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Hi new owner of sling

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Old noob, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Old noob

    Old noob Arachnopeon

    Hello all
    Yesterday I got our first baby, it’s a euthalus sp. red sling, teeny tiny only about 1/2cm
    My daughter is obsessed with spiders and all crawlies so here we are!
    I’d have been much happier with a adult to start with but this was the one I wanted to get her her as heard a good beginner. (I’ll be doing all the care) I’ve read up and hope I’ve set up a good home.
    But no doubt I’ll have a million questions so I’ve joined! I’ve been lurking reading bits for a while!
    Sling is currently looking healthy, she has a dried leaf to hide under, but she’s out a fair bit just pottering round, is that a good sign? I’m hoping so! Terrified I’ll kill her! Thanks any pointers welcome
  2. tewebag

    tewebag Arachnoknight Active Member

    Should provide pictures, always helps people know for sure if you are doing it right or not.

    There's a lot more to making sure you have doing it right than just the enclourse, make sure you read as much as you can about care (on this site) as you can about both slings and that species.
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  3. Old noob

    Old noob Arachnopeon

    Will add photos tomorrow of set up, and some more info on what I’m doing (or not doing I’ve done nothing yet but put her in and left her alone on a quiet shelf) Thankyou
  4. Nightstalker47

    Nightstalker47 Arachnoking Active Member

    Very hardy slings, they are among the slowest growers out there...keep the sub slightly moist and feed pre killed feeders at that size.

    Welcome to the boards.
  5. PanzoN88

    PanzoN88 Arachnobaron Active Member

    Welcome to the forum.

    You made an excellent choice for a first tarantula. Follow the advice above and you'll be good to go.
  6. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer


    I have an E sp. Yellow mature in 18 months from a sling. Temps 68-72 constant. That was in 2015, he's still alive.
  7. Old noob

    Old noob Arachnopeon

    Thank you for the welcomes, we’re looking forward to watching her grow (albeit very slowly!)