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I think I'm in over my head

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Andaingean, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Andaingean

    Andaingean Arachnopeon

    So decided to try my first attempt at breeding tarantulas...
    My B. Vagans about 3 months back didn't even record the date because she was pretty hostile towards the male and it didn't seem successful. So I turned to my L.Parahybana attempt number 1 immediately turned into a owning of the male within 2 minutes. So I thought well at least he paid for dinner....
    Never gave it another thought.
    Dec 24th L.Parahybana egg sac! Cool great got everything setup for incoming babies. Then I think to myself that B.Vagan that buried herself 3 weeks ago sure is taking her time to molt so I looked at the very back of the tank where she stays.....
    Another sac and no idea when she made it.
    I don't know if I'm prepared for 2 sacs around the same time
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  2. Walker253

    Walker253 Arachnobaron Active Member

    Wholesale those things out.
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  3. Draketeeth

    Draketeeth Arachnoknight Active Member

    Gratz on the successes! Can see how that would be utterly overwhelming, particularly with an LP brood in the mix, but if you were feeling ambitious enough to attempt a breeding, you got this! ;)
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  4. PidderPeets

    PidderPeets Arachnoknight Active Member

    Don't forget that LPs can have well over 1,000 eggs per sack. Good luck! ;)
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  5. PanzoN88

    PanzoN88 Arachnobaron Active Member

    Congrats on the successful breeding as for the LP eggsac I am with everybody else who posted before me, but I think you can handle it.
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  6. spidertherapy78

    spidertherapy78 Arachnoknight Active Member

    Congratulations on the many, many babies coming your way!
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  7. cold blood

    cold blood ArachnoGod Active Member

    Given that a vagans can have 2-300+ in a sac...and an LP can have between 1 and 3K....I would be shocked if you were actually prepared. Seperating them will take hours, if not a few days....just setting up 1-3 thousand deli cups is another full days work...feeding...lmao, you gotta feed em all once even if you are wholesaling them (neither has much value on a wholesale level)...feeding that many is a daunting task. It will take many days, and as soon as you are done you will need to start over.

    I do not envy you...You couldn't pay me to put a male and female LP within 10 feet of one another...lol....much less pair them.

    It will be a learning experience for sure.

    Look up how to make an incubator... @louise f has some great tutorials on a good, easy to make incubator. And start collecting condiment cups by the truckload.
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  8. Andaingean

    Andaingean Arachnopeon

    Bought 1500 deli cups and have the incubator made already but I think you're right about the amount of potential overwhelming amount of offsping.
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  9. KezyGLA

    KezyGLA Arachnoking Active Member

    Congratulations on the sacs! Always nice to find a sac by surprise :).

    But yeah I sure hope those were small females lol. As others mentioned thats a lot of potential offspring.

    Last time I paired vagans I ended up with 470~ Spiderling. I wouldnt even try to pair LPs unless I had a workforce helping me until they were all sold aha.

    Good luck to you, I hope all is healthy :)
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  10. louise f

    louise f Arachnoangel

    Hey yeah sure here it is. ;)

    And to you @Andaingean congratz and the best of luck. :)
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  11. The good news about LPs: theyre so cheap you could give half away for free and still make a profit.
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  12. MetalMan2004

    MetalMan2004 Arachnoknight Active Member

    Lucky you! Be sure to post pictures of the mayhem when you get a chance!
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  13. darkness975

    darkness975 a Dream Within a Dream Arachnosupporter

    You're back!

    @Andaingean as others have said you are going to need a lot of condiment cups. Personally I would not have bred an LP but since it is done the best you can do is try to get set up for them as quickly as possible.
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  14. louise f

    louise f Arachnoangel

    Yes i am :)
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  15. EulersK

    EulersK Arachnoengineer Arachnosupporter

    Quote of the day :hilarious: I just got done shipping out my MM - didn't even sell him, just gave him away for free.
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  16. awiec

    awiec Arachnoprince

    It may be a little barbaric, but depending on how big that LP sac is, I'd just leave them together until they reduce themselves to a more reasonable number or you sell enough to warrent separating into their own deli cups. It took me a good 5 or 6 hours to separate my 200 T.gigas slings and I did this at 1st instar stage, so they weren't even able to run away from me. It took about 10 hours to pack and ship them when they gained the ability to run. I couldn't imagine doing that with thousands of low value slings, my time is more valuable than that.
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  17. MetalMan2004

    MetalMan2004 Arachnoknight Active Member

    There may not be any other choice. There are only so many hrs in the day!
  18. awiec

    awiec Arachnoprince

    I'm sure there are people who save every single one but if you don't have the time (feeding takes forever too) or space, then there is little you can do. If you can sell bulk really fast you could avoid some pain but one sac basically supplies the market for a year. Also in my case, LPs make me itch horribly so I would be ,as the wise sages from Linkin Park say, crawling in my skin.
  19. louise f

    louise f Arachnoangel

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  20. Chris LXXIX

    Chris LXXIX Arachnoemperor Active Member

    This comment made my day :kiss:

    Not for what was written in particular, but for everything at 360°. I'm so much happy, really really happy to see you again, oh Viking Sis :)
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