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HaHa!found an adult pic

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by kevin91172, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. kevin91172

    kevin91172 Arachnobaron

    HaHa!found an old pic

    I found this old pic of me catching a actual breeding(they were locked up!) pair of Texas Rats I got called at work to remove.Safety man took the photo and placed in the company news letter along with an article titled "The snake man"

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  2. MOBugGuy

    MOBugGuy Arachnoknight

    Are one of them white/ Cool pic.
  3. kevin91172

    kevin91172 Arachnobaron

    No I wish! its the under belly....Nerdy a@@ safety glasses though{D{D
  4. MOBugGuy

    MOBugGuy Arachnoknight

    Lmao I just noticed those. I cant wait for my pair to get that big.
  5. kevin91172

    kevin91172 Arachnobaron

    Ya! I am 6' tall so I am guessing they were maybe 4 and half pushing 5'

    They were big and fun to catch. It drew a crowd and people doing via phone vids and pics But I did not get bit with tailing both of them in each hand and carefully pinning them with each foot to get the pointy end!:D