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handling pockey species!!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by tamjam69, Dec 14, 2007.

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    My boyfriend enticed my miranda out to night, me being brave and wanting to hold my(expensive) baby + a bottle of wine, and her being so beautiful and me thinking she wont bite . could anyone tell me have they handled one, she has shown no aggression, so far. should I handle her or not. here are some pics. :drool:
  2. They normally are not that defensive. BUT they do have bursts of speed, so they can run fast enough to shoot up your arm and you will not catch her before she is in your armpit or elsewhere. Just be careful, have a second person there to help you out incase she does make a break for it. Be calm and it should be a great blood pressure exercise.
  3. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Yeah, but I don't think handling a tarantula + alcohol mix very well.

    Maybe you should wait till you're sober. Especially with a pokie.
  4. That liquid confidence will go away when you have a pokie scrambling all over the place.
  5. syndicate

    syndicate Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    if i were u id read some of the Poecilotheria bite reports then decide if u still want to handle them ;]
  6. we did and she can run pretty quick, but it was so cool, I'm scared of our g.pulchra but she flicks hair, but I loved it and was calm !! and so proud to own one of these t's. shes gorgeous. and I could watch her all day (or night if I could stay awake) Its ok for you guys your just waking up. as for the chrimbo tunes you guys rule. merry Christmas to all....:drool: :drool: {D {D :worship: :worship: p.s I am not that pissed, yet. anyone care to join me in a merry christmas drink.????
  7. will do that. I held it even if it was the once. cheers for the advice. ;0)
  8. Aunt Ant

    Aunt Ant Arachnoknight

    Who's just waking up? It's 6pm over here.. :?
    What kinda wine ya got? :}

  9. its australian wine , some strong scrumpy cider and some good old carling... listening to timo maas, and admiring our t's , oh its such a perfect day!! {D
  10. whats the weather like
  11. pics

    fearless or silly????
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2007
  12. Poecilotheria miranda

    me and matilda.xxxxx

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  13. Sabatta

    Sabatta Arachnoknight Old Timer

    She goes well with the tattoo.
  14. Good pic! Beautiful spider :D
    Maybe you should drink more
  15. thats my bo he's just practising on me, free tattoos , love it ...:p
  16. Great picture! You have more guts then me. My pokies are to look at only. There is no way I'd ever think about holding an adult. Not because I think I would get bite, just the thought of what if I got bit is enough to keep my hands to myself.
  18. harveythefly

    harveythefly Arachnoknight Old Timer

  19. Merfolk

    Merfolk Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I am no prone to handle, but I'd like to share the following thougts:

    -Not your case I think, but a T that is fed pinkies might think your fingers has a similar yummy texture. (I'm sure some UK T keepers do disobey the law:rolleyes: )

    -To the T, a fist seems like an opponent too big to try overcoming. A finger seems like a perfect snack. Whenever I have to touch my spiders, I always clench my fist first. I never let it come close to a lone finger.

    -I test the current mood of the animal with a stick. Just in case...
  20. gambite

    gambite Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I try not to handle my pokies, because I have a tendency to get spooked, bite, and then run away.

    But seriously, that is quite a beautiful spider you have. Do you get itchy after it walking all over your bare skin like that? My rose leaves pockets of itchy skin wherever she walks, and the bottoms of my wrists seem to be especially susceptible.