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Grin's Reviews

Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by grayzone, Jan 22, 2012.

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    so i recently did a deal with another friend here and the package i ordered got sent to Brittanie (aka grin) because she lives close enough to me...and he was sending her a package as well... the package was in her care for a few days, and i just feel she deserves a review written about how much she helped. We live in Washington st. and the snow hit us pretty good this year. She went through great lengths to keep my ts safe. She opened them to get em out and about, she kept them alive in less than 50 degree weather (due to day and a half power outage), and even put up with my indecisiveness about meeting arrangements. Thanks alot Brittanie, your a good t owner and i appreciate all your help. i would deal with you again anytime no problem.:worship:

    K Brittanie just came to meet me and we did a great exchange. The ts (female Lp and a 2.5" M. cabocla) look healthy as can be, came in awesome enclosures (at least my new female Lp did) and she even told me their temperments. I guess my Lp is a eyes only pet lol (well see about that)
    All in all i am extremely pleased with the transaction, and again, i wouldnt hesitate to trust her anytime.
    I hope you enjoy the T. plumipes and the cupreus sling. Look forward to dealing with you again
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