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Haven't had a molt in awhile...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by GiantVinegaroon, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. GiantVinegaroon

    GiantVinegaroon Arachnoprince

    ...I have 6 Ts, 3 P. cambridgei, 1 B. albopilosum, and 2 Ceratogyrus darlingi, all around the 2 inch mark I'd say...maybe a little over. I think only one of the cambridgei have molted recently. I got the Cerats in September and only one of them has molted in October or November. I guess you can say feeding frequency has been about once a month...but idk I feel like I should have more molts than I have had...then again I am not feeding very frequently. What do you think?
  2. nhdjoseywales

    nhdjoseywales Arachnosquire

    i'd "guess" the feeding schedule is the issue, but temp also has an effect on growth rate as well
  3. 8by8

    8by8 Arachnoknight

    Do you have a calender or note book that you record molts and feedings? That could help a little bit to get them on a cycle. But as long as they have nice rumps and are not shriveled, and the sp. specific care is taken I think you should be good.
  4. GiantVinegaroon

    GiantVinegaroon Arachnoprince

    I wish I had records on them but I don't. I should probably start keeping track again. I'm pretty sure if they eat anything else that they're going to cause a massive explosion :D
  5. Jilly1337

    Jilly1337 Arachnoknight

    All 3 of those species grow at different rates. Within the species, individual spiders will molt at different rates. I have 1 of 5 GBB's, the other 4 are in my BF's care. 3 of his have molted throughout the week but mine and his 4th are still in premolt. The last time they all molted, mine was the first one. Also, the bigger they are, the less frequent the molts. 2" spiders will usually have more time between molts than a .5" sling. Keeping records is a great idea so that you can identify trends for each individual and species but I don't think anything is out of the ordinary here.
  6. TalonAWD

    TalonAWD Arachnoprince

    If you want more molts, feed them as frequent as you can (example every day) and keep them really warm (example 80-90F) You will get more molts. Make sure there is moisture as well.
    They will not explode or eat themselves to death. They know when they have had enough. With large abdomens, make sure they do not have access to large heights as the risk of an injury due to falling are far greater.