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HORRIBLE experience!!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by becca81, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. becca81

    becca81 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    I went to Florida during Christmas to visit some relatives. On the way back, my husband and I stopped by a pet store in Ocala, FL.

    I had already called, and was told that they had G. rosea, A. seemani, and H. lividum in stock.

    When I got there I noticed the pet store was very dirty, but decided to take a look at the tarantulas and see what they had. Most of the Ts were in Kritter Keepers with this wood-type substrate that looked very inappropriate and uncomfortable. The H. lividum was kept on about .5 inches of substrate and was obviously trying to burrow. It had made a burrow with its silk and was stretched out underneath it. There was also a heat lamp pointed directly at a G. rosea.

    I saw 2 A. seemani and went to the look at them. An employee (high-school kid) came over and asked me if I would like to hold one.

    Kid: "You want to hold it?"

    Me: "No, I really don't."

    The kid starts taking the top off the Kritter Keeper.

    Me: "Please, no. I don't want to hold it."

    The kid puts his hand up to the side and prods the T into his hand.

    Me: "No, no, no. A short fall could kill it. I'd rather you leave it in the cage."

    The kid keeps holding it and the T is very nervous. It is running all over his hands and almosts falls, hanging on by one leg. The kid puts the T back in the cage and shuts it. Then the kid picks up the other A. seemani's enclosure and begins to open it.

    Me: "No, just leave it in there. I don't want anything to happen to it."

    The kid still gets it out and starts to hold it. This T is also very nervous and is running all around his hands. It jumps from one hand to the other and then jumps to the floor. Sure enough, its abdomen is ruptured.

    I've never seen this happen before and it really bothered me. The hemolymph was trickling out behind the T as it was walking around the floor. The kid picks it up, it jumps again, and it falls again. Now there is a considerable amount of blood on the floor and the entire back end of the abdomen is split open. I could see the "insides" hanging out, and the kid picked up the T again and put it back in the enclosure.

    Kid: "Man, I feel so bad. I hold them a lot, but they usually don't do that."

    Me: "That is usually why it's not advisable to hold tarantulas."

    Kid: "Well, I have 4 at home. My pinktoe has jumped before and fallen and its been okay."

    Me: "Your pinktoe is an arboreal species, and while a fall is not good for it, it is not as likely to kill it."

    Kid: "Man..."

    Now the T is in its cage and is crawling all around, trying to climb up the walls. The sharp wood substrate is sticking to the insides that are hanging out. It probably died within the hour.

    In the heat of the moment (without a lot of thought) I bought the other A. seemani so that it wouldn't suffer the same fate. It was put in a small box and my husband and I held it (the box) for the next 7 hours in the car. I know I shouldn't have bought it, because I'm just encouraging the damn pet store to go out and get more Ts to kill, but I couldn't help myself. I've still got the store's number, and I'm going to call them and ask for an email address or snail mail address so that I can mail them a care sheet and/or any other info that would be helpful. They may not care, but I'm going to give it a shot.

    Periodically on the way home, my husband I would say, "I just keep thinking about what that kid did..."

    I've never seen a T die before, and it has stuck with me. I was reading The Tarantula Keeper's Guide on the way home and read to my husband how it mentioned that while A. seemani does not quickly bite, they are notoriously for being "jumpy."
  2. shogun804

    shogun804 Arachnogeneral Old Timer

    that is horrible...those damn pet shops... :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. Lochala

    Lochala Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Poor thing, I wonder why most shops put t's in such horrible conditions. :(
  4. Windchaser

    Windchaser Arachnoking Old Timer

    Ignorance and lack of concern. But mostly ignorance.
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  5. Cirith Ungol

    Cirith Ungol Ministry of Fluffy Bunnies Old Timer

    I understand it wasn't on purpose, but hey, he deserves anyway at least to try and jump between two water towers for not listening at all... :mad: That would teach him! Maybe I'd vote for lower buildings when I've calmed down a bit...
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  6. mimic58

    mimic58 Arachnobaron

    perhaps it was diliberat using your own mora|ity to close the deal :confused: i know id of bought the other to prevent the same fait , infact several of my T's where purchased to prevent there death in a pet shop corner though this is extream and*no dealer i use has ever killed a T ¡n such a careless way im sure some places want you to think its doomed if you dont buy it....
  7. becca81

    becca81 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    What made me the most angry was that I told him many times to please NOT handle the T. It just really made me mad that he was trying to show off and a T was killed because of it.

    When I was checking out with the other T, the guy was getting some info and said, "Did you want the dropped one?" Moron.
  8. Sandra

    Sandra Arachnobaron Old Timer

    God, that's awful. Sorry you had to witness that. That kid really ought to lose his job (or at least be majorly reprimanded) because it does indeed seem like he was showing off. How sad.
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  9. Nivek

    Nivek Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I agree, he was definitely trying to act "macho". I just got an A. seemani recently at my local pet shop (which takes very good care of their inverts thankfully). I've held her twice, then I decided it best not to, because she is, in a word, psychotic. She attacks everything, even her water dish >_<. To be honest...I dont think I would be able to handle watching that poor tarantula leap to such a piteous fate :(
  10. becca81

    becca81 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    It really did make me see how quickly something like this can happen. He shouldn't have picked it up to begin with, but he should have certainly put it down when he saw it was nervous and running around. The T was giving signals that it didn't want to be held.

    From what I've read, A. seemani is very nervous and jumpy. I am incredibly paranoid that it's going to happen to one of my Ts now after seeing how easily it happened to that one.
  11. Cirith Ungol

    Cirith Ungol Ministry of Fluffy Bunnies Old Timer

    beccamillott or anybody who meets another show off - threaten to leave the shop emediatly if someone tries to show off again and leave if there is no indication that the person will leave the T in peace (and one piece). Because if you leave you don't give them any external incentive to pick it up in the first place.

    Maybe come back 10min later when the situation has normalized and talk some sense into the person...
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  12. metallica

    metallica Arachnoking Old Timer

    a spider sold, shop wins.
  13. becca81

    becca81 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Trust me, I know. :(

    I feel really bad about buying the other T. As soon as we got into the car I said to my husband, "I shouldn't have bought it."

    I just need to avoid going into these pet shops entirely...

    If anyone lives near Ocala, FL, PM me. I'd love to know if you've ever visited this place.
  14. mimic58

    mimic58 Arachnobaron

    I always say if you really must handle a T do so over a large soft area ie a pillow or cusion and never lift the T more than a few inches above :wall: at kids&T's
  15. Cirith Ungol

    Cirith Ungol Ministry of Fluffy Bunnies Old Timer

    One could liken the shop attendants spider handling with what Micheal Jacksson did with his newborn baby when he held it out that hotel window to show it to the press... equally shocking in a way.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2004
  16. CherishYour_f8

    CherishYour_f8 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    I held my A.seemani 1 time(over a couch). I noticed how fast it was and how bad it wanted to escape me.It jumped out of my hand and onto the back rest of the couch.Learned my lesson within 10 seconds and havn't even considered picking it up again.(also learned T's can leap)
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  17. Cirith Ungol

    Cirith Ungol Ministry of Fluffy Bunnies Old Timer

    How far did it jump CherishYour_f8? Or anybody - how far does a mid sized ground dweller (mature) jump if nessessary?
  18. becca81

    becca81 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    The T that jumped at the store jumped out from his hand about 12 inches, and then fell about 4-5 feet down.
  19. Nivek

    Nivek Arachnoknight Old Timer

    The 2 times I have held my A. seemani (named Zee, lol) She did very well. For the most part, she just sat relaxed in my hand, she did run up my sleeve a little, then I put her back in her aquarium.
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  20. PapaRoacher

    PapaRoacher Arachnoknight Old Timer

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