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Has H. lividium (Cobalt Blue) lost appeal?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Sharno, Apr 6, 2014.

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    I just picked up a sling a few weeks ago for like 20 bucks I think. Can't wait for it to grow out
  2. CupcakeRosea

    CupcakeRosea Arachnosquire

    My LPS has a 3-4" female for $50. I think they're gorgeous and I may have to go get her.

    In my teenager years, the Cobalt Blue was "the most aggressive spider ever" and anyone who had them were badass and cool.
    I ended up buying a small sling and I had thought all T's could be kept like a rosea. :sarcasm: Then it died and I decided that maybe they weren't for me.
    Now that's not the case at all, lol.​
  3. antinous

    antinous Pamphopharaoh Arachnosupporter

    Watching a video title 'Cobalt Blue Handling' is what first peaked my interest in T's. The person making the video was pretty gutsy, but the colors on it attracted me to look into T's. For me at least, H. Lividum hasn't lost its appeal, I still hope to own one or two in the future!
  4. The only spider my friend could remembering me having was the cobalt blue :)

    I did stop the hobby a couple of years ago but I'm gonna restart again.
    H. lividum is on my buying list, here in my country it's hard to go buy some spiders but I will find them :) and the closest shop in germany is also only 247km away so ity's not that far to buy some of them.

    gtrs SnoobS
  5. MarkmD

    MarkmD Arachnoprince

    You can't ever go wrong with a cobalt blue, they like to hide and move fast catching pray (amazing) to watch.
  6. Other than being photogenic, i love how mine wanders around at night at exactly 7 in the evening. You'll be surprised and amazed at how long and wide their legspan are :D