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Grammostola rosea, Nhandu chromatus help with care and temper

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by MapleMatt, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. MapleMatt

    MapleMatt Arachnopeon

    Hi guys, Iv bought G.rosea and Nhandu chromatus today and would like to ask about some advanced tips for keeping. Iv already read in Tarantulas keeper guide the basic informations and would like to ask something what may be missing there, especially about temperature...Iv heard she(rosea) can stay in cooler temperatures, aswell as any of Your tips which You'll find useful.
  2. Thekla

    Thekla Arachnobaron Active Member

    I think it would be easier if you told us how you intend to keep them (temperature, housing, etc.) and how big your spiders are. And always the best is: Show us pictures of your Ts and your enclosures! ;) Then we'd be able to really help you with constructive advice. :)
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  3. dord

    dord Arachnopeon

    Room temperature is fine for most species, mid-60s to mid-80s in Fahrenheit.
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  4. Nightstalker47

    Nightstalker47 Arachnoking Active Member

    They can tolerate lower temps, although keeping them that way long term is not recommended.

    Another thing to consider is size, slings won't be able to handle drops in temperature as well as their adult counterparts. Especially the sub tropical species.
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  5. MapleMatt

    MapleMatt Arachnopeon

    Thanx, they are are slings, 1st resp. 2nd molt in small enclosers, for sure big enough for them. The temperature was a bit of an issue, because in winter it's really cold here.
  6. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoking Active Member

  7. EulersK

    EulersK Arachnoworm Staff Member

    "For sure big enough for them" may actually be a problem if you go too large. Pictures, please :)
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  8. MapleMatt

    MapleMatt Arachnopeon

    actually these are gifts for my cousin, because Iv already had some NW tarantulas and Iv decided to concentrate solely on african continent. Hes 18 and I guess these two species would be perfect starters. The only issue is the temperature here which is in winter months mostly almost belozero. Heating system isnt a problem as the temperature as he said is set about 22 degrees of celsius. Guys thanx alot for tips. Better said, I still feel from Your comments, that before getting into african species I should try yet something more advanced, but not yet as defensive as babboons. I have a dilemma, because there is still lot of NW species which Id like to keep. So Ill make a proper research yet. I feel Im ready for more difficult species, but some of You advice to proceed slowly on the ladder, not to miss some interesting species. Any tips are highly appreciated, Ill maybe come yet with some species for You to judge.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018