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I'm getting a free Aphonopelma tomorrow.

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Psyopticon, Nov 5, 2010.

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    A friend of mine is giving me a tarantula for free tomorrow. I asked what kind it was so I could go home and look it up after work. She said it's an Aphonopelma.

    This will be my first tarantula.

    From what I can tell, Aphonopelma gives me the name of the Genus and not the actual species (Which I've come to find is 90!)... So I can't tell exactly which spider it is... I've included 2 pictures that were sent to me via text of the tarantula.

    Are these pictures decent enough to identify what it is? If anyone can identify it, can you give me a couple simple things to know? Holdable? Private/Hiding? Aggressive/Docile? Easy care?




    *EDIT: WTH? I didn't know I've had this account for over a year and never posted...*
  2. AudreyElizabeth

    AudreyElizabeth Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Well, no one is going to be able to ID that tarantula from those pictures, but I'm going to tell you that I see hooks, which means this a mature male and he likely wont live very long, and when you get it you need to ditch that fluffy white whatever in that kritter keeper. Pick up a bag of peat moss or coconut fiber and use that for substrate.
    Take good care of him, and welcome to the world of tarantulas.
  3. ajhere

    ajhere Arachnopeon

    +1 to audrey defentily a male but still enjoyable to watch as he wanders fr a female looks to be an Aphonopelma hentzi but yes docile but dnt recommend to handle best of luck and welcome{D
  4. Forgive me for sounding naive, but why will he not live very long, and how can you tell that from 2 pictures?

    I'm heading to PetsMart to pick up a tank before I get him. I think someone mentioned something about a 1$ per gallen tank sale. (20 gallon tank = 20$ and so forth). :D
  5. ajhere

    ajhere Arachnopeon

    mature males have tibial hooks/spurs as you cn see and the first pic and males after been mature just look for females thn sadly perish but plse no 20gal try 5 or 10gal 20gal way to big just lettn u kno for an Aphonopelma
  6. Well yea, I'm not getting a 20gal, was just using it as an example to explain the sale.
    I'm thinking a 5 gallon is nice. I have a 20 gal for my Bearded Dragon and it takes up probably half of my desk. :(
  7. You can tell just from the first pic that it's a mature male. The hook is visible on the underside of it's front leg. Once a male matures, it's one goal is to find a female to mate with. Mature male lifespans can vary from a few months to a couple of years depending on genus or specie. Other factors can affect lifespan such as temps and feeding. If they're kept on the cooler side and fed infrequently, they seem to last a bit longer (not recommended if you plan on mating him though).Be prepared to see him pacing and climbing around the tank a lot. His instincts will be driving him to search out females.

    Good luck with him.
  8. Seems like this probably won't be the best T to start off with... =/
  9. Well if you're getting him for free why not give it a go. You'll probably find yourself wanting another one once you've had him a while anyway :).
  10. I disagree, it will most likely be docile and easy to handle, should you choose to. Most Aphonopelma species are docile though. It also won't be a pet rock, because it will constantly be roaming the tank in search of a female. It will die sooner than a female will, but it will prepare you for the dozen that will almost inevitably come after.:)
  11. ajhere

    ajhere Arachnopeon

    well make sure u take pics whn u set it up
  12. captmarga

    captmarga Arachnobaron

    I have recently had two MM A hentzis. Georgie was docile enough still to be handled. He did not pace and fret. 'Arry, on the other hand, was constantly pacing, marching, drumming and fretting. It's a blanket statement... you won't know about THAT particular T until you have had him for a few days.

    But I can tell you, he'll get you hooked on owning Ts, if you have any wish to keep them. My having one (Georgie) last Sept led to my having 36 right now...

    (And yes, there were other circumstances involved in my not keeping more before, but suffice it to say I *can* have them now so I do!)

  13. Tindalos

    Tindalos Arachnoknight

    Well, welcome to hobby, I suggest you pick up the Tarantula's keeper guide and/or Tarantulas and Other Arachnids. Not only will they help with your questions, but the pretty pictures will also be a good catalog in deciding your next T, as this one wont be your last.
  14. VickyChaiTea

    VickyChaiTea Arachnosquire

    The way you worded the part about the bearded dragon in the 20gal makes me think you don't have space for anything larger... you do know they need at least a 55 to live in as adults, right? XD