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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

  1. Burbotlips

    Burbotlips Arachnopeon

    Hi everybody!
    Just got my first arachnid today, a Heterometrus longimanus, thought I should finally sign up. The closest thing to a scorpion I've owned was a crayfish, so be warned, I'm a greenhorn that may harass you for your superior knowledge. I call northern California my home and have kept many a reptile in my rather short life. Pray to the great Arachnologist in the sky, to steady my hand and allow Sergeant Zim to die of old age.
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  2. ic32k

    ic32k Arachnopeon

    Hello everybody,

    I'll introduce myself, I'm complete beginner from Spain, when I was younger (maybe 17 years old) I had several spiders: Pterinochilus murinus, Avicularia aviculariaand Grammostola rosea, and scorpions: Pandinus Imperator, Meshobuthus martensii. As my first spider was a Pterinochilus Murinus an falled in love with her I decided to have it again now, 20 years later...
    Never had a sling before and the next week I will receive one sling of Pterinochilus murinus and another sling of Brachipelma hamorii so I give you thanks to all for all the precious info you posted in this forum, the best under my opinion in all the internet about this animals...
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  3. Jekyll

    Jekyll Arachnopeon

    Hello! Welcome to arachnoboards - I'm new, too. I'm raising hissing cockroaches and am about to get my first T. Can you tell me if you feed hissers to your T's? If so, do you feed all ages/sizes of hissers to them, or do you only feed young hissers? I've heard conflicting opinions about hissing cockroach exoskeletons being so hard they'll damage T fangs. Thank you!
  4. ic32k

    ic32k Arachnopeon

    Hello Jeckyl With my previous T's I only feeded with crickets and with mealworms because that's the only feed I can get for they in my zone, so I can't help you with your question, hope someone else can provide you with the info you need, good luck, and nice to meet you!
    But I suposse that if the spider is adult or the hisser is smaller than the T you should not have problem to feed with them, in some youtube videos the people give to their T's that kind of food...
  5. Ungoliant

    Ungoliant Malleus Aranearum Staff Member

    All good choices -- I'm particularly fond of pulchras.

  6. Sillver

    Sillver Arachnopeon


    I'm a beginner. I currently have one brachypelma albopilosum and looking to get some more Ts. Other than the one tarantula I also have three leopard geckos and one corn snake. Also looking to get a scorpion or two.
  7. ic32k

    ic32k Arachnopeon

    Bien hallado! :)
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  8. Hi everyone!

    I am as new as it gets because I don't even have a T yet!
    I was originally intrigued by the beauty of the versi and avic avic species, but I'm thinking I may try a b. albopilosum as my first T (just because they are terrestrial and very docile from what I've read online). I am here to gather information on husbandry before I bring home my T.

    Nice to meet you all :)
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  9. Moxie Martyr

    Moxie Martyr Arachnopeon

    Hello out there!

    The name's Mox, though some prefer to call me Moxie.

    I'm new to the hobby, and have only juuust recently dipped my toe into giving it a real hard go, currently looking to purchase my T so I figured the forums were a good place to look!
    I'm from the U.S so that alone is both beneficial and detrimental to my search, but y'know, beggars can't be choosers. I grew up around reptiles mostly so this isn't a step too far in the opposite direct, save I'm rather afraid OF spiders, but not to the extent of running, screaming, shrieking or freaking out. Just. A respect for distance really. BUT! I'm looking to get over that fear as proven, so here goes, I suppose.
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  10. raeanna

    raeanna Arachnopeon

    Hi! Thanks for having me! I currently do not own anything related to these forums but I am looking into getting millipedes and possibly pill bugs. Maybe springtails if that would be beneficial? The species I am looking at are Centrobolus Splendidus, Trigoniulus Macropygus (flame leg), or Trigoniulus Corallinus. The flame leg is at the top of my list, but I can't seem to find much information on it and whether it would be a good beginner millipede.
  11. Penthotal

    Penthotal Arachnopeon

    Hello people! I'm very happy to join this community. After one year into the hobby i'm totally addicted and already own several spiders myself. Hope to find new friends here :D
  12. First off,
    hello there strangers ;)
    My name is David and I've been lurking for quite some time now (a few months in fact)
    And since I've bought my first T (B. Albopilosum) a few weeks ago I figured, might as well make an account.

    Currently I am hyped for getting my new buddy a chromatopelma cyaneopubescens.

    Let's have a great time 20180531_005743.jpg ;)
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  13. DagmarV

    DagmarV Arachnopeon

    Oh hey howdy there

    I was directed here from r/tarantulas to get help sexing my new buddy - my first T which I got a couple weeks ago, a juvenile B. albopilosum. I've been wanting a T for several years and I am finally in a living situation that allows it. Yay! I also keep hermit crabs - currently I have ten.

    Here's a snappy of the fuzz:

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  14. SlitherMommy

    SlitherMommy Arachnopeon

    Greetings, all! I am SlitherMommy, or Josie. As the name suggests, I am primarily a snake lady, but with the guidance of a friend, I just made my first tarantula purchase, and I am so excited! Lauren recommended I come here, mostly to get a care sheet for my new sling, but also for the cameraderie. Well, I've found the cameraderie, but can't seem to locate any care sheets, though I used the search function.

    Anyway, I am in Butte, Montana, USA, and as I said, I am a snake lady for the most part. I have a yuge "zoo" of beloved pets: 16 snakes ranging from a 7-foot boa to a 12" hatchling, 7 guinea pigs, 3 hermit crabs, 4 cats, and a roomful of breeder mice for my scalebabies. I don't really think of the mice as pets, per se, but I do get attached to the odd cute one here and there.

    I look forward to getting to know folks here, and learning more and more every day about arachnids!
  15. Hi everyone, happy to be here, if you have a minute feel free to check us out on youtube!
  16. Penny vagans

    Penny vagans Arachnopeon

    Hello everyone,
    Happy to have joined this forum/board. My name is Penny and live in Minneapolis, MN. Really excited to share and learn from everyone here :)
  17. Dungbug

    Dungbug Arachnopeon

    Hi there, I'm in the UK. I've got several T's ranging from Brachyphelma Hamorii to a (very recently acquired) Heteroscodra Maculata. I also have a Chinese Water Dragon & a mad Springer Spaniel, I've already found some great posts and fantastic advice so looking forward to learning more and contributing where possible.
  18. SPYD3R9

    SPYD3R9 Arachnopeon

    hello strangers, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, recently got my first tarantula, its G.Rosea, so looking forward to learning more and contributing where possible
  19. SpooderLady008

    SpooderLady008 Arachnopeon Active Member

    Hullo everyone! My name is Krystal, a.k.a SpooderLady008. Errrmmmm.....what else is there.
    <------- Apparently I'm a non-descript person made of two circles, a smaller one on top of a larger one. I'll fix that later.
    I live in Modesto,Ca with my parents and my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years. I have 4 tarantula's and a cat. I like to listen to music, play video games, mostly horror, fantasy, Pokemon and Minecraft. I enjoy outdoor photography, pretty much any animals....except mosquitoes. All mosquitoes can go die in an all consuming fire.

    Yeah I guess that's about it without going into a biography length post about me. Ain't no one got time for that. I'll share some pics of the fuzzy kids in a bit. Good to be on board! :)
  20. Hi all, my name is Anne, and I am so glad I have found this group, as I am a first time carer to a dear little rainbow crab, 'Cedric'. I won't bore you with a long intro, I have stuck it all in my profile for anyone to read if they so wish.
    Am looking forward to getting to know people here, especially crabby people ;) I was (unjustly of course :D ) sometimes known as a crabby old doodah long before I got my pet crab :D
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