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H. incei feeding time with a question?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by elyanalyous, Sep 22, 2006.

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    well my h. incei arrived from tarantula canada nice and health, i got them into enclosures and settled, then my boyfirend opened one of the tanks, not thinking that these little things would be that fast...he must have moved just to fast, the incei bolted and he caught it in his bare hands, and then quickly deposited it in the container again and slammed the lid. he was terrified that he had hurt it...it was so cute, having to reasure him that he didn't hurt my new t. we agreed that we should move them to a different tye of enclosure so we could see them better, and so we wouldn't have to take the whole lid off to do maintenence. we got some small kk. we had to block off some slats that were a little too wide, but now they are great.

    we fed the incei just now, and it was awsome. the one we nicknamed pompom (who has now been changed to cerberus (guard dog to the underworld in greek methology) was in its burrow when the chricket was dropped in, and all we saw were the tips of its legs reachout and grab the chricket...lol... anyways the other one (artemis) attacked in the open and then dragged the chricket into its burrow.

    the pint of my post tho is this, now both cerberus and artemis have sealed off thier burrows with the meal inside. do all slings do this? why? thier about 3/4"-1".
  2. Midnightcowboy

    Midnightcowboy Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Yes, nearly all the slings I've had have done this at some stage or another. I suppose it's like shutting the door to your house. The little guys just want a bit of privacy and not to be disturbed:D Tarantulas will do it throughout their entire life. Sometimes it's a sign they're going into premoult. I've noticed some slings do it when the humidity gets a little bit low in their pot. Other species like to seal up the entrance in the day and then come out at night (C. crawshayi springs to mind) Glad you're enjoying your new T's!
  3. Yes they do, especially when a molt is approaching or they are not in feed mode
  4. i was told to expect them to molt in a month or two depending on how i fed them....they sealed the food in with them, so mabye they want privacy then... was just wondering