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Grosphus grandidier

Discussion in 'Sting Reports' started by AzJohn, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. AzJohn

    AzJohn Arachnoking Old Timer

    I was stung by a 3i. (.75") Grosphus grandidier. The sting was on the tip of my thumb. The pain was not as bad as some ant stings I got as a kid. It did last much longer, at 20 minutes it still hurts. No swelling or other problems at this point.
  2. nicoreptil

    nicoreptil Arachnopeon

    i was stung on my thumb by a 3inch male grosphus grandidier today i removed a cork bark without tong -_- in the terrarium and d'in't see them
    immediately after i feel a burning sensation.

    10 minute later it begin
    the pain was unbearable in my arm cramp...burning sensation like a tattoo,the pain in my thumb was 10/10 in my arm 5/10

    it took 30 minutes before the pain disappear

    and now 6 hour after the sting i just feel a burning sensation in my thumb but its ok !

    sorry for my english I just wanted to share with you :)

    the guy buy them on the name of parabuthus transvaalicus but tell me it a grosphus so ...
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2014