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I need your help (crested geckos)

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by Xephirus, Aug 5, 2018.

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    I currently have 2 crested geckos that I bought from a breeder (2 females, I triple checked) but since like, 20 minutes ago, I have a new crested gecko. A baby that just came out of an egg !

    Okay let's resume the situation :

    I was peacefully watching Howl's moving castle by Hayao Miyazaki when I heard some strong, repetitive sounds that came from my terrarium front doors. I then stood up and decided to check. I immediatly saw that Nalice, one of my females crestie had a crested gecko tail in her mouth (same color as her) and I thought "Oooh, she just lost her tail and decided to munch a bit on it, this had to come some time or another" so it didn't really surprised me that much but after checking her tail... The tail was still on her !!! So I panicked and opened the door. Nalice immediately ran out and there was a tiny baby crestie, the same colors and patterns as her. I was shocked (and still am). I then took the nearest plastic box that I got and put the baby in it (since I didn't know if Nalice was really trying to eat the baby, better safe than sorry). I took a small exo terra that I got for one of my tarantula when she becomes adult, place soaked toilet paper (the big roll I don't know how to call it in english), a hide, some fake vines, a tiny container with a bit of repashy and I misted all the faunarium.

    Soooo, I don't know what to do now, tell me if I made the right decision, choices and if I can do any better.

    Also, I have the time and dedication to care for this babies (and the ones to come still in the eggs) but it just surprised me so much...

    All in all, I think that nalice was already bred when the guy sold them to me and she just layed eggs in the terrarium and one of them poped up tonight. I'm sure of it that both of them are females but I will double check tomorrow.

    Thanks for the advice guys and girls, I need it right now o_O
  2. sschind

    sschind Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Cresteds usually lay 2 eggs at a time and I almost always find my babies a day apart so I would suggest watching for another baby tomorrow. I believe cresties can also retain sperm so if your female was bred prior to your getting her there may be more. They lay roughly a month apart I think but since you have two females and both may have been bred you may get them more often.

    You did the right thing as adults will eat the babies although of the 2 dozen or so babies I have found in my adult's tank I only found 1 with a missing tail and that was the very first one. I have only found a single baby 1 time indicating that the clutchmate may have been eaten (or maybe she only laid 1 egg or the other didn't hatch)
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  3. Thanks a lot for your answer, I am so scared to loose some babies. I checked on the baby after all this time and he is doing fine, no sequels from the bite from it's mother. I am even scared to go to bed if one of the baby hatch during the night and I can't do anything. I will check every hour tomorrow to see if another baby is out :wideyed:
  4. Update : I decided to check on and in the substrate for the remaining egg but, after realising that my decoration was highly against the search for eggs and the fact that I might do more harm than good to the egg while lifting the leaves and digging the substrate (risk of turning over the egg or crush it) I decided to stop. The only option I have now is to wait for it to hatch and catch the gecko before the adults try to eat it.

    I fed the 2 adults with some red runners so they maybe loose appetite to go after the baby.

    Any suggestions is appreciated