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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by stonemantis, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Casey K

    Casey K Arachnoknight Arachnosupporter

    Received my little P. Ornata today from Hellion- awesome packing!!! Great communication!!! Baby arrived alive and well!!! Will definitely do business with him in the future!!!! Thanks!!! :)
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  2. jiacovazzi

    jiacovazzi Arachnoknight


    Great communication, fast payment and very personable. Thank you and would definitely do business again.
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  3. snakecollector

    snakecollector Arachnosquire Old Timer


    Healthy little GBB mature male. Communication was great and Shipping was prompt and professional

    Thank you
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  4. just had the pleasure of doing business with anna.
    my order was shipped promptly, and was packed very well. she remained in contact with good communication throughout the process.
    I would not hesitate to order from her again, especially with such great prices!

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  5. mandarb

    mandarb Arachnopeon

    Fantastic customer service and great packaging. Spiders arrived on time and I couldn't be happier. Will do business again soon.
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  6. Inca73

    Inca73 Arachnopeon

    A++++++++++ I would buy from Anna Bino and Frank Cooley anytime. I have ordered two times in the last two weeks. Great deals and packaging. The tarantulas looked great. I'm even thinking about setting up direct deposit with them. Lol j/k
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  7. As all the others have stated, the slings I received were beautiful, and well packaged, and made it safely to me. Excellent service and product.
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  8. LaRiz

    LaRiz Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Positive...my 2nd order arrived safely packaged for warmer temps (insulated box w/cold pack) and critters are lively and feeding. Good communication and prompt shipping. Also, a freebie was included with my order again! Will buy from them again in the future.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2015
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  9. l1lthought

    l1lthought Arachnopeon

    NEGATIVE! (Breeder Loan)

    NEGATIVE 100%

    I sent a couple males off to Anna Bino and Frank Cooley for a 50/50 breeder loan. They were not picked up from shipping right away, and I received no communication on their breeding attempts even after asking for such.
    I was not told they were paired until after I got upset at their skills to keep me in the loop about my males and saying such. It takes about two minutes of your time to keep your loaner in the loop. Mind you during this time Anna has been MASS POSTING ads all over facebook to try and sell her "selectively bred" slings.
    She has actually been removed from some groups due to her mass posts. As you can see in the review page I will post.
    I was then threatened to comply with them lest I want to be ignored, blocked or cover cost of shipping of my males back to me.
    Now in any business YOU DO NOT threaten an uphappy customer, you don't try to retain control over a situation yourselves have made worse.

    I posted a review of them on the Arachnid Communities Feedback Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/345355288989464/
    only to be insulted personally by them later on.
    In this site I have included all pictures of my conversations with them, their comment and personal insult back, as well as my personal dealings through email with Frank. Please feel free to peruse at your leisure.

    Screenshot_2015-08-11-14-01-38.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-11-14-01-56.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-11-14-02-11.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-11-18-25-13.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-11-14-08-24.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2015
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  10. l1lthought

    l1lthought Arachnopeon

    Breeder loan Continued

    Screenshot_2015-08-11-18-25-41.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-11-18-25-47.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-22-07-00-19.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-22-07-00-29.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-22-07-00-45.jpg
  11. l1lthought

    l1lthought Arachnopeon

    Breeding loan continued

    Screenshot_2015-08-22-07-00-52.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-22-07-01-35.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-21-05-04-05-1.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-21-05-04-15.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-21-17-15-51.jpg
  12. l1lthought

    l1lthought Arachnopeon

    Screenshot_2015-08-21-17-15-58.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-21-17-16-22.jpg

    If it makes me a "bully" to be honest and speak my truth about how this situation is handled, when I'm also involved in this!, then call me a bully.

    However, I would see the "bully" term more on their end for the threats of "if you don't do this I will..." etc etc.

    You can't control a situation that was bad from the beginning. And if you can't handle someone's honesty then don't deal with people!
  13. Hellion299

    Hellion299 Arachnosquire

    Thank you Kiana for posting this information for interested individuals.
    I am confident that potential buyers/loaners will read the information thoroughly, and make the proper decision regarding working with Anna or myself. :)
    If it seems as though parts of the conversation are missing, that's because they are. Lol.
    Anna, and I both attempted multiple times to deescalate the situation with Kiana before deciding to block her on Facebook to avoid further pointless insults.
    I would also like it to be known, great care has been given to Kiana's males, throughout this entire ordeal, and we even offered to pay shipping to send them back to her once she appeared to be upset. (This is of course after we covered the cost of shipping to get them to us.)

    Here is one of the many examples why we chose to block Kiana on Facebook:
    Sometime into this whole ordeal, we told Kiana we would ship her males back (for free) in the next couple days (depending on the temp), and would contact her (said this many times) in the future if her males had helped produce any spiderlings (again, why does she think we would not be honest and tell her if we produced spiderlings with her male?). Then she says some condescending, so Anna replied "We will have a tracking number for you shorlty". Kiana knows we will not be shipping for a couple days, but gets bored a couple hours later, and begins to insult Anna for using the word shortly. Which is why in the message above Anna says "-no need to be a bully, I remember we agreed to ship in a couple days to avoid the heat."

    So, after all of this, I gave Kiana my personal email, and told her SHE would need to cover shipping to return the males.
    Instead of doing this, she asked for me to give the males to another breeder who lives 30 minutes from me.
    I agreed to this, and told her I would take the males to him next time I see him.
    (Anna or myself usually see this breeder once or twice a month.)

    Again, if anyone is feeling hesitant to do business with us in anyway, please feel free to contact Anna or myself, and give us the opportunity to put you at ease.
    Also, feel free to look through the other 7 pages of positive reviews beginning in 2008.

    I'm going to ask (even though I feel it is pointless) Kiana, you have said your piece, and now the whole world knows:
    Please do not reply to my review thread again.
    Feel free to contact me through my personal email address if need be, but unless I am mistaken, I believe we have agreed on our plan of action.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2015
  14. l1lthought

    l1lthought Arachnopeon

    Frank, all of the information is clearly there for anyone to see and to peruse at their own leisure, INCLUDING everything you are mentioning in your reply to this. My response as well as Anna's and your owns.

    If I had ANYTHING to hide it would not be there for all to see. My responses, whether anyone take them as bad or good are there. I am not afraid to show what was said by myself.

    To further, it has come to my attention that you are ILLEGALLY shipping via USPS. It would be a shame were someone to report you to them...

    ---------- Post added 08-23-2015 at 03:06 PM ----------

    Also, I ask anyone to pay shipping of my males because I do NOT expect them back. Hmm.. raw deal? No. It's not.

    To comment on one thing you said, "(again, why does she think we would not be honest and tell her if we produced spiderlings with her male?"

    You're grasping at straws here. No where, on the internet or to anyone did I EVER say I did not think you wouldn't contact me if they produced spiderlings. In fact, I stated the opposite on my review in Arachnids Feedback.
    You are just further proving you have nothing to grasp at and how immature you both are.
    You continued to try to gain control over a situation telling me I must do this or do that If I wanted this or that.

    Again: Here is the a THIRD EXAMPLE of you trying to gain Control over this situation: "I'm going to ask (even though I feel it is pointless) Kiana, you have said your piece, and now the whole world knows:
    Please do not reply to my review thread again.
    Feel free to contact me through my personal email address if need be, but unless I am mistaken, I believe we have agreed on our plan of action.

    Please... continue with your "bossness"
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2015
  15. z32upgrader

    z32upgrader Arachnoknight

    Moore, OK
    Positive!! A+++

    I was as happy as this cactus to work with Anna and Frank! I traded some dubia for some spiders and purchased a few too. They all arrived happy and healthy! She gave me a great deal and her communication was outstanding! I would be very happy to do business with them again! Thanks for being such great people! We need more people like Anna and Frank in this hobby!
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  16. jbinkc1911

    jbinkc1911 Arachnopeon


    I just received a couple of t's from Frank, packaging was great, arrived when he said it would, and the little beuties are alive and well!
    Would contact seller again for sure, thanks very much! Cheers.
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  17. Just received an adult female A. purpurea from Frank, and was very pleased with the transaction. Beautiful spider, excellent and very professional packaging job -- happy customer here.
  18. emilykay405

    emilykay405 Arachnopeon

    Perfect Transactions w/Anna

    I've had two very awesome transactions with Anna and Frank. I will definitely be purchasing from them again. All packaging was awesome!
  19. SteamBug

    SteamBug Arachnopeon


    Received various pokies in great condition. Excellent communication. Would do business with again. : )
  20. Grio

    Grio Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter


    ordered x5 Holothele incei and got the 6th one free.

    USPS was delayed a day with the shipping and all the Ts came in alive and healthy. The cold pack was still cool to the touch. The package was double package. The first package was a standard brown box and within that just a size smaller was a white box lined with styrofoam. To top it off there was some paper isolation within that.

    The slings were secured in straws with paper on both ends. As soon as they were let out they were more than happy to run around their new home.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2015