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Grammostola pulchripes (senior synonym of G. aureostriata)

Discussion in 'Breeding Reports' started by Tangled WWWeb, Aug 18, 2003.

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    Successful? -

    Any special care or preliminary notes for the lovers-

    How they were paired -
    The male was placed in the female's enclosure and observed.

    Any observations on the hookup -
    The male immediately approached the female and she was receptive. He got 2 inserts before he was removed.

    Any special post mating care -

    Time to sac -
    About 7 weeks.

    Care of the sac -
    The sac was removed after 28 days and put into a hammock incubator.

    Time to emerge/hatch -
    Eggs with legs were seen at 28 days.

    The final details -
    814 slings made it through to second instar in approximately 60 days. 4 slings failed to molt and eventually died. I did not notice any bad eggs.
  2. bliss

    bliss Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Grammostola aureostriata

    Time of day: around 7pm
    light: full, normal lighting as usual
    temps: around 78*F
    location: Females large container

    Female: 6" gorgeous specimen which molted about 1-2 months ago. have been preparing here for around 1.5 weeks - 2 weeks now. kinda feisty to be an aureostriata! :eek:

    Male: around 5.5"+, maybe bigger, got him from loan (from tim, aka Arachno_shack). i went out for a bit after unpacking him and went back to find a nice sperm web freshly made :clap:

    last night, 01/10/07put the male in the females container slowly. he started drumming, then POUNCED on the female from behind (who at the time was in her hide)! at first i thought he was a goner, because of the way she came running out at him, but he slowly did his thing and tapped her into a steady, calm state. then proceeded to lift her up, and do his thing
    - they stayed locked together for around, i dunno, im guessing approximately 15 mins. saw at least 3 good insertions.
    - afterwards, they unlocked and female chased the male out, he's lucky he didn't get caught... i don't think i've ever seen a Grammostola sp. run so fast {D

    will pair them up again in a couple days. im trying to update with pics, if i can get batteries for my cam.. darn it. :wall:

    - my thanks go out to Tim, aka Arachno_shack. without his effort this couldn't have been possible.. wish us luck, buddy.

  3. samsbugs

    samsbugs Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Successful Grammostola aureostratum

    in june of 2005 i recived a 4.5'' male chaco to put with my 7'' female, and put them together immediately. i was unsure of the females last molt due to only having her for a month before i got the male. within just a minute or so they were locked up,several insertions witnessed. the male and female where left together to coinhabitate, the male was removed from the female after about 45 days. close to 30 days later she started webbing a verry thick mat in the corner of her 10gal. tank. she just sat their for about 2 weeks and never apeared to move. then one day i came home fom work and found her in the middle of laying eggs!!!! i kept her at a constant 82deg and left her with her sack untill i noticed it (move) i then removed the sack and opend it, they where ready to separate in my opinion so went out to get tubs and peat moss. 6 hours later i had 575 healthy sling all of witch made it. a year later i repeated this process and had 500 more slings.and this year 638 slings and anothe egg sack from my new female (monster) almost 9''
    thanks Sam
  4. bliss

    bliss Arachnoprince Old Timer

    update, pics!

    female being fed very well, and is being kept around 78F. ive mated them 4 times so far. im not sure if another pairing is in store, but we'll see.

    pics! pics 1 and 2 are from the first pairing, third pic is from the second pairing.

    thanks much, sorry for all the delay :eek:


    Attached Files:

  5. bliss

    bliss Arachnoprince Old Timer

    just an update (from initial breeding of 1/10):

    female is swollen as heck. abdomen is in the shape of an egg. very elongated. should pop any time now. will post some pics later on.

  6. ChrisNCT

    ChrisNCT ChrisinTennessee Arachnosupporter

    Grammostola aureostriata breeding

    Species: Grammostola aureostriata "Chaco Golden Knee"

    Temp: 82 Degrees F

    Lighting: Room lit by reccessed lighting (incandesent)

    Mating result: Successful

    Eggsack Production:

    Final Count:

    I have just bred my Grammostola aureostriata "Chaco Golden Knee" pair.

    The breeding wnet routinely. The male walked into the females enclosure and came to rest on top of her hide. They both picked up each other and wasted no time. There was no aggression or complications of any sort. He got her into a corner where he made his insertions and paused for a bit then made more.

    After the breeding was done, I pulled him out and placed him back into his enclosure for breedings.

    Here's some pics of the Mating:

  7. Flying

    Flying Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Species: Grammostola aureostriata

    Temperature: 71°F

    Date & time: 14 July 2008 around 9.45 am

    Lighting: full and natural light

    Any special precautions? No

    How: On the floor of the room

    Successful? Yes

    The male proceeded with a few gentle taps on the female after which they both started tapping like crazy. The female was very receptive and let the male do his thing. I witnessed several insertions and when the male was done both of them just stayed put. There was no post-mating aggression.

    I also just realized that I'll probably have to find a source for small cups, ASAP!!
  8. Flying

    Flying Arachnoknight Old Timer

    My female has now produced a sac (somewhere between 27 and 30 august) and seems to caring for it.
  9. Pestilence

    Pestilence Arachnobaron

    Date of Mating: Oct 22,2008
    Number of Inserts: 16
    Date of Sac: Jan 15, 2009

    This species for me is very easy to mate. receptive all the time.



    After 34 days I opened the sac to find 582 1st instar slings. 3 bad eggs. things went pretty well.

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  10. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member


    We shall see.

    Preliminary care?

    None, other than temperature kept consistently around 70F. Female's last molt unknown, but not showing signs of upcoming molt. Male's final molt within last 2 months.


    Male shark caged within females enclosure for 2 days before introduction. Allowed male to exit his cage on its own. Located female in roughly 2 minutes, drumming witnessed caught attention of female, who was pointed in opposite direction. Very brief initial tapping encounter before female reared up and allowed male to "touch her stuff". Male made 1st insertion quickly, using a "piston & shaft" palp movement for about 10-15 seconds. More tapping, brief show of aggression by female before being tapped into submission again. 2nd insertion nearly identical to 1st. After 2nd insertion, there was a bit of a standoff: female bared fangs wide as male continued half-hearted tapping. Separated pair & gently prodded male back into cage. Will attempt additional pairings.

    Pix? No, see previous posts as this pairing was virtually identical.


    Edit: 1/3/10: Reintroduced pair to one another. Very little tapping before a series of 3 insertions over 1/2 an hour. Female was a little more agitated today, although just as receptive, before throwing down a threat display. Male removed, placed back into shark tank.

    Edit: as of 2/2/2011 no sack was produced but the female still hasn't molted since the pairings, so far this is considered a failure.
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  11. pouchedrat

    pouchedrat Arachnolord Old Timer

    Successful!!! Eggs hatched 7-18-2015

    Male was raised by me (first tarantula I ever purchased) from a 1/2" sling on 2009


    He matured out in January 2015. Female was purchased as an adult in 2010. She hadn't molted in over a year prior to mating.

    How they were paired -
    First pairing was on 2/2/2015
    Second pairing was on 4/3/2015

    I let the male wander into the female's enclosure and do the deed. No real prep work, nothing special. He did his job, and walked out of the enclosure.


    Time to sac -

    5/24- Female holed herself up with webbing
    5/25- Sac laid


    Care of the sac -

    Debated off and on about removing the sac, but since this was a breeding 6 years in the making (my first T), I decided to leave the eggs with her and let her hatch them out.

    Time to emerge/hatch -

    7/18/2015 the babies finally emerged!


    Since I let the female raise the eggsac, the spiderlings are still in her enclosure. Unsure of final count, but over 100 counted out so far. Still some hiding out in there.
  12. shawno821

    shawno821 Arachno Pimp Arachnosupporter

    016.jpg 018.jpg 021.jpg
    Pre mating care? Just kept her normal,heavy weight
    Mating:Saw insertions on several tries around the middle of July
    Egg sac laid 9/22,pulled on day 1 and put in a mechanical mom.
    Opened sac on 10/27,after 35 days
    Slings were 1st instar
    Approx 1k slings
    No bad eggs