid of them until I schooled them on the benefits of having spiders around, but I couldn't keep them. So I would make sure that they wouldn't kill any spiders until I got it out the house. Now they don't even kill um.(I'm proud of that!) Fast forward to now and I'm online one night researching where I discovered this "beautiful" hobby and community, words really can't describe the feeling I had when I saw all the different T's to collect! I want to thank you all for bringing out the "kid" in me again!!!
    My 1st tarantula is a Brachypelma Albopilosum. If it's a boy his name is Django...if it's a girl her name is Quovadis.
    Next: Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens!
    Much love to everyone! Peace
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  14. Ablake99

    Ablake99 Arachnopeon

    Thanks!! I'm really excited to see how it turns out. Since I've been watching him it has really made me want to start my own youtube and someday have as big a collection as he does! Maybe I will also get free tarantulas from fans someday too that would be awesome.
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  15. Hey everyone! I'm Lori, but you can call me Lor. I'm a long time keeper/hobbyist, first time poster/reader. I have also worked with lots of other wildlife as far as rehabilitation, volunteering at the local zoo, and learning to be a volunteer at a big cat haven. I've been a vet assistant and have a degree in Animal Science. It's a pleasure to be here and meet all of you! I sadly only have one tarantula currently and two rescue cats as far as pets, currently. I would like to get back into having more Ts again and am looking for a breeder in the Central Valley in California. I'm happy to answer any questions anyone may have, and have a twitter feed with many photos of Ts and other fun wildlife @LorsWildlife if you'd like to check it out. I am also an artist, musician, writer, and proud Choctaw! I look forward to my time here and to meeting more arachnid enthusiasts! Much love and God bless!

    - Lor
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  16. Galaxyblues

    Galaxyblues Arachnopeon

    So I discovered this website while doing research on my Aphonopelma calcodes, and I found a lot of useful info and nice people here so I decided to make an account!
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  17. NYAN

    NYAN Arachnoprince Active Member


    Welcome! I hate to be that person, but if the tarantula in your profile pic is yours, the enclosure needs some work.

    I know they are called desert tarantulas, but sand isn’t a good substrate. I recommend coco fiber or something with somnolent texture.

    Also, the enclosure needs more substrate. The height is a problem and you risk a fall that injures it. A good rule of thumb is 1.5x the legspan from floor to top.

    For all I know you already know this though.
  18. Galaxyblues

    Galaxyblues Arachnopeon

    I heard a few people say that coco fiber was a good substrate for most tarantulas, but I thought that didn’t apply to one that is native to deserts. If it is native to sandy areas, I don’t understand why I can’t have it in its natural ground. This is confusing...
    I also have heating pads underneath the terrarium to explain the low substrate. The corner of the tank in the pic is the lowest substrate, the sand slowly slopes up to the other side by two or three inches.
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  19. NYAN

    NYAN Arachnoprince Active Member

    It’s not native to sandy areas though. In the wild they dig burrows in the rocky clay like soil.

    Do not use heating pads, especially underneath an enclosure. You will cook your tarantula that way. They dig to escape heat in the wild, regardless of where it’s coming from.

    If your home is comfortable for you, it’ll be fine for them without additional heating. If not, use a space heater.
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  20. Widow Keeper

    Widow Keeper Arachnopeon

    Hello, I am Widow Keeper. I am 41 years old from Seattle, Washington, USA. I am re-entering the hobby after 15 years and my husband is just starting his arachnid adventure. Currently we have four slings that just arrived a week ago. A. purpurea, L. megatheloides, C. cyaneopubescens, and L. mactans. I look forward especially to growing my widow collection and I'm looking to connect with more Latrodectus enthusiasts.