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I have a few unanswered questions about B smithis and curly hairs.

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Delirious122, Feb 25, 2017.

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    this is a 2 part question

    1. My curly hair has been post molt for 8 days now and still hasnt emerged from its blocked entrance does this usually take awhile or does it vary from spider to spider ? I know she is alive because I seen her moving around through the little window she made.

    2. My b smithi has this weird obsession with behind her hide I see her from time to time hide in the small little gap and sort of tuck her legs in shes not scared or anything I just let her be and she hasnt displayed any sluggish behaviour. Do spiders have weird hobbys like hiding in a favorite spot in their terrarium. Also since I fed her she has not really been in her hide much she has been walking around her cage and hanging out is this normal B smithi behavior ? The picture attached is her second spot I see her in aside from the hide. She is also new to this enclosure as she has been here about a week and a bit. Note: the corner she goes in is pretty small and tight she is4 inches

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  2. Yulian

    Yulian Arachnopeon

    Yea Ive had my smithi(shes about 2inches) for about two weeks and have noticed theyre active little buggers, although my room is often 82-84ish so that may have something to do with it. She has chosen a corner on the opposite end of her hide to make this sort of deppresion if you will and made a sort of "dune" around the hole. It was pretty deep so I kinda filled it back up with new dirt and the next day she excavated some more so I just left it to her liking XD plus I got some cool time-lapse footage of her moving around so that was sweet. I got this species just because ive read that they are out on display often and shes been acting just as expected so be glad yours isnt a pet hole either it makes things much more interesting :D
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  3. Thanks for clarifying that for me mine has not been digging yet minus in her hide she sort of just squishes herself in the corner its kind of cute but shes been out and about since I got her and I just fed her for the first time a few days ago and it was the coolest thing ive ever seen. My only concern is my other T shes been post molt for awhile now and she still has not emerged yet :(
  4. Yulian

    Yulian Arachnopeon

    If she was nice and plump before molting I dont see the need to worry she'll come out when ready 8days isnt really a long time especially since you say shes definetly alive from seeing movement! all you can do is keep a water dish close by for now remember the bigger the spider the longer she'll take to harden up.
  5. This T is about 2 inches and her water dish is about 2 inches or so away from her hide shes in a pretty small enclosure
  6. Sana

    Sana Arachnoprince

    Your B. smithi is doing exactly what I would expect from a normal healthy tarantula of that species.

    Your B. albo is also doing exactly what I would expect. Premolt can last from a week to several months depending on the species and size. Just keep letting them do their spider things and shake your head in amazement.

    P.S. Tarantulas will redecorate their homes until they are satisfied and then do it again in a month. They will use anything in the enclosure including decorations water bowls molt pieces and substrate incorporated with webbing. This is also totally normal frequently entertaining and occasionally irritating.
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  7. crone

    crone Arachnoangel Active Member

    I would stop messing with her and leave the Brachypelma albopilosum alone, too. She's just not ready to be social. She'll come out when she's starving lol.
    The Brachypelma smithi looks stressed;.she's in a tiny corner behind the hide. That way she feels safer. Give her time, you've only had her a week.
  8. clive 82

    clive 82 Arachnosquire

    As others have said pre molt can last a while. Tarantulas do things in their own time which is usually a long time. Don't forget that Ts actually prefer small, tight spaces where they feel secure for the most part. In the wild they will squeeze into really tight gaps. She probably feels secure here. Give her time to settle in, no need to worry.
  9. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoking Active Member

    Same advice as others. Leave both well alone. Post molt can take as long as premolt. If you're worried she is starving you can leave some pre killed food at the entrance of her burrow.
    Leaving them alone means:
    No touching/shifting the enclosure to check on T's.
    No opening of the enclosure to check on T's, except for watering.
    No shining bright lights at the T or
    enclosure to check on T's.
    Try to do this for at least a couple of days to a week. ;)

    My B.smithi is a little redecorator as well. Stuffs her plants in hide, digging down to bottom, then put back substrate to said bottom and excavates other corner. It's what they do :)
  10. KezyGLA

    KezyGLA Arachnoking Active Member

    Normal Theraphosidae behavour heheheh. Especially for the NW terrestrials :D
  11. Paiige

    Paiige Arachnobaron

    I don't have B. smithi but for your B. albopilosum it's totally normal. It will come out when ready. Mine loves her burrow and has constructed quite an underground labyrinth for herself! Post-molt can take a while, she's hardening up and getting used to her new "skin." Just keep an eye on her from her window that she was nice enough to make for you :) Everything varies from T to T - they have their own "personalities," run on their own schedule (which very rarely coincides with ours) and nothing is ever 100% the same from individual to individual.
  12. nicodimus22

    nicodimus22 Arachnomancer Arachnosupporter