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How do YOU keep your Ts warm?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Arachnosold1er, Aug 28, 2008.

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    Just trying to see what the popular method is.
  2. crpy

    crpy Arachnoking

    It does not get cold often here, but when it does I put a heating pad under one end of the enclosure and dampen that end.
  3. aluras

    aluras Arachnobaron

    I use a moon light, Like a black light, They barly give off any heat, they are like 40-60wt and I only turn them on at night. It helps keep them around 80-83 but you gotta keep them misted and waterd. my house is warm enough in the day time to not bother with anything.
  4. fartkowski

    fartkowski Arachnoemperor

    I have an oil filled heater in my T room. I don't use it in the summer, but during the colder months I keep it between 70 to 75.
  5. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Unless you get below 65 degrees (I believe this is the standard), you don't need to provide heat.

    Once winter comes I'll just up the heat in the entire house. The spiders won't need their own heat source.
  6. My house never gets below 69 and all my T's are upstairs so I don't have any suplimental heat source.
  7. crpy

    crpy Arachnoking

    I never use the house heat anymore, it just dries everything out too much, it got so dry I mistook my 7 year old daughter for my gramma.
  8. I put them in my scorpion room which is heated by a ceramic heater
  9. Wow, Not what I was expecting. I keep all of my Ts in my spare room and just shut off the vent in the summer when I run the A/C. It stays near 80.
  10. Sooner

    Sooner Arachnoknight

    I've been trying to breed tarantulas with rabbits in an effort to produce warm-blooded tarantulas with sharp pointy teeth. Then I don't have to worry about keeping them warm. But I'm only getting really fat tarantulas. :confused:


    I have 2 south facing windows that keeps the room in mid 70s in winter.
  11. In the winter when my house is colder than I want the T's exposed to I use 25 watt red party bulbs. Tried the heat mat thing. It doesn't work very well and it's expensive and inconvenient. So throw in a vote for red lamps.
  12. dragon_95

    dragon_95 Arachnosquire

    if it gets cold then i put the heater on for the entire house .
  13. space heater. good model, has thermostat which has proved to be accurate and keeps the T room at exactly what I'd like it to be.

    --the nature boy
  14. Edrick

    Edrick Arachnopeon

    My T room is my basement im unsure how cold it will get down there since i just moved in, but here in montana in the winter months it can get really cold just wondering if there is any really good ideas, if heating pads what kind if light bulb how much heat do they produce and what about just an old iguana heat rock???:?
  15. clam1991

    clam1991 Arachnoangel

    well i usually have heat mats on almost every tank
    and when it gets really cold on my porch i use a space heater
    especially at night
  16. ThistleWind

    ThistleWind Arachnoknight

    They just sit in the house and if I'm warm, they're warm. :)
  17. Mina

    Mina Arachnoking Old Timer

    Each one has it own hand made cable knit sweater. :D
    Honestly, we don't do anything special. They live at the temperature we do.
  18. Get a good space heater, one where you can set the temperature. You can buy ones these days that are fairly small and not expensive (I think I got mine on sale for about $40). Heating pads are a bad idea for a number of reasons, but what they cost and dealing with all the cords is reason alone to go space heater.
  19. SNAFU

    SNAFU Arachnobaron

    ROTFL;) . Yep, same here. I do keep most of my T's in the spare room that also houses my pc, Xbox360 and other toys. I keep the a/c vent and the door closed to that room in the summer and it stays about 75-78f. In the cooler months of course we have the whole house heated. No extra heat needed this time of year.
  20. mwh9

    mwh9 Arachnoknight

    I am still hearing people saying that they put the heat mats under the tank. That is a big no no! :shame: If you use them, and I do, always place them on the side or back. It's better to put them on one end, that way the T can have a warm end and a cool one. Heating the room is still a better idea and the oil filled heaters are the best for that.