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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

  1. NikoalW

    NikoalW Arachnopeon

    My name is Nicole, I'm from Massachusetts. My father, Wadew, had me exposed to tarantulas at a very young age and I remember hours and hours spent at the dining room table feeding his extensive collection, ripping crickets into pieces occasionally, and watching each one eat. My first T was a G. rose that I received in my Easter Basket from the "Easter Bunny." I currently have two adult female C. cyaneopubescens, a G. Pulchra, and a P. Fasciata. I'm happy to have joined the boards and hopefully follow in my fathers foot steps!!!..... I don't know if I will be breeding E. olivacea anytime soon, though. Haha. :happy:
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  2. Lunitar

    Lunitar Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter

    Hello everyone!

    Long time lurker here from Cincinnati.

    Looking forward to learning more and enjoying the hobby.
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  3. Adore

    Adore Arachnopeon

    Hi! i'm glad I have found this website though I must say I'm really lost at the moment XD

    I live in the UK where I work as a critical care nurse but I am originally from Spain. I used to have arachnophobia. Like, really bad phobia, i used to be unable to move and cry really badly at the sight of any arachnid. Thankfully I had a boyfriend back in Spain who introduced me to the hobby and together we had 12 tarantulas. He still keeps 8 of those and I feed them anytime I go to visit him. Last time I went to visit I helped him change and clean all enclosure and it was me who transferred "our" huge and hellish P.cancerides (she is so mean she will fall on her back with the threat poses she strikes, she gets so annoyed she will stand up so fast she will fall, bless her little dark soul XD)

    I own three in my tiny flat in the UK. I really don't have much space so I have chosen my favourites to own. I have two unsexed juveniles, an A.geniculata and a P.fasciata and a subadult female H.mac. The are called Tanatos, Ananta Shesha and Adore.

    Anyway, I don't think I will post much but i certainly will read and learn from you guys
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  4. Tarantuluva

    Tarantuluva Arachnopeon

    Hello all who actually read this :)
    I've been around the site for a minute under a different name, which was my direct email so since I couldn't change it, I made a new profile.

    A little about me... female, 32, from Michigan. Married with three kids. Totally in love with tarantulas. I've found spiders to be fascinating since I was a little girl, and our 5.5 year old daughter is following in my foot steps! :)

    Umm idk what else to say, introductions are so awkward for me. Lol. Once I'm comfortable here, I will post often as I love sharing our 8-legged babies and am so glad I found this website. I look forward to talking with you all and seeing your spiders too!

    Here's a photo of one of my favorites, my female C. cyaneopubescens, Eris, after her most recent molt. Her transformation is astounding to experience. IMG_7766.JPG
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  5. HybridReplicate

    HybridReplicate Spectrostatic Arachnosupporter

    Whereabouts in Michigan? Tip of the Mitt here!
  6. Tarantuluva

    Tarantuluva Arachnopeon

    We are in the UP!
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  7. cold blood

    cold blood Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Oh ya den...welcome to da boards der hey...good to have some ah you yoopers 'round here, eh.
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  8. Tarantuluva

    Tarantuluva Arachnopeon

    Perfect!! LMAO!