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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by roaddog, May 5, 2011.

  1. roaddog

    roaddog Arachnoknight

    For first time shipper he did an excellent job! Completed a trade with Steven and got a great MM LP. With 2 gravid females already and 2 more hopefully with his male, I can start my LP farm! :D

    I would have no problem doing business with grayzone again!

  2. Novatsk

    Novatsk Arachnopeon

    Positive++++ xD
    Just finished a trade with steven! Great communication even thought there was a 3 hour time difference! Awesome shipping! Styrofoam newspaper .. Big container lined nicely with paper towels .. Not too humid or too dry :) told me about the t's temperament so I wouldnt be surprised. Overall a really great job couldn't be happier xD
    Thanks again!
  3. Chrisduhfur

    Chrisduhfur Arachnopeon

    Big +

    Just got 3 very healthy and awesome slings from Grayzone aka Steven, he personally delivered them to me one of the easiest and fastest transactions I have ever done.
    I would definitely purchase from Steven again!!! .... well i plan on it when he get his pokie slings.

    Thanks so much Steven

  4. Just picked up a MM LP from him, very easy to work with, he met me close to my house. Very friendly guy, I'll definitely do business with him again! It's always nice having someone you can deal with locally.
  5. synic

    synic Arachnosquire

    This is a "buyer" review. Grayzone purchased 14 spiders from me, and I wanted to note that he was communicative the entire time and payed when he said he would. A++++, WOULD SELL TO HIM AGAIN.
  6. WhiskyTrekker

    WhiskyTrekker Arachnopeon

    Good trade!

    Traded for a couple of H. incei that got delayed in the mail. Were packed well (even though he felt it was a rush job) and healthy on arrival. GREAT communication...trust Steven, he will treat you right! I would trade, buy and sell to Grayzone any day!
    thanks man!

  7. bothriechis83

    bothriechis83 Arachnopeon

    Did a trade with him and everything went smoothly. He was quick to reply and followed through when he said he would. Would do business with again.
  8. Grayzone, your packing is extraordinary! I have no doubt you could probably ship them all the way to india! A great trade, received 11 slings and every single one made it - heck 2 B.albo slings even molted in transit! Very healthy well fed animals, they were not sluggish at all due to his excellent packing. Thanks for the freebie enclosure too dude! Hope my ornata pair get to you just as healthy!

    Will happily trade/buy with him again! Recommend to everyone :D
  9. Grin

    Grin Arachnoknight

    Made a trade with Steven, You can tell he takes very good care of his T's and are well fed. They were packed in a box real tightly so they didn't bounce around in the car, very much appreciated :) Great communication as well.
    Also received a freebie Which was another Tapi i didn't have, very awesome of him.
    With out a doubt do business with him again.
  10. micah77

    micah77 Arachnopeon

    I just picked up a p. Regalis from grayzone. He gave me a good deal and has bean very helpfull. A+++++++. I am very happy with transaction and would not hesitate to do more
  11. Ixithel

    Ixithel Arachnosquire

    Traded locally with Steven yesterday. Very positive experience!
    He has perfect communication and keeps you updated before, during, and after a transaction. He is a passionate and very trustworthy hobbyist and I will be dealing with him again.
    Do not hesitate to do business with him, you will not be disappointed :)
  12. TpleaseForMe

    TpleaseForMe Arachnosquire

    i did personal one for female lp and he gave me hell of a deal and before i even met him on her now he got me to join and happy he did great fellow hobbiest and cant wait for the future slings super excited for more business
  13. Sukai94

    Sukai94 Arachnobaron


    I did a trade with Steve. I was happy with the whole transaction. Steve was very upfont and clear about the "shortcomings" of the mature male he sent as he wanted me to be aware before we made any sort of deal. Steve told me many times about the MM's physical imperfections. With everything he said I did not have too many high hopes for this guy but figured I would give him a whirl. When the male arrived I was impressed as other than the damaged leg he was spunky as can be (also the packing was superb!) The MM started drumming as soon as I introduced him to the female. I observed a sperm web in her enclosure and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    I would be happy to deal with Steve anytime!
  14. Positive.

    I found a MM rosea at an lps here so I contacted him and we set up a trade. He hooked me up very nicely with three slings and he's also going to put a package together for me once his gravid females lay sacks. I couldn't be happier. Thankyou Steve! I hope everything goes well with the male!
  15. kyahalhai21311

    kyahalhai21311 Arachnosquire


    Steve and I did a breeding loan with my MM A. avicularia. he kept very good communication, kept me up to date on how my male was doing, and offered me a substantial cut of the *potential* slings! when he sent him back, Steve was legitimately concerned with his condition. but his packing was fantastic and my male came back with no problems whatsoever! would definitely deal with him again!

  16. bugarella

    bugarella Arachnosquire

    awesome experience

    This is a little late, sorry. I did a trade with greyzone last weekend. I wad impressed with his excellent communication throughout the days leading up to meeting him. He was upfront about everything, polite, and informative about the tarantulas. He was prompt when responding to messages, and on time when we met up. All of the tarantulas were healthy and happy and have already settled into their new homes. Everything about the deal was just awesome and I wouldn't think twice about dealing with him again, this being the first time i have ever traded tarantulas, he made it so easy. Actually looking forward to dealing with him in the future :)
  17. roaddog

    roaddog Arachnoknight

    It has been 2 years since I have gotten anything from Steve! I received a beauty of a GRAVID momma. She was packed great, survived a flat screen television dropping on her and then some :)

    Hopefully she drops a sac so I can send him a bunch of packaged slings crawling all over the box.

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  18. newspidermom

    newspidermom Arachnosquire


    DId a trade with Steve and have to say he is a huge plus to the hobby! His packing shows how much he cares and all Ts arrived healthy and I couldn't be more pleased. :) Awesome communication during the deal and beyond. Will definitely be keeping in contact with him and would strongly suggest him to anyone. Even if it's a simple question he's always more than happy to help if he can.

    Thanks so much Steve! :)
  19. JohnDapiaoen

    JohnDapiaoen Arachnobro

    Very positive.

    Did a trade with Steve for my male P. ornata and the transaction went pretty smoothly I; however, missed the first delivery attempt but thanks to his very professional packing they arrived safely.He kept great communication the whole time. wont hesitate to do business with him again. Thanks again.

  20. LuiziBee

    LuiziBee Arachnobaron


    A few weeks ago I contacted Steve because I saw his request for a MM GBB. This was my very first trade and first time ever shipping a T. I went first for obvious reasons, and the MM arrived safe & sound. He then sent me the N. chromatus we had agreed on from the beginning. He also sent me a freebie N. coloratovillosus with it. Everything arrived on time, the packing was great, and everyone was in great health.

    He made my first experience with all of this worth it. I would trade with him again any time.

    Thank you, Steve!!