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Grammostola rosea

Discussion in 'Bite Reports' started by AKA.moses, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. AKA.moses

    AKA.moses Arachnopeon

    I got bitten by my first T, a rosie about 11 years ago. I handled it alot, we watched TV together on the couch quite often :) , any rate, our cat jumped on the couch, scared the T (pantera) & it bit me, I'm assuming it was dry, but I may be wrong. It felt like a 4 needle shader (for those tattooed people out there :D ). It itched for a few hours & never had another problem with the inflicted area.

    Ironically I later inked a emp. scorp over the site where I was bitten, lol.

    my bad, I forgot to include size.
    The size of the spider, approx. 4" maybe 4½, been awhile & my memory is a bit hazy.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2002
  2. Charlie

    Charlie Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I have learned my lesson.

    I was in a pet shop a few weeks ago and the lady there told me that the G rosea they had was very docile and had never taken a swipe at anyone. She gave me permission to hold it and it was showing some threat displays that I was stupid enough to ignore.

    I was bitten and I am not sure if it was a dry bite or not. She got right on the side of my index finger. To tell you the truth I did not really feel the bite at the time. On my way out of the pet store my finger started to itch and then when I went to scratch it it hurt like a bruise. I looked and there was two small holes along with a bruise and a raised bump.

    She got me and I will never hold another T that looks like it wants to be left alone. In fact I have not even held my rosie since it happened.

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  3. pategirl

    pategirl Arachnoangel Old Timer

    I know how you feel...I had the same experience, but it was with my own rosie. I had her for three years without an incident, but she became extremely nervous one night when we had company over. My neighbor loves animals, so I let her see Mildred. When I opened the kritter keeper she was in, I saw that she had her legs all bunched together as if trying to hide the best way she knew how. Being the naive little teenager I was, I attempted to pick her up. Before I knew what was happening, she had her fangs buried in my index finger. My neighbor watched in horror as Mildred hung on for what seemed like an extremely long period of time. I gently placed her back in her cage, and when her feet touched the substrate, she let go of my finger. I felt a little dizzy for a minute(I get dizzy when anything pierces my skin) , but other than a painful bite on the finger, I was fine. I took me a while to get over that incident, and for the longest I wouldn't even touch her. I got over it though, as a lot of people on arachnopets have seen.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2003
  4. Gillian

    Gillian Arachnoblessed Old Timer

    the bit@h nailed me

    Hi all,
    I'm sure nearly everyone here has heard of my psycho Rosie. Well, the little darling got me.
    I was surfing the web one night (all my t's are now in my computer room)
    I saw movement outside my vision and turned to look. What do I see, a t escaping!
    I jump up, and try to get what I now saw to be my Rosie back in her enclosure. (damn, but she can run!)
    I tried the gentle push of the rump, and thought I had it. However, just like Pategirl's temper tantrum Rosie, my Audra whirled around, raised up, and sank her fangs in my left hand, right where a vein is.
    I beg to differ on it being reported it feels like a bee sting. This hurt much worse. Not sure of the venom, but she was pumping away. It was dripping off my hand. Along with a fair amount of blood.
    Sleeping that night was nearly impossible. My hand alternated between stinging madly and, throbbing. However, no other signs, so I stayed home to care for it. (besides, I think those of us who have herps and other "odd" pets can attest to the treatment you get in an E.R.) I got up, kept it elevated, and iced it down.
    She bit me around 11 P.M., and it finally started calming down around 8 A.M.
    The swelling continued, however. When I awoke at 2 P.M., I had a very large lump on the back of my hand, right above my thumb. Bright green, with an angry purple spot in the middle.
    The moral of my story is, while not a Pokie, even a rosie can bite the crap out of you
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  5. johnnyjohnjon

    johnnyjohnjon Arachnoprince Old Timer

    ad me to the list, I was at work and I was putting some rose hairs we got in into their new kritter keepers. there was one that onlt had six legs ( leg 1 on each side was missing) but I would say it would have been about 5 inches. well anyway I took off the lid, put my left hand behind it and my right in front, well as I proded its rump it turned and put its fangs on my thumb. I remember thinking if I didn't move it wouldn't bite "WRONG" after a second of resting the fangs it stuck them in and pumped in the venom... I just let it go and do its thing untill it let go... probably 1 or 2 seconds later. anyway it was an immediate pins and needles feeling throughout my hand. then the thumb started to swell... about a half hour later the pins and needles went into itching and a slight burning sensation. I put some ice on it and the pain went away, then about an hour after that there was no pain except when I touched the wound( kinda like a bruise) and now its just a stiffness in the thumb. I allways thought that if I was gonna get bit it would be by an Usambara or something... not a rosie. oh well theres a first time for everything.
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  6. Joe

    Joe Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I was at a friend's pet store and he had just gotten a shipment of roseys in. I owned two and they were about as complacent as cows, and being an idiot and assuming they all were, I asked if I could pick up one of his new arrivals. He said "Sure, but I don't know what their temperament is like. I just got them". I placed my hand flat on the bottom of the critter keeper in front of the spider and waited to see if she would take a defensive posture. She just sat there, so I gave her a little puff of air on her rump. Apparently it felt like an attack of some sort to her, because she charged forward and sunk both fangs into my middle finger. She also refused to let go. I held up my hand with spider attached and said "Hey, this spider is biting me. It kind of hurts". It actually hurt less than I thought it would. At least until I stuck a ballpoint pen under the fangs to try and make her let go. She just bit down harder. I ended up having to dunk my hand in a fish tank, and my friend scooped her out with a fishnet. She was none the worse for wear. I bled a lot. And I mean a lot. I soaked up about four or five paper towels, and to the point that they were dripping. I have to say, being bit by a rosey hurts a little more than a bee sting. The tip of my middle finger was tender for the next day or so, but other than that, I suffered no ill effects.
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  7. Figured I'd add one, the only T I've been bitten by that *wasn't* a dry bite.
    One of the rosies that I had a few years ago, I got when I was 11 or 12. I handled her fairy often, and she was always completely calm, the only time she got into threat posture was when she was attacking crickets. Anyway, I had to move her after a molt, because it was too humid in her current tank, so I was moving her to a dryer one. It was the day after she molted, and I didn't think to get something to move her in, because she was always incredibly docile, and I had handled her after molts, before... I guess she REALLY didn't like the humidity in her tank, because she was not a very happy little critter, that day. She nailed me on the side of my hand, right below my pinkie, right hand. She clung for about 10-15 seconds, not too long, but she was NOT happy at all. I got her into the other tank, and checked it out... things like bee/wasp/hornet/yellowjacket stings never had much effect on me, a recluse bite when I was 7 didn't even have all that much effect on me (mind you, my parents knew what it was and took me to the ER to get medication the day after it happened), and I was right, this didn't either. It was a pretty nasty bite, I had blood running down my hand, but the overall effect wasn't bad. Some slight bruising around the bite, and the side of my hand, from my pinkie just down to my wrist was slightly red and swollen for a couple days... some slight tingling, itching, and burning, but that was as bad as it got.
  8. Katronmaster

    Katronmaster Arachnoknight

    A recent nibbling on my my new rosie, whom I suspect is unaware she is a rosie and should be docile. I've seen T. Blondis with better attitudes. Anyway, I was moving her out of her vial and into a real cage, removed the lid and set it down inside. The moment it touched down she shot out of the vial and latched onto my hand, aholding on until I got her annoyed enough with a nearby pencil for her to pursue it instead.

    Thankfully she's only two inches long.

    Minor pin-prick sensation with slight burning. It seems similar to the 'scratch test' allergy testing in sensation. The itching went away overnight just leaving a minorly stiff finger.
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  9. aww <edit>

    ha, i was so stupid when i first got my rose hair, i didnt take the warning signals that she was pissed, and before i knew it she sank her fangs into the palm of my hand, not bad just stung alot:?
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 27, 2005
  10. Joeyo

    Joeyo Arachnosquire Old Timer

    when i get my rosea's water dish out to clean it, sometimes she'll kick me with her front legs. this time she was too close to me and when she kicked a fang got me. i believe it was a dry bite as it only felt like a stick pin. No burning or itching or irritation.
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  11. zyzsgy

    zyzsgy Arachnopeon

    Grammastola rosea

    half a year back i was handeling my chilean rosehair to show a friend how nice they were when she moved a little onto my wrist and i felt a really cold feeling on my arm and a really big adrenaline rush. quite honestly it took me a second to figure out what was happening. i was very surprised i didnt flinch and throw her. i looked over to my friend and told them "get the top to the tank. now." gently moved her away when she was done with her buisness and swore to her if she ever did that again i would put her in the microwave. (just kidding of course)
    pretty much exactly the way i got bit, old photo before i smartened up.
    keep in mind i got a fully loaded bite directly into 2 veins in my wrist

    pale discoloration & swelling of aproximatly 2 inches in diameter around bite area

    cold feeling throughout body & groggyness
    cold, stinging feeling in wrist (like putting cold metal against bare skin)
    tingling in fingers

    oddly enough when she bit me she pulled up blood and forever scarred me with a "blood tattoo" of one of the two fang punctures which is an interesting trophy for my carelessnes
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  12. darkeye

    darkeye Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Saved the male...

    While attempting to breed my female, a proven widower, I was forced to seperate the male quickly. Instead of eating another boyfriend, my girl nailed my finger instead!

    No serious effects other than the initial mechanical poke and burning, and I have a headache now (<15 mins later).


    Another episode of "When good roseas go bad!"

    This is my first bite from a T ever.

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  13. Nightshade

    Nightshade Arachnoknight

    they're pretty vicious for little pink and gray spiders, aren't they?

    wow! sounds like you've all had some pretty rotten luck! I've been nipped by one of my roses but he never gave me venom. Funny thing, when I got Desiderius she hadn't been handled in years. At first when she was acquired my brother handled her on a regular basis and she was really freindly. Then after her first or second molt he picked her up and unexpectedly got a good chomp on the wrist, not venomous, but still rather intimidating. After all, beforehand this spider was the friendliest tarantula we had ever seen, as well as being the only one. So I hadn't handled her since way back in the day when Josh had just got her because I was sure she would take a bite out of me. Lo and behold when I had to change her substrate she was completely docile, and in fact refused to leave my hand and go into the holding cage. I changed the whole cage with her sitting in my right hand, rather inconvenient since I am right handed and I ended up pouring peat moss on the floor. I couldn't believe I had been afraid of handling her for so long. Asmodeus on the other hand, nipped me several times and tried to run away, but it figures, since he's a boy. I didn't experience any bruising or swelling or aching so he didn't envenomate me, just let me know what he thought of my messing around with his house. Rose bites sound more painful than I thought, but I'd still prefer a spider bite to a bad bite from one of the cats.
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  14. Thiscordia

    Thiscordia Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I have been handling scorpions for about 10 - 11 months without useing tweezers and everything has been cool.
    But 2 days ago my new G. rosea bit my finger :(( it bleed a little bit and i got all itchy for about 1 hr. then i went to bed, next morning i just had a little pain on my finger but that was about it. so i will remember 9-26-06 for a long time.
  15. Sergey23

    Sergey23 Arachnopeon

    I remember when I was bit. It's been a few years but the experience is fresh in my mind like newly harvested hay. I remember being stunned that my rosie bit me and I looked down at her. She was still hanging on with her fangs when suddenly the pain hit me and all I could think was <EDIT> Sometimes, when it's about to rain, I get a painful throb in the left one.
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  16. Iggy22

    Iggy22 Arachnosquire



    My G.Rosea Chuck Norris, who lives up to his name, scratched the heck out of my right hand with his fangs/claws?. There are a few punctures there too. I was holding him on my forearm and my room mate startled him, so he went to town till I got him back to his cage. i didn't want to fling him and kill him, so i endured it a bit. It seemed like minutes but it was only in a few seconds. I think some of it might be from claws?
  17. AnthrpicDecadnc

    AnthrpicDecadnc Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Many years ago, probably like 7 or 8, I had an immature rosie, no idea of the sex. well one day, i was handling him/her and something moved fast near by and she got freaked and climed up the top of my thunb and dry bit me. It hurt. But only because two pointy things jabbing into your digits never feels good. enough to drop him/her. you know the rest.. RIP spider-whom-i-never-named... I ended up getting another one, same species, who ended up being a male, which disappointed me, as females lifespans reign supreme... (this is coming from a book i had, don't quote me). Well, it was at that point in my life, i got involved with the law and landed some time in a DYS facility, then a DSS program. for like 2 years. i put the care of my rosie, emp, and pixie frog in my brothers hands. bad move. my brother thought the pixie would form it's own coccoon like the african bullfrogs from the desert (i MUST own one of those... if you can get one of those monsters, for the love of god please send me a PM). of course, that happened, but it ended up dying from 2 years of neglect. I dont even know the fate of my male emp (very tame). bro said he escaped. right. moving on. heres the part that perplexed me. he completely neglected the rosie. fullt grown adult male rosie. for two years. no food, no water. i come home from DSS to find my scorp and fat frog dead, but the rosie is still alive. the rosie was STILL ALIVE. i swear i'm not lying. 2 years????
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  18. ArachnoDude

    ArachnoDude Arachnopeon

    Rose Hair Bite

    when i got my first rose hair (first ever t) i had picked it up and was holding it, about 10 minutes into this it ran up my arm. i tripped on a shoe and i extended my arm outwards down my side and back up. to try to balance myself right i felt a slight pinch. and taught the spider was tryng to hold on/ i put it back in the tank and i felt alot of itching. i itched a litle bump on my forearm. wich looked like a mosquito bite. but their were 2 little bleeding holes. so i taught to myself... did i just get bit? anyways. it just itched alot no burning. guess it was a dry bite
  19. samsbugs

    samsbugs Arachnoknight Old Timer

    no way

    g. rosea with the additude of an "OBT" BUT I HAD TO PLAY WITH IT ANYWAY with surprising speed she nailed me on my left thumb. good grab one fang with deep penetration. the result was small bleading, a sore thumb for less than a day and an eggsack 3 days later.
  20. olablane

    olablane Arachnobaron

    Got my first T bite today. I have a rather large rosie that ive had 6-7 years. Handle her frequently and never had any problem. Today I was doing routine maintenance when she got pissed. Now, I have severely high bloodpressure, arthritis in hands and am allergic to lots of insect stings..She bit me on the ring finger of my right hand. She bit twice, 4 fang marks. Not much pain, just lots of bleeding due to 5 b.p. meds I take. Hands usually hurt due to arthritis, but shortly after being bitten finger didnt hurt and less stiff. Didnt last long tho,now finger is swollen and real painful. I guess T bites arent an arthritis cure!!. Its been several hours and only minor allergic reaction To the venom. Speaking of venom, she injected enough that it dripped of the end of my finger. LOoks like Ill be fine.