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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

  1. CharlotteACavatica

    CharlotteACavatica Arachnopeon

    Thank you very much! I poked around in the general info area and learned a few new things already.
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  2. Hi everyone, complete newbie here. After doing lots of reading online I've gone for a G.Pulchripes 1cm spiderling, arrived about a week ago and today has taken his/her first pre-killed cricket. Had me really nervous that it wasn't eating! Oh and I'm an arachnophobe, still terrified of large house spiders but for some bizarre reason I'm totally cool with huge tarantulas.
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  3. Trillyan

    Trillyan Arachnopeon

    Hiya! I'm a new owner of this awesome lady on my profile pic. I'm an elementary school teacher, I knit some, I play video games too much, and have a teenage daughter. Princess Peach (My T) is a class pet, but ha I've been reading forum posts for a few weeks and finally decided to join up.
  4. Hi there, my name is Kerry and I recently signed up for the site. I have a 9-year old E. campastratus and she's beautiful. Her name is Miska. I've been itching to add more to my collection and figured I'd explore a few sites, and wow, seems like you folks know what you are talking about. I'm from Central Pennsylvania, near Penn State University and I work as a writer and editor for a local media outlet. Outside my growing love of Ts, I enjoy watching mixed martial arts and playing pool.
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  5. Hello, I'm Adriana. I'm from Los Angeles, California but currently reside in Monterey Park. I currently own three T's which consist of a Rose Haired (red morph), a Golden Red Rump, and a Mexican Gold knee Red Rump. I'm new to this.
  6. Drteeth

    Drteeth Arachnopeon

    Hello, I'm from San Diego and currently have a Rose Hair and a new sling I purchased today for $10 at Petco. The outside sign said Avicularia avicularia, but the container that the sling is in has the Brachypelma smithi box checked off. For $10 I'll take either! I've kept others in the past but finally have time and space to keep T's. Looking forward to learning a lot on their forum!
  7. No way? Really? If it does turn out to be a Mexican red knee for 10 bucks god damn you got yourself a good deal. Last time I saw one at petco they had it for 100 bucks then they had a 50% sale on the reptiles and it sold asap when I went back to buy it it was gone. ☹️
  8. Drteeth

    Drteeth Arachnopeon

    It really could be anything. This was the only T they had and it's about 1/4" in diameter. So hard to see. Good thing I have lots of tiny feeders from keeping frogs. My wish list for T's also includes G. pulchra but I'm not spending $300 on an adult right now (that's another one I saw in a different store today).
  9. Haha, I came back from another petco and I got the same sling as you for 10 bucks haha I had to. I agree it is very hard to see. It's so tiny j thought about it a lot but was like fuck it only 10 bucks it doesn't hurt.
  10. Venom1080

    Venom1080 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    fruit flies arent a good feeder for Ts, they lack the nutrients. they'll work, but not in the long run. slings scavenge prekilled crickets and other feeders, much easier to just use those. send me a pic if you want a idea of genus and maybe species.
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  11. Hey you said they feed off of premillennialism crickets so they don't need to be live? This is my first time owning a sling for the same reason. They suggested the flies too but I was like doesn't seem like they'll even get anything out of the flies.
  12. Meant prekilled*

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  13. Venom1080

    Venom1080 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    yes, i never feed live to spiders under 3/4". just no need. you can even chop up crickets to feed to multiple slings.
    you really need to switch out that cage for something smaller. i recommend a 16oz deli cup with eco earth as substrate. poke some holes with a heated pin or small screwdriver. a small water dish, temps 70+, feeding 3+ times a week til premolt, and youre good to go.
  14. Yeah it came in this tall container small in diameter but it has some sort of sponge. They told me I have to keep the humidity level high. As far as weather I got some tree frogs I keep with a night light on and if anything for the most part I have a heater in my room so temperatures don't really go below 75 degrees. Thanks for the feedback though. I do have a small container at home.
  15. Venom1080

    Venom1080 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    fyi, never trust pet stores for care. they suck.
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  16. Yeah I figured I also got some green tree frogs but they were useless for help as to what I needed. They didn't know what live plants where good for them. I did my research but it's hard finding those plants without having any pesticides on them.
  17. Atradaemonico

    Atradaemonico Arachnopeon

    Heya everyone,

    i'm Andreas (Andy) from germany. I'm 41, and in the hobby for about 8 years (started in june 2008 with an adult female Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens). I'm keeping about 120 spiders, a few mantids, scolopenders, geckos, a snake and two white shepherds.
    My passions are animals (no matter wich sp.) and animal photography (probably some know me from fb groups like arachnoboards, T keepers worldwide, etc), which is my 2nd occupation aswell.
    I hope you don't mind my little english :D

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  18. Adam Valkare

    Adam Valkare Arachnopeon

    Hello i am new here my name is Felix i love video games nature and am the proud owner of a G.rosea
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  19. Hello Felix well we all have something in common and that's T's. Lol
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  20. Hello hi, my name's Iz and I'm from Sabah, geographically North Borneon state of Malaysia.

    I'm new to the invert hobby, been keeping dubia roaches for well over a year as well as black soldier flies (hermetia illucens) both colonies and recently a blatta lateralis colony. My interests lie in the area of feeder insects, roaches, silkworms, you get the drift.. lol

    Nice to meet everyone ~ hope to learn, share and trade with members here.

    Best regards.