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Grammostola rosea white?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by biomarine2000, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. biomarine2000

    biomarine2000 Arachnoangel

    I went to a LPS today and the lady told me that she could get Grammostola rosea white. Has anyone ever heard of this species? If so do you have a pic or link to show me what they look like? Thanks
  2. bliss

    bliss Arachnoprince Old Timer

    She probably means Grammostola sp. "North" (sometimes called sp. "Norte)

  3. biomarine2000

    biomarine2000 Arachnoangel

    I think your right bliss. I just did a search on yahoo and came up with some pics. They are pretty cool looking. How much do they usually run? I've never even heard of them.
  4. Bird Man

    Bird Man Arachnoknight

    I just did a google myself, Very pretty, You should see how much she has to get for one.
  5. biomarine2000

    biomarine2000 Arachnoangel

    I think I will. After looking around a bit they look really cool. I'm a big rosea fan not only because they docile, but because they are pretty, and are very aggressive eaters. (in my experience anyway).
  6. Bird Man

    Bird Man Arachnoknight

    Be sure to LMK, May have to have you ship me some.
  7. biomarine2000

    biomarine2000 Arachnoangel

    I'd be happy to. I'll check tomorrow and let you know.
  8. Boopster

    Boopster Arachnopeon

  9. WS6Lethal

    WS6Lethal Arachnoknight

    Wow. That looks cool. I would probably be interested if there were any around.

  10. bliss

    bliss Arachnoprince Old Timer

    they are around. sp north:


    so far i haven't seen any evidence that suggests a "white" rosea is nothing more than a Grammostola sp north. then again, i haven't seen anything suggesting they are the same either... other than looks.
  11. bamato

    bamato Arachnodemon

    Those are really cool :) I want some!
  12. biomarine2000

    biomarine2000 Arachnoangel

    Both of those links show absolutely stunning T's. I'm gonna order a few from that LPS and see what they look like. I'll take some pics and show you guys. Maybe we will get lucky and she will have something nice.
  13. WS6Lethal

    WS6Lethal Arachnoknight

    Which pet store is it? Sometimes Plano Pets gets some good stuff in (that's where I got my SIngapore Blue).
  14. jrmrbcax

    jrmrbcax Arachnoknight

    I've never heard of that T.

    SRT4 > WS6 btw
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2009
  15. i had one before sold to me about 50$ 4inch female
    then i sold it i preffer to have the orange and red
    i wanted to keep it but i had to limit my Ts and weigh things over
  16. wedge07

    wedge07 Arachnolord

    Cool T, I'll have to get one of these.:D
  17. Where is that anyway? All I'm surrounded by are cruddy mom and pop stores with sponges in their dishes, PetCo, and PetSmart (who doesn't carry Ts period)
  18. biomarine2000

    biomarine2000 Arachnoangel

    Well the place I'm talking about can only get males, go figure. Its called pet land. Look them up since your from arlington. The manager there was great! I ordered a couple of red roseas from her and picked up a few avic avics yesterday.

  19. Oh ok. If it's the one in Lincoln Square...I'm wondering if they are still under investigation for animal cruelty? It had something to do with the way they were keeping the dogs.
  20. biomarine2000

    biomarine2000 Arachnoangel

    I couldn't say. Yesterday is the first time I've been in there. Everything looked clean and the T's were in good shape. I'm getting in a few more Saturday. We will se how they look.