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Help identifying

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by trevorlee6, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. trevorlee6

    trevorlee6 Arachnopeon

    I recently got Whiptail from a local pet store though the employees did not know what type he is. If anyone could help, It would be much appreciated.

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  2. snakecollector

    snakecollector Arachnosquire Arachnosupporter

    Whiptail?? It is an Emperor Scorpion.
  3. Ludedor24

    Ludedor24 ArachnoKing Arachnosupporter

    I agree with this
  4. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor

    Being from a pet store, that explains it all. Yes that is a P. imperator scorpion.
  5. GiantVinegaroon

    GiantVinegaroon Arachnoprince

    Who calls scorpions whiptails???

    Pandinus imperator is your species as all the others have said.
  6. And yet another consumer buys a scorpion without researching it first. At least you got a pretty docile scorp to practice on. Good luck, and enjoy that beauty.
  7. voldemort

    voldemort Arachnoknight Old Timer

    could it be that:

    a. it is mislabeled; or
    b. he named his scorpion "Whiptail"
  8. lizardminion

    lizardminion Arachnolord Active Member

    I want you... to go egg that pet store if they called it a whiptail. If that's it's name though, you could have said so. Here at Arachnoboards, we don't usually refer to animals by the personal names we give them. If we do though, we state so as to prevent confusion.

    Otherwise, that's Pandinus imperator - the Emperor Scorpion
  9. MaxxZacho

    MaxxZacho Arachnopeon

    couldn't it be a Heterometrus? I say this because of the lighter colored telson/aculeus....
  10. No, the chelae structure does not really suggest Heterometrus spp. It is a Pandinus spp., but I wouldn't say that it is P. imperator so definitively...it is most likely, but it could be another species.

    It appears that 'Whiptail' is just the scorpion's name, why would it be capitalized?