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Help me to determine HH sex.

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by ikerphu, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. ikerphu

    ikerphu Arachnopeon

    Hey guys, please help me determine this HH. thank u so much.

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  2. Stenodactylus

    Stenodactylus Arachnosquire

    Hottentotta hottentotta? If so, they are a parthenogenic species. So it would be a female.
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  3. ikerphu

    ikerphu Arachnopeon

    Really, they could never be a male? Right sir?
  4. Stenodactylus

    Stenodactylus Arachnosquire

    Never is a strange word to use, as many partho species of gecko have had males show up. They cannot breed with the females, however. I believe I remember reading about male Hottentotta hottentotta show up, and possibly breed. I can't remember where I saw this though, so I won't use it as valid evidence. Point is, it is possible to have a male, but highly unlikely. I would just be safe and say you have a female. :)


    There are male populations of Hottentotta hottentotta, but assuming you got this from one of the hobbyist breeders, I highly doubt you have one of the animals from these non-partho populations. Good read: http://arachnoboards.com/threads/hottentotta-hottentotta.191086/page-2
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  5. ikerphu

    ikerphu Arachnopeon

    Thank you so much.
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  6. ArachnoDrew

    ArachnoDrew Arachnoprince Arachnosupporter

    Theres like a 99.99999999999999% chance its female lol.
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  7. ikerphu

    ikerphu Arachnopeon

    Thank youuu