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I'll do it again...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by J.huff23, May 14, 2010.

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    So my last OBT sac was from a huge 5 inch female. Once all 80 slings (her first sac) reached second instar, I was so annoyed that I couldnt get rid of them (wasnt willing to ship). But now that I started shipping, and the last of the OBT slings are gone....Im thinking about breeding them again for two reasons:

    1. My smallest female just molted and Im sure she's at breeding size now.
    2. The one that gave me my first good sac just molted as well :D. Of course, im sending her back to my friend (I took in all of his Ts when he moved to california) along with some other Ts that he wants, so I figured maybe he could use the same male (if he lives) for his first breeding project as well.

    Granted, I hated having to feed those 80 slings on top of the 90 other Ts that I had, but now that I have the shipping all down, I wont have to feed them for too long before they are all gone. :D

    Anyways, just me ranting and shootin' the breeze.:rolleyes:
  2. mhill

    mhill Arachnosquire

    I say go for it...the world cant have too many OBT's :D I've been plaing on doing some breeding, but I doubt I will be able to sell on here like many do because of my work schedule...shipping slings out would be impossible with my work hours, (9-5:30).
    But, maybe selling slings in bulk to the bigger vendors at the local shows would be an option.
  3. Yea, definitly going to breed my smaller female. Since she's so small and has never laid a sack before, if she does lay one, I dont expect it would hold many slings.

    I read in a past thread tha Talkenlate04 bred his P.irminia female at 4" and got a sack.
    My girl is coming up on a molt and is pushing 5 inches, so Im going to give her a go too! And Im getting a male P.scrofa for my female, although he will take a while to mature.
  4. mhill

    mhill Arachnosquire

    Not sure what my first project will be yet. I have 4 P. regalis but three of them are from the same sac. Hoping to get at least one female from the bunch. the largest is unrelated to the other three and is about 2-1/2"...the three smaller ones are 3/4" so they would have some catching up to do.
    You would think between the four I would end up with an unrelated pair, maybe...hope? :)
  5. VESPidA

    VESPidA Arachnoknight


    the 2 i got from you are doing great! crazy little webbers and eaters... god i love obts{D
  6. Yea I have a couple of building projects going on. Good luck with yours!
  7. Im glad they are all doing good! How many times have they molted? The ones I have left are 4th and 5th instar.