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If Arachnids used social media.....

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Arthroverts, Aug 12, 2016.

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    ...What would they say? Hello everyone! I got the idea to start this from a National Geographic Kids magazine. I'll pretend to be a few tarantulas chatting on Fangbook,
    (Example: SpeedToe said: Oh Boy! The Keeper got Wax Worms, I'm gonna have a feast tonight! How's it over there MexicanRadKnee?) and eventually I'll add a few more creatures. The rest of you can also add Arachnids, Myriapods and insects, and speak what you think they might say. Here are a few rules: Please, let us not have 50 people all doing the same kind of invertebrates, but as all different individuals. Just two or three of the same kind for now. Please no profanity or adult talk, remember, your saying what you think the creature your representing would post on social media. Also, don't hijack someone else's critter, there are plenty to go around. Posting pictures is definitely recommended, such as a selfie (Of the critter your representing of course). Follow the temperament of your critters too, no super aggressive C. cyaneopubescens.
    Thats all for now, hope you all like it.
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  2. ratluvr76

    ratluvr76 Arachnodemon

    Some people may like it, some won't. but either way, I think this is more of a "watering hole" thread. :)
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  3. magicmed

    magicmed Arachnobaron Active Member

    Mr obt says I need a hug today ;)

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  4. Bristles said:
    Hello? Anyone out there? It's kinda lonely in here, with just crickets, don't make for much conversation.
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  5. SpeedToe said:
    Yeah I’m here, Avicularia Avicularia, nothing to be proud of, or ashamed of. Have you been talking to crickets Bristles? There tasty, but they interrupt ye too much. Sorry Mr obt, no hugs today.
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  6. Kymura

    Kymura Arachnoknight

    Mahtava the A genic stretches out a pretty striped leg. Wait...did someone say crickets. ? I swear it's been weeks since I ate last...
    "Cricket party at my hide"
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2016
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  7. Midnightblack: Uh, don't even talk about crickets, I had a huge meal only last year, I still can't even think about food right now!
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  8. Steelo Johnson

    Steelo Johnson Arachnado Arachnosupporter


    Lolth is at La Cucaracha's with Curly and Poe.

    OMG, best dubias ever!!!!!!!! 20160812_012536-1.jpg
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  9. Toxoderidae

    Toxoderidae Arachnoprince

    what is this? I wake up to this? What?
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  10. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoking Active Member

    PinkToe82 has now joined the FB group 'Human Keepers'

    Message from PinkToe82:
    I moved in with a human 3 days ago, how do I get it to leave me alone? Should I web my tube shut?
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  11. Kymura

    Kymura Arachnoknight

    1 hour ago

    Send me an group invite, but listen, webbing doesn't help, dig all the way down, that sometimes works. DON'T trust those humans! They just aren't right. They..well they kill the food and then expect you to eat it that way!
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  12. JumpingSpiderLady

    JumpingSpiderLady Arachnobaron

    Lady the Teleogryllus commodus:
    Feeling: annoyed
    Ladies, I do NOT recommend living with two male roomies. They are constantly fighting over me. Why don't they take the hint that I don't want either one of them!? #cricketlifeishardsometimes

    (Human note: My daughter gathered these field crickets for her insect zoo for school, and I gotta say, they are pretty entertaining. It's easy to imagine them in a little cricket soap opera.)
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  13. Tim Benzedrine

    Tim Benzedrine Prankster Possum Old Timer

    Say 'Amen!' and like this comment if you want me to moult out female. Scroll past if you want me to die a lonely male."
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  14. Trenor

    Trenor Arachnoprince

    This looks suspiciously like a T owners Facebook post I saw the other day... not a Ts. :p
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  15. gypsy cola

    gypsy cola Arachnoknight

    MM seeking MF.

    I got big Palps.
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  16. JumpingSpiderLady

    JumpingSpiderLady Arachnobaron


    Feeling: Sleepy
    Ugh. My carapace is way too tight. I know I need to molt, but all I wanna do is nap. #sleepingbeautypulchripes
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  17. VanessaS

    VanessaS Arachnodemon Arachnosupporter

    Portia ChacoCricketKiller
    Feeling: Pampered :D
    You girls really need to check out the new salon because their mani/pedi is the best... EVAR! And they serve you fresh cricket juice and not that prekilled stuff like 'you-know-where'. It was so worth coming out of my webbed up hole after only six months. Check out these killer toes, biotches!
    #readyforsummer #showmethebeach #flipflopsforever
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2016
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  18. JumpingSpiderLady

    JumpingSpiderLady Arachnobaron


    @Portia Looking good, girl!
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  19. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoking Active Member

    Thnx for advice, but how do i dig?? I don't have the legs for that!
    I know about the food. One thing that helps is just stop eating for like, half a year. They'll go crazy and offer you ANYTHING!
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  20. VanessaS

    VanessaS Arachnodemon Arachnosupporter

    Aspen AvicGirl
    Feeling: Frustrated :arghh:

    My fam don’t get it. I know Marcus is a scorp, but I love him! Why can’t they just accept that? They say it’s because we can’t have children, but did they even ask me if I wanted a bunch of freeloading kids? They need to get with the program – it’s 2016AD and not 2016BC!
    We’re going to have to elope.

    #EvolveAlready #LoveIsLove #NoHate #NoBoundries #ChildlessByChoice #Romeo&Juliet
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