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Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by andrewpzb, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. andrewpzb

    andrewpzb Arachnopeon

    what do you think the most handable tarantula there is
  2. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor

    My female A. avicularia.
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  3. Harvard Fairway

    Harvard Fairway Arachnopeon

    My Brachypelma emilia who just passed away this week was my most docile T, Loved to be held.
  4. Ahmet29992

    Ahmet29992 Arachnopeon

    My Grammostola pulchripes is like a toy, it's very docile. Not to locusts and crickets, though.
    I hope you're not one of the two, or else.....
  5. Scoolman

    Scoolman Arachnolord

    Each tarantula is an individual, thus will have individual temperaments as well. With that in mind some of the more docile terrestrial species tend to be G. pulchra, G. pulchripes, E. campestrtus, B. albopilosum, and I am sure there are quite a few others out there.
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  6. Phlerr

    Phlerr Arachnoknight

    My thoughts exactly but if I had to pick one of those as the MOST docile and handable, Id say the B albo would be your best bet.
  7. Formerphobe

    Formerphobe Arachnoking Arachnosupporter

    VA, USA
    The most handleable tarantula is the one that allows handling without flight, bite or flick. Even those in the 'docile' species are individual in that regard.
  8. apophysis

    apophysis Arachnopeon

    Pamphobeteus ultramarinus
  9. freedumbdclxvi

    freedumbdclxvi Arachnoprince

    So Fla
    of my t's, i would say my chilean flame is the most docile by far. she loves being held.
  10. invictus

    invictus Arachnopeon

    G. pulchra by far.

    I'm a little concerned about people who claim their T's "love" to be held; you should look up the word "anthropomorphism". Your Ts don't "love" anything. They are tolerant of being held, and maybe enjoy your body heat. That's about it.

    That said, I'm getting both P.ultramarinus and a chilean flame with the order I have coming, so it is really good to hear that people have had pleasant experiences interacting with them. :D
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  11. Scoolman

    Scoolman Arachnolord

    Exactly. I have a G pulchra that is all bite.
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  12. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    Id say my G. rosea as she tends to just sit, then walks slowely.. My B. vagans is more entertaining because he walks faster and is basically a toy
  13. Shay

    Shay Arachnopeon

    my A metallica.
  14. Reptileplantguy

    Reptileplantguy Arachnopeon

    Since when do tarantulas love to be held?????? :( :FAIL:

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  15. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    obviously.. most of the Brachypelma sp. belong to that category lol
  16. SamuraiSid

    SamuraiSid Arachnodemon

    In regards to the OP, I agree with whoever provided the most vague answer (ie. depends on the individual, etc) ;)
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  17. emc37

    emc37 Arachnopeon

    The T with the fewest bite reports seems to be the pink toes (Avic. avic.): http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?54498-Avicularia-avicularia

    Also, the bites seem to happen when people hand-feed crickets and the T then confuses a finger for food, or when the T is unbalanced and is trying to hang on/keep from falling off by using a fang. Personally, I've never seen an avic avic that wasn't docile :D
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  18. Zeph

    Zeph Arachnosquire

    Dwarf Chile Flame - also very slow & small!
  19. Ludedor24

    Ludedor24 ArachnoKing Arachnosupporter

    a. avics by far, they may roam around some but I think my cat is more grumpy than any of my avics lol
  20. Phlerr

    Phlerr Arachnoknight

    I love that sp. I've been wantin at least 1 maybe 2 for a while now. I think that velvety black color is gorgeous.