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I went for a hike in Parfrey's Glen, Wisconsin and found a few spiders.

Discussion in 'True Spiders & Other Arachnids' started by ZyklonG, Sep 9, 2019.

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    I was wondering if anyone could help me identify these wonderful spiders. I'm pretty confident in my ability to identify a family, but could use some help otherwise in the Genus and if I'm lucky species aspect. They look to be Theridiidae and Thomisidae. I have a hunch that the Thomisidae is of the genus Xysticus, but could use some help clarifying.

    I haven't ever seen anything like the two Theridiidae before, so I don't know where to begin with those.

    Any help would be so much appreciated.

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  2. NYAN

    NYAN Arachnoprince Active Member

    1. Xysticus sp.
    2. Maybe Parasteatoda tepidariorum
    3. Steatoda sp.?
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  3. Consider Meta ovalis for number 3.
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