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how to care for a desert hairy??

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by RoNsToPaBbLe, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. RoNsToPaBbLe

    RoNsToPaBbLe Arachnopeon

    Ok so here's the basics, I have always liked scorpions. But I have never lived in a place where i can keep them. I now work in a pet store where we sell them, and well since i know the basics of the emperor, and that is a type i will definately get, but since we have 1 Hadrurus arizonensis in the store i've decided to get that one first......... now my question...
    How to care for it properly?????

    I know the environment they live in and such, but i need to know more before i can take it home, and due to lack of knowledge of websites and other known sources on this particular species, I need some help.

    other than sand & such stuff like that, what should I put inside the tank??
    how often do I feed her?
    how often does she need to be wet?
    and is there anything else i should know about her that would keep her alive and well??

  2. Keith

    Keith Arachnopeon

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  3. carpe scorpio

    carpe scorpio Arachnoking Old Timer