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Grammostola rosea

Discussion in 'Bite Reports' started by AKA.moses, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. Eclipse

    Eclipse Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Not so nice after all.

    Ugh, that's the worst I've seen, it looks so gross. I'm getting squeamish. :wall:

    Well last night, I wasn't bitten, but my friend had a G. rosea for a couple of years and when he handled her, it liked to make threat poses but never struck. That night it was real hot and my friend needed to clean the cage so he picked it up like he usually does and she bit him. Its fangs drove in pretty deep and left a scary looking hole.

    Nothing bad happened, just swelling for about an hour and intense itching. He told me the itching and the pain went away by the next day.
  2. Shagrath666

    Shagrath666 Arachnobaron

    Well i got my first bite, it was from my male G. rosea. He is about 3-3.5" and most of the time he is as sweet as can be. I ussually use a cup or flower pot to pick him up in before he goes on my hand cause he can be grumpy leaving his enclosure but once he's out he's fine. Well i went in to get him out to take some nice pics and was coaxing him into the pot, my first clue should have been the very very brief threat pose ( i thought he was just startled) he, quick as lightning ran on top of the pot and caught my thumb right UNDER the nail which needless to say hurt a lot. Lucky for him he was very close to teh bottom of the cage because out of being startled i dropped the pot. after i got over the adrenaline and had a couple ciggs to calm damn i looked at it and saw clear sticky vemon on the end of my thumb. took some anti-histamine and went too sleep. I think the scare it gave me was worse than the bite, it hurt a little for the next few days. Now he is docile as can be as long as i dont touch the flower pot, then he gets angry.
  3. robd

    robd Arachnobaron

    I am just now realizing that 2 weeks ago today I received my first bite when I was at a reptile expo. I bought a subadult G rosea from the expo, mainly cause I really liked the custom wood/plexiglass enclosure that someone who used to own it made for it. Except, looking back I see now why this person might've opted to rehome their T. I was just looking at my wrist at where I remember having some itchiness after picking the T up and letting it crawl over my wrist. Looking closely, there are two little bite marks.

    I am kind of hesitant to tell this story now to my wife and friends because I want them to be comfortable with the idea of possibly handling one of my T's. Perhaps just not that one.
  4. DamoK21

    DamoK21 Arachnosquire

    so i was asked by my step dad to get the rosey out so he could have a look at her (he doesnt live with us) and i said yea sure why not. He also asked has she ever bitten me and i said "Noooo what her never she gentle, docile, and very friendly" NOT TODAY lol

    i opend the enclosure and as usaul she greets me by comming out of the hide then try and climb the side to come out and i just gave her a little help by putting my hand behind her and helping her get grip (BAD IDEA) usauly she wouldnt do this but she span round to about a 35 degree angle and tagged me just bellow my wrist ...... i gatherd by the love bite she didnt want to no so i just left her be ......

    Pain wise wernt that bad felt abit worse than a bee sting localized pain itching bit of bleeding tiny bit of cramping

    that lasted no more than a day ......

    a few days later i checked in on her got her out she was fine =]

    this aint the first time iv been bit because of my tactics on checking the mood of my tarantulas they bite me garenteed every time lol most people will use tweezers or a paint brush to check the temperment of there T at that time I DONT (idiot i no) i use my finger bad idea trust me but i dont mind taking a bite from any tarantula itll hurt but itll heal =]

    if you are going to handle tarantulas or true spiders handle with this in your mind "im most likely will be bitten" expect to be bit least then when it happens it dont come as a suprize any way she only ever bit me once never happend again =]
  5. OBT1

    OBT1 Arachnosquire

    G. rosea

    Yesterday was a regular day...I was cleaning my G. rosea's cage.Usually he is by his sperm web just sitting there.But yesterday he was a little more active than he usually is.I thought nothing of it...then I paid for it.HE RAN UP AND BIT ME ON MY THUMB!!! I don't know what I did but I know it was something because well he bit me.

    Symptoms- it was a dry bite so no pain unless you count the actual bite.:eek:oh:
  6. seacowst

    seacowst Arachnosquire

    i got bit by a rosie on the shoulder cus she bolted up my arm i tried to get her down but she bit me instead and hurt till the next day. it swelled a lil and then nothing after
  7. aLDoDarK

    aLDoDarK Arachnoknight

    my first bite is from my adult female rosie. she gave me 4 holes on my right hand. But I'm still not sure if it's somekind like a bite, she stayed calmly on my hand and she tried to grab my hand with her fang like she wanted to grab a substrate. and nothing much I can do, just let her do it and she did try it for 2 times. Oke time for me to move on, and I use a brush to push up her mouth away from my hand. and it succeed.

    There's no effect, no swelling, no itch at all. only the redness. and it looks much better after 2-3 hours. So I'm guessing it was a dry bite
  8. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Arachnopeon

    My female bit me a while back, but I definitely deserved it. She had always been docile and easy to hold. Anyways, she started sitting outside of her hide with it's head touching the ground, it looked like she was eating soil. So I got the bright idea of picking it her up and flipping her over to inspect her mouth since I had a tarantula die like the before and it ended up being caused by nematode worms.

    I flipped her over two or three times, and obviously she didn't like it too much. But since I was naive and thought there was no way that gentle thing could ever bite me I kept going... After the the third time she sank her fangs into my hand without rearing or anything. I got the picture and put her back, she hasn't been too keen on being handled since then. It ached all night but not much swelling. I'm guessing that there wasn't much venom involved.
  9. kole

    kole Arachnopeon

    My most recent tarantula bite was off everyones favourite, a fully grown female G. Rosea. Again I was holding this for a customer so he could see which one was the easiest to handle. I felt a tiny scratch, when I looked at the chile rose both of her fangs where moving up and down, I guessed she was grooming and carried on. 5 seconds later I still felt the light scratching, when I looked down I saw she was rubbing the tips of her fangs back and forth across my skin! I went to put her back and that's when she struck, I'm still very confused as to why she did this! 10 minutes after being bit I got a huge headache, I felt drowsy and dizzy. The bite was very itchy and it almost gave me a burning sensation. An hour after I was fine, however the itchiness continued for about a week or two after the actual bite.
  10. elliotulysses

    elliotulysses Arachnosquire

    G. rosea

    I feel very silly for this whole incident.
    I was moving from my old apartment to my mother-in-law's house. This resulted in me packing the catch cups before packing the spiders.
    Most have a basic set up and could be put in the car as is, except for my smaller, 4" rosea, appropriately named Crazy. Knowing her disposition, I used the cupped hand method to put her in another container. Only she shot out and tagged me. The tag itself was strange. She drug her fangs over my skin a few times before puncturing me.
    The venom itself had no effect, making me think it was a dry, but odd bite.