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Handling my Black Widow:)

Discussion in 'True Spiders & Other Arachnids' started by ruckaisawesome, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. ruckaisawesome

    ruckaisawesome Arachnosquire

    haven't posted anything for a while now so just felt like sharing something:biggrin:
    It's funny how there are people who think these guys attack anything that moves lol
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  2. MarkmD

    MarkmD Arachnoprince

    A Little mad but cool.
  3. Scoolman

    Scoolman Arachnolord

    They are more skittish than anything, but I would not ever risk putting one in hand. I have two in my T room right now. They are fun to watch, and feed roach nymphs to.
  4. nepenthes

    nepenthes Arachnobaron

    Your crazy. But that lady of yours looks happy and fat!
  5. Alltheworld601

    Alltheworld601 Arachnoangel

    Most spiders tend to avoid the feel of human skin but every time i've seen a widow handled they seem to actually gravitate to it. beautiful girl, I can tell you trust her and that's awesome. all accounts I have read from widow owners say that they are extremely docile, and all the videos i have seen would prove that to be true.

    that said, i wouldn't keep them because i have a 3-year-old. But if I didn't, I'd have one on my hand no problem.
  6. ruckaisawesome

    ruckaisawesome Arachnosquire

    Not really that skittish.. I feed it countless crickets by hand and it never seemed to mind
  7. T-kid's mom

    T-kid's mom Arachnosquire Old Timer

    She is a pretty girl! Love that she is so gentle!
  8. Alltheworld601

    Alltheworld601 Arachnoangel

    She waved goodbye at the end!
  9. RobynTRR

    RobynTRR Arachnosquire

    That's pretty cool to see, but I'm not doing it : )
  10. Scar

    Scar Arachnosquire

    I have never had a phobia of arachnids, but I don't think I could bring myself to do this. The likelihood of a bite is small when handled with care, but the thought of a widow on me gives me the chills. Kudos.
  11. Anonymity82

    Anonymity82 Arachnoprince

    Unless you try to take their egg sac away!

    Mine wasn't very happy with me and acted very aggressively when I kept her in a small deli container. She would bob (seen in the video) and charge the opening whenever I opened the container. I've pet her but never handled her. I don't really think she would take a bite but I can't take that chance. I'm way too poor lol.

    I moved her to a mini KK. She's happy as a pig in mud on a hot day!

    Here's a video of her in the smaller container. I was very tired so I sound stoned a bit... but I'm not lol.