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Grammostola rosea

Discussion in 'Breeding Reports' started by Botar, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Hedorah99

    Hedorah99 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Time 7:45 PM
    Temp. 70 F
    Lights Dimmed

    Introduced the male into female #2's tank. This guy is a stud. Immediately he ran over and had his way with her and then ran like hell. Saw multiple good insertions. She is getting moved to the bottom tier of my racks for cooling now.
  2. Pestilence

    Pestilence Arachnobaron

    G.Rosea Breeding

    1st Mating (Last week of March '08) - Successful
    2nd Mating (Mid month April '08) - Successful


    Tried to breed for the first time. Placed the Male enclosure beside the females enclosure for 3 days to get them acquainted. Day 3 male made a spermweb, introduced male to female same night and the female was receptive. mating was successful. Mid April female developing a rather large abdomen tried to mate female was still receptive again it was successful. weeks passed and female developed a rather huge abdomen and was eating voraciously.

    This morning i discovered what rather looked like a hammock for laying eggs.
  3. Trav

    Trav Arachnoknight


    Introduced male to female in april. They hooked up twice over a week and then had no interest in each other after that.
    Today my female decided to molt after going over 5 years without.
    Might try again in a month or so.
  4. 8Pat

    8Pat Arachnosquire Old Timer


    October 2007: received a male from Merfolk (Thanks man!)

    November 7, 2007: 1st maiting

    December 25, 2007: 2nd maiting

    February 15, 2008: Male observed making a sperm web

    February 28, 2008: 3rd maiting

    April 5, 2008: 4th maiting

    April 13, 2008: 5th maiting

    April 23, 2008: 6th maiting

    June 19, 2008: 7th maiting (taking no chance!:razz: )

    July 2008: female eating a lot, very active, lots of webbing and digging

    July 24, 2008: female laid eggs

    August 29, 2008: female observed biting eggsac, pulled eggsac, all eggs (except a dozen or so) are intact and at the egg-with-legs stage

    September 2, 2008: all slings molted to 1st instar (41 days from eggsac production). Some of the slings observed feeding on dead eggs.

  5. 8Pat

    8Pat Arachnosquire Old Timer


    On October 30, 2008 (99 days after egg production) slings are all independant now. About 20 didn't make it through 2nd molt.

    I'm beginning to separate them now.

  6. 8Pat

    8Pat Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Final count: 161 live slings.

  7. ShellsandScales

    ShellsandScales Arachnobaron

    Introduced first male 7/5/08. Mating went well. Female molted 8/10/08.
    2nd male introduced 9/1/08. Male was devoured. Fed the female heavy, several times over the next two weeks. Introduced 3rd male 9/15/08. Male was eaten almost immediately. After this I fed the female an adult male blaberus discoidalis every day until she stopped eating. This took a little over two months. [keep in mind that the month prior to the second male being introduced, I fed this female two fuzzie mice and half a dozen adult roaches. She is a voracious one thats for sure.] To be sure it wasn't a fluke I tried to feed her a couple of days after she refused food and she still didn't want it. The 4th male was introduced 12/1/08. Pairing went well and the male was reintroduced 1 week later. The second pairing went well also. Female refused all food after the pairing. Egg sack was observed on 1/10/09 she was last checked 1/08/09 so was made somewhere in there. I will try to remember to post how the egg sack turns out. I may pull it early because it is shaped a little strange and I'm afraid that the eggs won't get proper movement and may die.
  8. ErinKelley

    ErinKelley Arachnoknight

    Female is of unknown age, 4.5-5", molted mid 2008. Male is fresh and nicely sized.
    Observed sperm web remnants 1 or 2 weeks ago but did not see any "drive" in him to escape his tank and find a female.
    Room is around 70degrees, give or take 5degrees throughout the day.
    Female has refused food for a couple months now but takes great interest in anything moving in her tank.

    Lighting was dim, scooped him out of his tank and introduced into females tank so that he would not surprise her from behind.

    Interlocked immediately, very little drumming, she was very receptive and let him do what was needed. Observed 2 good insertions which lasted maybe 10 minutes total.
    He made a slow retreat and she did not try to pursue him.

    I plan on at least another pairing or two. I do have a prettier female who seems just as receptive.
  9. SeventyThree

    SeventyThree Arachnosquire

    I acquired an adult female rosea from someone on Kijiji in February '09, exact age and last molt were unknown. A friend of mine gave me a MM rosea male who just turned 7, as she didn't want him anymore. I figured at that age the male would most likely have a very low fertility rate, but I had nothing to lose by pairing them up.

    I began pairing them up several times a week starting in March, but the dates were not written down. I witnessed at least 15 successful pairings, and even cohabitated the male with her for several days at a time once in awhile. The male was not a strong drummer, but was very motivated to get the job done. I would imitate his tapping with the end of a pencil crayon a few inches away from the female so he wouldn't startle her, and they would lock up almost every time. She was very compliant, and only tried to bite the male once when she got startled. Almost all insertions were a minute or less, and he would constantly switch his palps.

    The female was rather plump to begin with, but she became noticeable fatter by May. At one point she developed a small cut on her abdomen that was leaking a drop of hemolymph, so I sealed it with Krazy Glue.

    I did a substrate change and switched over to a damp soil/peat/compost mix instead of a pure peat moss, and the next day on June 27th she began created her egg-sack in the middle of her cage. By the next day on the 28th, the egg-sack was done and she was holding it underneath her. The egg-sack was built rather loosely, but I decided to leave it with her because "Mommy knows best" :eek:

    I have heard that rosea's are notorious for eating their sacks, so I fed her every couple of days with a pre-killed roach or a couple pre-killed crickets (so they wouldn't bug her and stress her out), and she ate them every time.

    She tended to the sack like a good mom, and I planned to pull it at day 45. However, some mold began developing in her tank, and since it was a loosely built sack I was afraid of it killing the sack. I ended up pulling the sack last week on July 28th.

    I opened the sack to LOTS of wiggling eggs with legs, so I separated them between two coffee filters. One with 170, and the other with 180. For a total I had exactly 350 eggs with legs, and 6 small shriveled black eggs. I placed the coffee filters in deli cups for support, then placed them in my rack I built for my baby Green Tree Pythons in one of the empty bins. The temperature is set at 86F for the GTP's, so I figured it was safe for the little T's. I raised the humidity in the tub to a constant 95-100% humidity, and starting tonight they have begun molting into 1st instar. So far about 20 have molted out, with the rest following quickly behind! I can only see one "egg with legs" that has died so far.

    I'll edit and update this later when I have more news :)

    (PS. The male is pacing his cage, and has been for the last month! He's rarin' to have another go! I just need to move all these slings first after their next molt.)
  10. SeventyThree

    SeventyThree Arachnosquire

    All the slings have now molted into 2nd instar, and the final count is 341!
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  11. pyro fiend

    pyro fiend Arachnoprince

    been a while sense anyone has posted.. so thought id contribute a little bit :)


    Temperature: i let mine stay at normal room temp which fluxed in the mid and high 80s mainly, but dipping down to 75 a time or two
    Lighting Conditions: normal room lighting 12hr schedule
    Female and male both mine and both RCF

    female molted out and was a bad eater [what rosea isnt?] so waited like 3 months to pair them..
    first and only pairing was 3-25-15 inside females cage
    she was fed as normal weekly and was moved from a 15qt sterilite to a 10g tank on ~7/25..
    she was found with sack on 8/10
    sack pulled 9/8 to eggs and ewl and one damaged egg [im thinking it was from me opening sack or battling for the sack with momma
    all slings moved to 2oz cups on 9/19 found 2 being/been cannibalized, 2 ewl and a total of 200 living babies [including ewl] and some are premolt 1i :D
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