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Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by ballpython2, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. ballpython2

    ballpython2 Arachnoprince

    I now have a B emilia and a Lasiodora parahybana both at.5 inches..

    How do I properly house them?

    I was told to keep them in the viles they came in with maybe a little substrate is this right?

    Do i drop in a small cricket and a meal worm every other day? or every day??

    what else am i missing?
  2. Mina

    Mina Arachnoking Old Timer

    They will be fine in small vials with a bit of substrate. You need to give them water once to twice a week, and feed once a week. They will grow very quickly.
  3. ballpython2

    ballpython2 Arachnoprince

    How do I give them water? mist the sides of the viles?
  4. With slings that size I like to keep them on the moist side. So just keep an eye out on the substrate and when it starts to dry some just lightly mist with a spray bottle. This wets the substrate and lets the T drink up the little beads of water that remain on the side of the vial. I have small slings in vials as well and I remove them to the bigger vials at around 1/2-1". Basically as soon as they looked cramped and cant stretch out thats when I move them to a slightly bigger home.
  5. mr_jacob7

    mr_jacob7 Arachnoknight

    yeah, once a week feeing and a mist every couple days should be fine. Congrats on what sounds like ur first slings. :)
  6. ballpython2

    ballpython2 Arachnoprince

    How many of you guys / gals felt it was really nerve racking the first time you tried to transfer a .5 inch tarantula (the size of an adult male true spider I think well it looks that way to me) back into their vial minus the paper napkin lol.. I felt very nervous not of it biting me but just escaping and it being really hard to find it. but both of my babies behaved so it was easy to get them into their vials and keep them inside.

    So when i feed them tomorrow the smallest crickets I have will be ok right? and maybe a mealworm for each one? or should i just crush up a big one and put half a meal worm in there? :confused: :?
  7. Derek W.

    Derek W. Arachnosquire

    I went through the same thing when I got my B. emilia and L. parahybana sling two months ago. I was wicked nervous about them just taking off when I unwrapped the paper towel they were packed in, because I knew if they did I probably wouldn't see them for a couple years. However, I have found that they are way more likely to cooperate with me rather than randomly take off.

    As for the food question, I feed mine dead small crickets. Just pop them in the freezer, they die off and remain preserved for quiet some time and the slings will eat them no problem. Just the cricket should be enough food, I wouldn't worry about feeling mealworms too.
  8. ballpython2

    ballpython2 Arachnoprince

    So I should feed them tomorow night at the same time so they have like 12 hrs to settle in or try to feed now?